100 Ways To Dominate your slave, submissive – Domination Ideas

The Best  BDSM Slave Training Techniques – 100 ways to dominate and own your slave/submissive

One of the biggest things for a slave is to feel owned, controlled and dominated. They need to feel helpless and reminded every hour of every day that they have an owner, whether it be a Master or a Mistress.

Read on and learn about Mistress and slave scenarios. I have been a BDSM Mistress for 22 years, so I am writing this from experience both in real-time, online and by phone.

Here, we will list below some of the best slave training techniques and femdom punishment ideas with ways to make your submissive feel owned, whether it be in an online session, a real-time session at a dungeon, or within a lifestyle relationship. Being a BDSM Mistress allows me to write from experience and first-hand practice with all of the scenarios I have listed below.

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Femdom Punishment Ideas for Home or online Slave and Mistress Scenarios

These are some of the very best domination ideas. You can also add your twists to these ideas.

These are ideal punishments for your submissives with femdom ideas and suggestions for you to use on your slaves and subs.


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If you are the Master or Mistress reading this who is looking for new ideas, please remember you must always be consistent.

Are you ready to submit right now to your BDSM Mistress? Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me and be prepared to be controlled, used, and owned. All online and offline BDSM mistresses enjoy collaring, branding and making the sub feel owned.

There is nothing worse than a slave feeling as if their Master/Mistress is not dominant enough or that they are not consistent in their approach. Always be consistent and be harsh but fair (or extremely unfair. Some slaves like that!)We have some amazing BDSM slave training listed for you in this article, great ideas, techniques, tips and ways to train your slave in a BDSM scenario or D/s relationship

The more the submissive is reminded of their place in your world, the deeper the servitude becomes. Use slave contracts and consistent dominant approaches, and you will always deepen this relationship.

You can also look at the slave registry and get your slave to register. They get their unique number and certificate as an owned slave. This is all part of the BDSM slave training techniques, always making them feel owned and controlled at all times.


Read on, as we have many more BDSM punishment ideas and tasks for you to introduce into any slave training sessions. We have techniques, tasks, ideas, and some videos from our sessions. Some of the top domination ideas have been listed on this site and will help you on your way to dominating your own submissive. Maybe the idea of cum eating instructions, also known as CEI, is what you need to teach your submissive? But be warned, as soon as they are not horny, they run for the hills.

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 BDSM Mistress And Slave The best BDSM slave training

The submission that I prefer to practice on inferior beings, who have the privilege to be in my presence, is psychological.BDSM slave training for weak, submissive men and women, pushing the boundaries as far as possible but always remembering to stay safe, sane and consensual.

A good part of slave training is the trust between the Femdom/ Dominant and the Submissive/sub. This is femdom 101, knowing to read each other’s body language. Our Femdom does enjoy strapon play, so make sure to check the strapon Cams – Livebdsm.

bdsm slave training


mistress and slaveI demand that my servants free themselves of their ego, dedicating every action to the personal satisfaction of their Mistress, a ritual through which they can let go of their condition of suffering. Mistress and her slave will always be in chastity and only allowed any type of arousal if Mistress so allows it. Mistress also enjoys milking her slaves by anal play if the slave is locked in a chastity device – See The Anal cams section for more.



I can quickly find the keys to inflict profound humiliation and draw great pleasure in observing every small reaction of a troubled mind.


  The tasks I ask to perform are easy to execute, which is why I expect them to be executed well.

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  I always and inevitably conduct things my way, respecting the basic rules of the BDSM game:

save, sane and consensual.

I will always exclude blood and any hard sports, as well as cruel practices.


slave domination, domination ideas


Do you have a slave fetish?

Then learn what will be expected of you in some of our dominating webcam shows. We have added over a hundred domination ideas to get you started with your slave fetish scenario & fantasy.


Our BDSM techniques always have a bit of a twist; we do not like our submissive to predict what will happen next. It is always preferable to keep him guessing and on his toes, wondering and waiting with anticipation and fear.

With that being said, let’s delve into this and list some of the best ways to make a slave /submissive feel owned, how to train them, and the top ways to dominate. Get ideas for fetish cams via- livebdsmcams.net fetish cams chat for all things kink 

BDSM Slave Training Online Ideas to Dominate your Submissive – Slave Registry – Bdsm Instruction


Suppose you are doing a webcam show with them. In that case, you could order them to bring items to the session, such as rope, elastic bands, candles, toothpaste, cucumber, a wooden spoon, and clothing items such as wives’ panties or girlfriends’ stockings. The more adventurous you get with this, the better.


