100 Ways To Dominate your slave, submissive

The Best Slave Training Techniques – 100 ways to dominate and own your slave/submissive

One of the  Biggest things for a slave is to feel owned, controlled and dominated, they also like to feel helpless and reminded every hour of every day that they have an owner whether it be a Master or a Mistress. I am going to list below some of the best slave training techniques and ways to make your submissive feel totally owned whether it be in an online session, a real-time session at a dungeon or within a lifestyle relationship.

If you are the Master or Mistress reading this looking for new ideas please remember you need to always be consistent, there is nothing worse than a slave feeling as if their Master/Mistress is not dominant enough or that they are not consistent in their approach.

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The more the submissive is reminded of their place in your world the deeper the servitude becomes, slave contracts and consistent dominant approaches will always deepen this relationship, you can also have a look at the slave registry and get your slave to register and get their own unique number and certificate as an owned slave. With that said let’s delve into this and list some of the best ways to make a slave /submissive feel owned, how to train them and the top ways to dominate.

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Slave Training Online Ideas to dominate your Submissive – Slave Registry – Bdsm Instruction


1)If you are doing a webcam show with them, you could order them to bring items to the session such as rope, elastic bands, candles, toothpaste, cucumber, wooden spoon, clothing items such as wives panties, or girlfriends stockings the more adventurous you get with this the better.

2) Discuss slave/submissive contracts and what should be in that, there are hundreds of examples online of these contracts ( google is your friend) You can make it your own and change some of the wording to fit your own slave.

3) Email and text tasks and make them send picture proof when at work. Random texting them always keeps them on their toes and makes them feel controlled

4) Writing blogs, articles for your own blog or a website you have made specifically for them so it is a way for them to let the world know how they are doing, this s always a way for the Dominant to check up on the slave  – Make sure he adds pictures and proof of every task and assignments. Ensure BDSM instruction is carried out every time

5) Ensure they join the Slave registry and get their certificate to show they are an owned

6) Give them Slave tasks and assignments to carry out, such as writing essays, shopping tasks, picture tasks, you could also give them tasks  such as


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  • Make them advertise you on social media
  • Get them to find places for you to advertise your website and blogs
  • Find out what is trending on social media and make sure to have them advertise you using they hashtags and making it fit
  • Give them research to do but add your own twists to that
  • Make them stand in high heels all day – Read  50 ways to humiliate a slave
  • Have the logins to their team viewer and ensure they leave their pc on at all times so you can monitor what they are doing

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  • Make them write 400 words or however many you decide- on what being a slave means/ you can add your own ideas and amount of words with this
  • Wearing a collar at specified times
  • Writing on their body and keeping it on when going to work
  • Wearing a chastity device and writing your name the TOP on their penis
  • Reading X amount of pages in a book –
  • Make them go to work in panties
  • Ensure they wear a butt plug up their ass and are available for spot checks
  • Slide ice cubes up their ass and leave them in when out in public
  • Write on their body
  • Do lines and then make them rip them up
  • Spank themselves using a slipper or belt and count them and thank you as they do it
  • Dress up and go somewhere public and be sure to take a picture or task is failed

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These are just some ideas of slave assignments but you can add your own twists, ideas in as well, but these are just some of the assignments I have used on my slaves over my  14 years as a Mistress. My favourite real-time session was making my slave count half a bag of rice as I sat drinking wine chatting with my friends, he would group it into little bundles and every so often I would bump against it and he would have to start again. This is what you can expect in cruel femdom cams sessions

6) Orgasm control through using chastity, or using sessions to make them wank but not allowing any relief at the end – read – different ways to have  orgasm control  sessions

Slave training techniques,bdsm punishment,BEST SLAVE TRAINING

Punishment/ Discipline Slave Training Techniques

This takes precedence over anything, a bottom (slave) should always know his place at all times and be training them to ensure they obey their tops ( Mistress/Masters) commands is one of the top priorities in any D/s relationship

  • A slave must always thank their owner for any punishment or discipline they have received
  • They must always admit to any disobedience and take every punishment gracefully, they must also beg their owner to be punished if they have done something wrong
  • The slave should always bend over and drop their pants and wait in the correct position waiting for the punishment to be administered.
  • It is always very important that your slave understands they do not speak unless given permission to do so if they do then this will incorporate punishments and discipline
  • Make them rub your feet and worship them
  • They can be caged or made to stand in a corner unless you have a task for them
  • They can be used sexually for you and your friends at any time
  • They will work to make money for you
  • No luxuries to any slaves PERIOD!
  • The slave is not allowed to touch or look at the Mistress /Master naked unless Permitted

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  • They must never touch your property at any time unless permission was granted – Check out more over at femdomcamschat.com
  • They do not have phones unless it is just to stay in contact with the owner
  • The slave will shave any body hair and keep things trim at all times
  • Must always be presentable and clean
  • They will always report for duty at the exact time they are ordered to if they are late they MUST be punished
  • All submissive’s must worship their owners’ whips and canes
  • Your body and mind are the property now of your owner
  • Your head must always be bowed down in the presence of your owner
  • Photos of him with you (The mistress)es name written all over his body
  • A submissive male ( your property) must always do as he is told/ordered to do without hesitation or questioning it. If he disobeys in any way, then he will be punished, tied, shackled, bound, sight and sound deprivation, caged whipped, caned or subjected to all of these things
bondage techniques,slave in cage
Slave Restraint techniques

Other Ways  for Slave Training are listed below

Bondage –  including hogties, mummification, handcuffs, duct tape, restraint bags, straight jackets and slave cages.

