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If you are a sub that is looking for a Dom to dominate and humiliate them then look no more, we have an amazing live chat room where you can chat with online Dominatrixes who enjoy all areas of BDSM Cams. We have some of the best dominant/submissive chat rooms online; check out our dom sub chat room below

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The dominants and submissives is a very popular category whether it be a female Dominatrix or a Male Dom you desire, we have Β  Femdom chat roomsΒ  Mistresses are waiting for all types of subs. We have chats available 247 so come in and chat with doms and experience a real fantasy scenario.

The submissive chats are always a busy place because we have so many experienced dominants who love the lifestyle.

No matter what type of sub you are or what level of training you have had in the past you can be assured that our dom sub chat rooms have everything you will need for the perfect online webcam training. These are kinky Camssub chatrooms

These are real Mistresses who live the lifestyle, they enjoy training new submissive males like you. So read on and find out what can happen in your live online sub training session in our free chat rooms with cam to cam the kinkiest dom-sub chat with live webcams. You can also view ourΒ shemale cams online for more interactive tv Mistress webcam shows




So what happens in a Dom Sub Chat Room then?

Great question and one I could probably spend all day answering but the short answer depends on you the submissive.

With so many different areas of BDSM, every sub is different in how he submits to the Dom; Male and female subs have different types of dominants they look for whether it be daddy dom or strict female mistress, however, we have listed some of the types of sessions you can expect in any dom sub cam rooms

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The lists are separate for male subs and female subs with plenty of different doms sub-pictures below to give you an idea of the types of sessions we see often.

Dominant/submissive chat room

Find a kinky femdom and begin your submissive training in our dominant chat rooms. We have the best submissive chat room online where all kins and sub-training are explored, and limits are pushed to the maximum. You can also find a lifestyle partner who enjoys the same fetishes as you; try theΒ  Fetish cams . So if you are ready to find the top dom and sub chat room online then be sure to click the links below

Male sub Types of chat and cam sessions

Cock and ball torture β€” ballbusting ball slapping

Sph – tiny cock mock – see the sph cams forΒ  live humiliation

Edging β€” orgasm control, tease and denial, forced orgasm, jerk-off instructions ( JOI), cum eating instructions, ruined orgasm or how to jerk off

Anal play β€” prostate massage, anal stretching, strapon play

Bondage β€” Rope bondage, hogties, mummification, St Andrews cross, self-bondage, chastity cock bondage

Financial domination β€” Findoms, money slaves, pay pigs

Blackmail Fantasy β€” Teamvieweer β€” taking pictures and details to use against you

Forced Feminization β€” Dressing you up as a girl and parading you outside

Forced Bisexual β€” Forcing you to suck and take cock

Sissy humiliationΒ β€” Every area of humiliating a sissy from dressing, training, cock sucking, cum eating, maid services, prissy sissies, humiliation, domination the list is endless

Spanking β€” Over the knee or telling you what to bring to use for a spanking session

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Get ready to start training in the submissive chat rooms, where we push boundaries, and test limits to make you what we want


Submissive chat rooms where we enjoy dominating submissive men

Dom sub chatrooms – You will find a mixture of both Doms and subs in these rooms

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Ideas for female subs in the dom chat rooms/ DOM SUB CHAT ROOMS

Breast bondage β€” Tie their tits up nice and tight and make them slap them

Spreader bars β€” spread the legs and use huge sex toys on them

Proper cock sucking techniques

Anal training with big toys and real cocks

Cum eating instructions β€” cum play

Orgasm denial β€” Female’s Chastity

Caged is not allowed unless given permission

Spanking β€” Good old over the knee if in person or order them to bring things to the chat room/cam show ie slipper, belt

Pegs on their pussy lips or clips

Cable ties for tieing and bondage as well as ropes and handcuffs

Tedious tasks like ironing over and over again with a butt plug up their ass

Pet training with collar and lead

Humiliation sessions, where they are to be paraded in front of your friends

Draw and write things on their body

Make them wear wet panties

Check our page onΒ how to be a sissy

Again this list could go on and on, and we will make separate pages for them, so you have hundreds of training ideas to use on your slave/sub in any dom chat scenario.

Β The femdom Marriage Guide – check it out if you are looking to live the lifestyle

You can also involve roleplays, kinks, fetishes, and even taboos depending on the scene and play area you have set up for this session. Always make sure that you both consent to what you are about to do and that a safe word is always used if it needs to be.

There are some amazing BDSM dating sites, as well as some fantastic webcam sites where you can experiment with your own kink, fantasy, or desire, all of our sub dom chats, are available 247 with audio and cam-to-cam if you want to let the dominant see you at the same time. which most will insist on.

The picture gallery below of our male and female subs in sessions

The very best submissive chat for real BDSM and domination sessions chat online in the very best dom sub chatrooms.


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