 Discuss slave/submissive contracts and what should be in them. There are hundreds of examples online of these contracts ( google is your friend). You can make it your own and change some wording to fit your slave.



 Email and text tasks and make them send picture proof when at work. Random texting always keeps them on their toes and makes them feel controlled.


 Writing blogs and articles for your blog or a website you have made specifically for them is a way for them to let the world know how they are doing. This is also a great way for the Dominant to check on the slave.  Make sure he adds pictures and proof of every task and assignment. Ensure BDSM instruction is carried out every time.


 Ensure they join the Slave registry and get their certificate to show they are owned.


 Give them Slave tasks and assignments to carry out, such as writing essays, shopping tasks and picture tasks. Some of the submissives I have dealt with over the 22 years have enjoyed the idea of cock worship or the threat of it, find that weak spot and work on it.

Make them advertise you on social media.


Get them to find places for you to advertise your website and blogs.


Find out what is trending on social media and make sure to have them advertise you using those hashtags and making it fit.


Give them research to do but add your twists to that.


Make them stand in high heels all day – Read  50 ways to humiliate a slave.


Have the logins to their team viewer and ensure they leave their pc on at all times so you can monitor what they are doing and what sites they are visiting. Nothing will make a male feel more controlled than not being able to visit his favourite porn site!


Send them to a shemale Cam site via LIVE BDSM CAMS.NET They have the best shemale cams with free chat rooms and the horniest transgender webcam shows online so make them get naked and interact with them.


Having a submissive slave can be a lot of fun for the dominants. Making them jump to her or his every command and order. Our lists on this page will hopefully give you some stellar ideas for you to use.


Make them write 400 words, or however many you decide, on what being a slave means.


Wearing a collar at specified times


Writing on their body and keeping it on when going to work.


Wearing a chastity device and writing your name at the TOP of their penis


Reading X amount of pages in a book.


Make them go to work in panties.


Ensure they wear a butt plug up their ass and are available for spot checks


Slide ice cubes up their ass and leave them in when out in public


Write on their body


Do lines and then make them rip them up.


Spank themselves using a slipper or belt and count them, and thank you as they do it


Dress up and go somewhere public and be sure to take a picture, or the task is failed.


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sissy public humiliation, domination ideas


These are just some ideas of slave assignments I have used on my slaves over my 22 years as a Mistress. I am a BDSM slave mistress online and live the lifestyle.

My favourite real-time session was making my slave count half a bag of rice as I sat drinking wine and chatting with my friends.

He would group it into little bundles, and every so often, I would bump against it, and he would have to start again. I also made one slave count a pile of cornflakes, and when he was nearly finished (2 mind-numbing hours later, I stood on them and crushed them into little bits and told him to count them again. He almost started crying!) This is the mentality you can expect in cruel femdom cams sessions.

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bdsm whip, domination ideas

Some Femdom Tasks That can be used in a session

Make him kneel on the floor and worship your boots, clean or dirty

Turn him into your cuckold and have him worship the alpha male

Cock and ball torture using electrics and pinwheel

Bondage with ropes or cuffs

Domestic servitude – Always a favourite with femdoms

Chastity  lifestyle – Keep in chastity and be his  key holder

Orgasm control – Ruined orgasm, edging, gooning cams and post-orgasm torture

Anal stretching, anal milking, prostate play

Strapon  and pegging, have him bend over and tell him that he is now your bitch

 Collar him and make him aware that he is now a collared-owned slave – Whenever he wants to go somewhere or do something, he must always be in the collar.

Introduce panties and shave all of his pubic hair off; tell him you want to turn him into your sissy now. 

Must use a gesture to ask permission to speak – I tend to use a squeaky ball, and they can only communicate with yes and no with the toy.

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Have him face the wall for a length of time or stand naked and stare out the window

Over the knee spanking, make him count the spanks and thank you

Give him very tedious, boring tasks and make him beg you to keep doing them

These are just some of the types of femdom tasks I have used with my own subs/slaves/gimps and sissy girls; using some or all of them can be a fun way for him to show his true devotion to his Mistress. When I am setting up different types of femdom tasks for my slaves, I tend to try and think outside the box and add in shock value activities that they have never seen coming. I like to surprise.

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 Orgasm control through using chastity or using sessions to make them wank but not allowing any relief at the end. Read different ways to have orgasm control sessions.