Orgasm control which includes chastity and controlling all sexual areas of the slave’s life

Spanking, whipping, caning, using paddles and over the knee

Enema – Self-explanatory

Any form what so  ever of humiliation

Cock and Ball Torture

Ball Busting

Corner time – naughty step

Fetish play – smoking, human ashtray, heel sucker, spitting on them slapping

Nipple torture Is A must

A minimum of 30 -45 minutes everyday Anal training and at least 30 minutes of oral training

Obey Mistress,Slave rules

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Bathroom Training Techniques for the  Sub

Must always ask Permission to use the bathroom

Must never close the bathroom door it must always remain open

Will be given a set amount of time in the toilet area ie 2- minutes and must never go over this time

Must accept it if they are told they can not have a bathroom break

Please also note that a lot of owners (Tops) want their slave to sign up to the slave registry and get their unique number and certificate this is part of how to be a good submissive  and always encouraged in any D/s  relationship- Please be sure to have a look at the slave register

Please also note that there are many different types of submissives the same as there are many different types of dominants  ( Will be discussed in a later blog post)

 Punishments  For Slaves at Home, public, or with other people present – Slave/ bdsm training

They will always answer the door and greet any visitors and wear whatever outfit is demanded of them, they will curtsey, kiss the hands of visitors and address them as Sir or Madam at all times, they will then take the jackets and hang them up and show them to the lounge area and take any requests for drinks, the slave will alert the owner that guests have arrived

The slave in training will never use furniture to sit on, lay on and or use for any purpose at all, they will also become human furniture to the Master/ Mistress or guests

They must never speak unless spoken to

They will prepare all food and drinks and service with a smile and a curtsey,

The slave must understand that visitors  may click their fingers if they want something, the slave has 5 seconds to curtsey and respond or they will be punished

If not needed the sub must stand in the corner with their head bowed but always keeping a close eye on  refreshments in case they need to be topped up

The sub must understand they are also there for sexual pleasure for any of the visitors should they want it.

Will carry out all cleaning/shopping tasks

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More Ideas for How a Slave/sub should be trained online or in lifestyle in domination  situations – Techniques to OWN Your Subbie

Choose a food they don’t like  and make them eat it at least once a week

Have them crawl into the bedroom every night

Sleep deprivation/ they must earn sleep privileges. Ensure they are on call for every snap of the finger

If allowed to sleep make sure they sleep on something rough – no  covers or pillows

Make the slave kiss your boots, feet, hands every day

Branding and tattoos

Have them keep a diary  about their journey into ownership and submission

Random inspections of their body

Not allowed any relief but can be teased

Ensure they understand that they can be shared amongst your friends if you desire

That they may be flogged or spanked even if they do carry out tasks to perfection, it’s all about the owner, not the slave

That your sessions may be recorded or pictures were taken whenever Mistress decides

Master/ Mistresses word is always final

Obey, serve and adore

Always respect your owner and her friends at all times

I used to write down 100 different tasks on a piece of paper ( you could get your slave to do this. Then make them cut each task separately fold them up and put them in a big bowl, make them shake that bowl and every hour they must If on webcam/ or in person – Pick a task and they MUST do it in front of you,

The Mistress could also do it so as the slave has no clue what so ever as to what each task is until it’s opened. (My subs used to love to hate this technique)

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 The pet Slave – slave Humiliated

The sissy slave Rules

So at the beginning of your male slave training, you have to ensure that your new slave really feels that he is indeed owned and dominated and controlled by you now, even as you carry on with your own normal routine in daily life, he has to feel that he has no control anymore. He needs to be taught the basics to begin with and then a chat about the slave contract has to begin as quickly as possible. After signing the said contract and accepting  that he may have to be locked in a chastity, and have no more wanking privileges they slave will be in a very vulnerable state of mind and then is when he is very easy to exploit

This list will be added to often so keep checking back for further updates, information and ideas on how to dominate and own your submissive/Slave in any type of situation.

We will continue to discuss BDSM positions and BDSM poses as well as our hogtie and bondage techniques in our next blog post , so be sure to save this  Live bdsm cams.net blog  and check back often or just follow us and keep up to date with all our slave stories, videos and pictures of real slaves and submissive’s in real situations

Check out our new slave story – Slave for pleasure written by one of our slaves from real-time sessions, he sums up exactly what a domination scenario  is like for him


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