Slave training techniques,bdsm punishment,BEST SLAVE TRAINING


BDSM Punishment/ Discipline Slave Training Techniques

These are also some very good Femdom Tasks to use In any BDSM scenario.


This takes precedence over anything. A bottom (slave) should always know his place and be always trained to obey their tops ( Mistress/master) commands. It is one of the top priorities in any D/s relationship.  Read on about our ideas and suggestions for BDSM punishment.


kimberley punished


A slave must always thank their owner for any punishment or discipline they have received.


They must always admit to any disobedience and take every punishment gracefully. They must also beg their owner to be punished if they have done something wrong.


The slave should always bend over and drop their pants and wait in the correct position waiting for the punishment to be administered.


It is always very important that your slave understands they do not speak unless permitted. If they do, then this will incorporate punishments and discipline.


Make them rub your feet and worship them.


They can be caged or made to stand in a corner unless you have a task for them.


They can be used sexually by you and your friends at any time.

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They will work to make money for you.


No luxuries to any slaves PERIOD!


The slave cannot touch or look at the Mistress /Master naked unless Permitted.

They must never touch your property at any time unless permission is granted.


They do not have phones unless it is to stay in contact with the owner.


The slave will shave any body hair and keep things trim.


Must always be presentable and clean


They will always report for duty at the exact time they are ordered to. If they are late, they MUST be punished.


All submissives must worship their owners’ whips and canes.


Your body and mind are the property now of your owner.


Your head must always be bowed down in the presence of your owner.


Photos of him with your (The mistress’s) name written all over his body


A submissive male ( your property) must always do as he is told/ordered to do without hesitation or questioning. If he disobeys in any way, then he will be punished, tied, shackled, bound, sight and sound deprived, caged, whipped, caned, or subjected to all of these things.


Other Ways  for Slave Training are listed below


Bondage –  including hogties, mummification, handcuffs, duct tape, restraint bags, straight jackets, and slave cages.


Orgasm control includes chastity and controlling all sexual areas of the slave’s life.


Spanking, whipping, caning, using paddles and over the knee.


Enema – Self-explanatory


Any form whatsoever of humiliation


Cock and Ball Torture


Ball Busting


Corner time – naughty step


Fetish Cams Chat Live play online  – smoking, human ashtray, heel sucker, spitting on them slapping.


Nipple torture Is a must.

A minimum of 30 -45 minutes everyday Anal training and at least 30 minutes of oral training


Obey Mistress,Slave rules


Bathroom Training Techniques for the  Sub


Must always ask for Permission to use the bathroom


You must never close the bathroom door. It must always remain open.


Will be given a set amount of time in the toilet area, i.e. 2- minutes, and must never go over this time


Must accept it if they are told they can not have a bathroom break


Please also note that a lot of owners (Tops) want their slave to sign up to the slave registry and get their unique number and certificate this is part of how to be a good submissive and always encouraged in any D/s  relationship.


We enjoy every aspect of BDSM slave training and take it very seriously, spending time with each submissive to find out exactly what type of sub they are and introducing them to the slave contract that we discuss in great detail before they sign and agree to all terms.

Always keeping in mind the  (SSC )- Safe, sane & Consensual standard is a must. They might be controlled and owned, but that isn’t carte blanche to do as you please.


Punishments  For Slaves At Home, public, or with other people present – Slave/ BDSM training

They will always answer the door and greet any visitors and wear whatever outfit is demanded of them; they will curtsey, kiss the hands of visitors and address them as Sir or Madam at all times.


They will then take the jackets and hang them up and show them to the lounge area and take any requests for drinks; the slave will alert the owner that guests have arrived.


The slave in training will never use furniture for sitting on, lying on and or using for any purpose at all; they will also become human furniture to the Master/ Mistress or guests.


They must never speak unless spoken to


They will prepare all food and drinks and service with a smile and a curtsey.


The slave must understand that visitors may click their fingers if they want something. The slave has 5 seconds to curtsey and respond, or they will be punished.


If not needed, the sub must stand in the corner with their head bowed but always keep a close eye on refreshments in case they need to be topped up.


The sub must understand they are also there for sexual pleasure for any visitors should they want it.


Will carry out all cleaning/shopping tasks


More Ideas for How a Slave/sub should be trained online or in lifestyle in domination  situations – Techniques to OWN Your Subbie – Our Femdom punishment ideas


Choose a food they don’t like and make them eat it at least once a week.


Have them crawl into the bedroom every night


Sleep deprivation. They must earn sleep privileges. Ensure they are on call for every snap of the finger


If allowed to sleep, make sure they sleep on something rough. No  covers or pillows


Make the slave kiss your boots, feet, and hands every day.


Branding and tattoos


Have them keep a diary  about their journey into ownership and submission


Random inspections of their body


Not allowed any relief but can be teased


Ensure they understand that they can be shared amongst your friends if you desire


That they may be flogged or spanked even if they do carry out tasks to perfection, it’s all about the owner, not the slave.


Your sessions may be recorded, or pictures are taken whenever Mistress decides.


The Master/Mistress word is always final.


Obey, serve and adore


Always respect your owner and her friends at all times.


I used to write down 100 different tasks on paper ( you could get your slave to do this.


Then make them cut each task separately, fold them up and put them in a big bowl; make them shake that bowl, and every hour they must pick a task, and they MUST do it in front of you.


Femdom punishment ideas are listed below with some fantastic ways to punish the submissive, from slave tasks to BDSM challenges. You can be assured of the severest of dominatrix punishments when it comes to this part of your training and enrolling in our training sessions.

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bondage webcams, slave in bondage


 The pet Slave – slave Humiliated


The sissy slave Rules

So at the beginning of your male slave training. You have to ensure that your new slave feels that he is indeed owned and dominated, and controlled by you now, even as you carry on with your normal routine in daily life. He has to feel that he has no control anymore.

He needs to be taught the basics, and then a chat about the slave contract has to begin as quickly as possible.


After signing the said contract and accepting that he may have to be locked in chastity and have no more wanking privileges, the slave will be in a very vulnerable state of mind, which is when he is very easy to exploit.


This list will be added too often, so keep checking back for further updates, information, and ideas on how to dominate and own your submissive/Slave in any situation.


We will continue to discuss BDSM positions and BDSM poses, as well as our hogtie and bondage techniques, in our next blog post, so be sure to save this  Live BDSM  and check back often or follow us and keep up to date with all our slave stories, videos and pictures of real slaves and submissive’s in real situations.

Check out our new slave story – Slave for pleasure

written by one of our slaves from real-time sessions, he sums up exactly what a domination scenario  is like for him


Submissive Tasks  

We chatted to some of our submissives about some of the tasks we should list here to give people an idea and some suggestions to use themselves in a domination session and as part of the slave training; there are tasks for submissives as ordered by the Femdom/Mistress.

The list below forms some of our submissive ideas and the femdom’s ideas to give you something to get started in ways of punishment to him/her and tasks to use against them. We also have the best ways to frustrate the slave by using masturbation techniques like edging, ruined orgasms, gooning and many more check out the masturbation cams – live BDSM cams.


Here are some of our BDSM slave tasks

Morning selfie (if a sissy) to get the approval of makeup and outfit


Anal plug to be worn for a few hours every night with picture proof


Write 300 words every day about how they adore their owner.


Edging possible 3-4 times a day every day in front of Mistress


Chores household chores in the Mistresses house or the slave’s own house as the Mistress watches and dictates


Booty videos are sent to the Mistress every couple of hours, and always ensuring the butt plug is in the ass if it falls out when shaking, the punishment must commence.


Wear a butt plug to work


Wear panties to work


Texting Mistress throughout the workday with daily updates and  pictures and awaiting instructions on new tasks to be completed


Naked pictures are to be sent to Mistress when requested.


Chastity – Locked in a chastity cage and not allowed to wank. The daily journal must be kept.


use the website “Write for me” to write lines and do assignments if needed as part of the punishment


Wear ball weights when walking around the house


Pegs or clamps on nipples for however long is deemed necessary by the dominant.


Make her rub her clit, bring herself to the edge, and then do not allow her to orgasm.


Degrading tasks if they need that

Driving to and from work naked from the waist down


If they have been disobedient, make them spank themselves before you.


You could also look at picking a different theme every week, from bondage to spanking & wax play, orgasm control, and humiliation.


Give tasks that the submissive must do their research and report back thoroughly.


Order them to buy a tens machine from the chemist and wear it on their balls


 If he/she likes pain, don’t give them pain or pleasure and vice versa.


I will continue to add to this list as time goes on, but it will give you a start on some of the submissive tasks we have used and have worked well, and you can incorporate them into your scenario.


slave chastity and nipple torture, domination ideas


BDSM humiliation punishment

This is another popular area and one we have explained here with 50 ways to humiliate your submissive. Still, we will touch on some of the ways we incorporate BDSM humiliation into our slave’s tasks & assignments, be it online or offline. These humiliation tasks below are bound to make your submissive girl/bot or transgender feel worthless.

Morning CEI – ( cum eating instructions)


Small penis humiliation


Forced feminization


Sploshing them in custard and flour


Making them wank or rub their clit in their back garden


Demanding they pee their panties in front of you


Have sex with a yoghurt pot

Pegs on her pussy lips and to go shopping like this / For guys pegs on the balls and head for shopping must send picture proof from the toilets in the shop.


Make them wear a diaper all day.


Cuckold scenario

Again just a few to get you started, but we do have the list up above that has 50 fantastic ideas to use with your subs.


We enjoy experimenting when having to train a sex slave and show them what will be required of them, from becoming a human toilet for the Dominatrix /Dom to giving them pleasure as and when requested.


The online submissive tasks we use are very varied, but we like to think outside the box and add our twists to them. We never allow our subs to know what will happen next or who will all be involved in his session.


sexual domination, domination slave, rubber fetish


How to tease a sub

A great way to tease any sub is first to find out and know what makes him weak and what gets him turned on; I always ensure to get all of this information in the first contact with any submissive.

For some subs, it is a pain, and for others, it is a pleasure, although, for some, it can be a bit of both. We will incorporate different lists for scenarios that can be used when teasing your sub.

Teasing subs who are into the more pleasurable side of BDSM Erotica, I am discussing here male subs as it is male subs I always deal with.


  1. Flash them a little but make sure they are restrained and in chastity and have no way of getting close to you. Just little glimpses of your panties, or top of thigh or cleavage

2. Talk dirty to your boyfriend on the phone while they are listening. Describe in sexual detail what you will be doing with your boyfriend when he gets home.

3. You could introduce the cuckold scenario.

4. Have him wank his cock; let him think he will get to cum but don’t allow it.

5. Dress up in an outfit you know turns him on, i.e. if he likes high heel boots, then wear them or if he likes basques, then wear them. You get the picture

6. Play with yourself in front of him but make him wear a blindfold. Make him listen to you pleasuring yourself

7. You could throw him your used panties to sniff or wrap them around his cock.

   List of sexual punishments/ Bdsm Instruction

Orgasm control


Orgasm denial


 Forced Chastity


Cum Eating – Cei


Drinking cum from Mistress


Cock Milking


Anal Cams Live – stretching


Let’s take a look at some of these in more detail below.

One of the most effective ways to administer BDSM punishments is sexual. Many people who do not understand BDSM, and most true submissive males, to be honest, would think, “How can sex be a punishment?”.

The answer is “very effectively” if done by an experienced Mistress who knows how to use a male slave’s animal urges against him.


There are many sexual domination techniques that a Dominatrix can bestow on her unfortunate slave in an online BDSM webcam 


There are many ways in which to punish your slave sexually, and one of the most common is by the use of chastity.


chastity sexual punishment


Maybe you were caught jerking off, or maybe you keep getting erections without permission. Either way, being locked in chastity will soon teach you a lesson.


However long your cock stays locked up in that little plastic prison is entirely up to your Mistress and will depend on how bad your infraction to deserve being punished was.


A few days is usually enough to cure you of hesitancy when given an order. A week or so should suffice to stop any backchat. A month or more is common for submissives who get caught jerking off without permission, and slaves who can’t stop getting erections might find themselves locked up permanently and only allowed out rarely.


Controlling your cock and orgasms and denying you any sexual relief is an effective punishment and an excellent tool for male slave training.


For slaves who get caught jerking off, another suitable idea is to let them finish. How is that bad, you might ask?


Well, he is allowed to keep wanking, but Mistress is supervising. Jerking off while this dominant, arrogant, superior woman is sitting with her legs crossed, staring at you or towering over you with her arms folded and a look on her face that is boring holes in you as you are on your knees and masturbating is a very unnerving and uncomfortable place to be.


Many slaves who get punished in this way find themselves unable even to get erect.


Supervised masturbation is a punishment that fits the crime!

For slaves who cum without permission (the ultimate sin), their punishment will usually be forced multiple orgasms.


This sounds great. Wow, getting to cum more than once?


Well, it is only good for the first one. After you have orgasmed, your cock gets super sensitive and painful, but you do not get to stop.


masturbation sexual punishment


You need to keep going, get hard again and give her another orgasm. And after that second one, a third one will be demanded of you.


You will cry and beg, promising not to cum without permission again. Maybe she will believe you and let you stop. Maybe, she won’t and will demand orgasms number four and five.


It is up to her and will depend on how badly she thinks you have behaved.

Other effective ways to punish a slave sexually are orgasm control, jerk-off instructions, cum eating instructions, and total orgasm denial.

With orgasm control, you will be masturbating or humping a pillow till you are on the edge of orgasm, then made to stop when you are only two strokes from that sweet orgasmic rush. We have hundreds of girls and Mistresses online waiting to dominate, tease and control your live. Check out the adult cam chat rooms and start your domination training today.


cum eating instructions, bdsm punishments

Then when you have calmed down, the cycle will repeat. She will decide when you have been punished enough and either let you cum or at least let you stop. Either will be a blessed relief!


Jerk-off instructions involve being told how to masturbate. How many strokes to give before stopping, which hand to use, told to use only upwards or downwards strokes (not both), whether you can be lying down or kneeling, whether you are allowed to continue during orgasm or must stop the second you reach the point of no return, etc.


This can be used for slaves who masturbate when Mistress isn’t looking.

Cum eating instructions are for subs who orgasm without permission, either by not asking or still having one despite being told no.


Having to eat your mess, lick it up from the floor, mop it up with a piece of bread or drink it from a glass are all effective BDSM techniques for punishing a slave who can not control himself.


Of all BDSM slave punishments, sexual is one of the best for teaching a sub a lesson.


All men, alphas, and betas think with their cock. They constantly need relief and orgasms, and the second they get turned on or see their favourite fetish, they get an uncontrollable urge they must ejaculate.


It consumes their thoughts and is all they can focus on, so many femdom tasks can be moulded around this and used against them.


There are countless ways how to punish your slave sexually. With the right Dominatrix, a dominant female with a twisted imagination and cruel tendencies, there will always be new punishments awaiting you for any infractions or for stepping out of line.


bdsm equipment

Slavery fetish. Should you indulge in it?

This is the quick answer to that question. Why shouldn’t you test out your fantasy and desires? Whether your slave fetish is more of the sexual side of BDSM or the pain side, there is always a Mistress waiting to take you on that journey and allow you to explore your inner self.

Some people enjoy giving control to someone else. They do not want to make decisions, whether it be in their everyday life or in the bedroom.

If you have a sexual fetish, you should try it out and explore it to see where it takes you. Slavery as a particular fetish is a very empowering concept and one that should not be taken lightly.


There are two angles to it. Firstly, Slavery in an antiquated way was a truly awful thing to happen to mankind, and it is something that should be denounced and is unfortunately still drilled into people in certain areas of the world…

So, Slavery as an obsession/fetish is a massively enabling idea; somebody who doesn’t comprehend/understands themselves completely could never submit themselves to another person, less so to somebody contemptible.

The individuals who enjoy the fixation are normally individuals who have an extremely natural and profound endeavour of themselves and their accomplices and have “Decided TO SUBMIT” to their Masters/mistress or fancy women… in a willful way.

Keep in mind.. the principal word to centre here is that they have the intensity of decision, and that remains……

So before you decide, I genuinely propose you study material accessible online about it. And have a better understanding &  comprehension of it… furthermore, similar to what was said before. you can, at present, choose not to enjoy it if you feel so put off by it

Just make sure that when you do indulge in it that it is done in a consensual way. A sexual fetish can be a grey area, so always be 100% sure that master and slave are on the same page and perhaps contracts are signed to keep you both in the right.


How to be a femdom

Always understand safe, sane and consensual before you set out. In a sensual or sexual relationship, a dominatrix assumes the position of authority, and her partner (the sub or submissive) consents to follow her directions and requests. Take sexual control, respect your partner’s limits, and explore new things to be a dominatrix. Before engaging in BDSM play, make sure you always keep safety in mind and discuss all of your and your partner’s preferences.


Never take someone else’s permission/ consent for granted. You must willingly provide your consent. A drunk or unconscious person cannot provide permission. It’s best to check in to make sure periodically. Of course, with BDSM, obtaining consent might be more difficult, so it’s critical to establish boundaries in advance.


Know how to read your submissive’s body language through speech or body movements and make careful judgements throughout a session

Set clear boundaries from the start, use safe words or use the traffic light system before starting

Speak to your submissive to find out what he’s done before and what aspects he enjoyed and would like for you to push further

Choose your words, ask them for their trigger words then use them in the session.