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 Fetish Cams – 20 Kinky Ideas for Cam shows or home play

There was a time when fetish and fetish cams were taboo. In fact, these things were considered so bad no one talked about them. However, in modern times, things have changed; and for the good.

All of us now have the freedom to come out and discuss our fetishes with people of the same taste. Below we have a list of 20 fetishes that are requested in a webcam session.

We have also added some other types of fetishes for your kinky pursual. If you are looking for kinky fetish cams with free chat rooms then read below


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Thanks to the growing interest of people in the subject of sexuality in general, we all now feel better and relaxed. Fetish has also made its way into the world of online adult entertainment. With our Live Online Fetish cam chats, you will be spoiled for choice.

The best ones in this regard are the fetish cam sites or the ones that support free cam-to-cam sex chatting. Let’s take a look at 20 fetishes that are common and can be found on cam.

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List of top Fetish Ideas for Fetish Cams Shows

The list below will give you some ideas of some of the popular requests we get when in a fetish cams show. With so many different types of fetishes and different types of Fetish Mistresses to select from you are in the right place when looking for experienced kinky girls who know exactly how to tease you with your kinky desires.  


Popular Fetish requests on webcam


Foot fetish


Latex clothing


High Heels




Poppers and breathplay






We have listed more types of fetish cam requests with further explanations of them below

  1. BDSM

This is the most common kind of fetish and the most popular one as well. Thanks to Hollywood, people have now started embracing the dark side of sex and BDSM leads the scene.

In this kind of fetish, a person is tied or bonded with the help of all sorts of ropes and restraints, and the other person or group of people pleasure, torture or do whatever they want for their own pleasure.

Dom and Sub are what this is called or slave and Mistress. Someone is always in charge and the other is the submissive who does what he is told. Read on through our site and learn about our live BDSM Cams sessions

You can also read about our BDSM slave training right here


  1. Femdom Fetish Webcam

Femdom is somewhat similar to BDSM with the exception being that while in BDSM, a man or a woman can be the dominating one, in femdom, as the name suggests ‘ Femdom Cams’, a female is the boss. This is very common among rich men as it helps them get relieved of their power and for a while submit to the mercy of a beautiful woman.

Having a female take control and use them as a sex slave or plaything. Using bondage, BDSM, Mind control, domination and humiliation, and many other tools of abuse.

This can be done in real-time sessions or via webcam, email, or phone.


  1. Smoking Fetish cams

This fetish includes women smoking a cigar, cigarette, or pipe in the most seductive way possible. Many men love it and love seeing women smoking cigarettes live as they watch her take big inhales and blow out thick smoke, even watching her blow smoke rings, while she is wearing glossy red lipstick.

An extended version of the fetish, a rather painful one is the human ashtray, where a man happily consumes the ash of the cigarette being smoked by a beautiful woman and or has the smoke blown into his face and mouth as a blowback.

You can watch hundreds of sexy girls smoking in the fetish cams section where they enjoy teasing you with thick smoke

smoking fetish


4. Piercing Fetishes

Many people are turned on by the piercing on someone else’s body. This fetish has many takers as well and it happens to be one of the most popular cam categories.

The most amazing part of this fetish is the fact that piercing need not be in the sexual parts of the body. Piercing in the naval is as much effective as piercing on the nipples for the people who have this fetish.


5. Tattoo

Like piercing, a tattoo is another fetish that is very common and does not involve private parts. People with this fetish are turned on by the sight of a tattoo on the body of another person.

Like piercing, it is common for men, as well as women and, have a lot of cam models.

6. Stockings

Stockings are sexy and we cannot argue that but did you know that there are people who are sexually aroused after seeing women in stockings?

This fetish is popular among men and that is why most cam websites love to feature women in hot pantyhose, fishnets, and stockings.

Seeing a sexy female with hot lingerie on teasing while she smokes or wears high heels is a huge turn-on for some. Seductive, mind-blowing manipulation where you can be made to do the cum in a cup show

7. Feet Fetish

One of the most common and most exciting fetishes, foot fetish is very popular on webcam sites. People who have a foot fetish get turned on by the sight of a beautiful pair of feet.

Over time, this fetish has evolved a lot but barefoot fetish still remains the most popular one, not forgetting, footjobs, toe sucking, ankle fetish, and arches.

Members enjoy watching a sexy female rub oil all over her foot or tease the head of a cock with her barefoot. If you like sexy feet then be sure to check out our section dedicated to this.

With thousands of foot fetish webcams  you will be spoiled for choice


8. High Heels

Moving from feet to high heels. Men love to see women in high heels for many reasons. First, the high heel enhances the overall body language of the wearer and second, they are powerful and sexy.

People with a high heel fetish get aroused just by looking at a gorgeous pair of feet in high heels or boots. Like foot fetish, a lot of things have been developed around high heels as well.

For example heel job and high heel worship, not forgetting pussy fucking with heels or anal play using spikey high heels

9. Cleavage Fetishes

This should not come as a surprise. In fact, I don’t understand why they call it a fetish. Cleavage is something that everyone admires and loves.

It should be in fact involved in mainstream porn but anyway, we are not complaining since we have access to beautiful tits. If you like big tits and want to be teased by big tit cams online then be sure to check out our link dedicated to boobs and cleavage- Check out our big titty cams

10. CBT

CBT or cock ball torture is one of the most dangerous and painful fetishes. In this fetish, a man’s penis and scrotum (nut sack) are tortured by a beautiful man or a woman (or both) for their own entertainment.

The minimum version of CBT include kicking the balls while the upper limit is not so well defined but can be considered as one where the cock starts bleeding, this can also include electrics, needles, pegs, ball weights, slapping, twisting, sounds, and many more ways to make the person suffer

cock and ball torture cams, ball busting


11. Tickling

If you have just started exploring the world of kinks and fetishes, you will be amazed to learn that people get turned on by tickling as well.

So, the cousin you have been tickling as a kid might have developed a kink or you might have turned on people several times while your intention was just to tickle them.

12. Butts

Like boobs, these should be in mainstream sex. Butts are glorious and deserve more coverage than the fetishes have.

All of us respect a nice ass and I don’t see a point in explaining how people are aroused at seeing a sexy but. It is totally natural and happens to everyone.

13. Master-Slave

Extension to BDSM but harsher. This is the kind of setup wherein one person acts like a master (female: mistress) and the other person acts as a slave. You may enjoy reading about our sex slave ideas

Irrespective of gender, this fetish has many takers and people have turned this fetish into a 24/7 lifestyle. Submission and discipline from both parties are the keys to the best master-slave relationship. – Bdsm Ideas

14. JOI – Jerk of instructions

Lately, this is one more fetish that has been gaining popularity among men. A beautiful girl starts her cam show by introducing herself and speaking all sorts of dirty things to the audience until they are hard and ready.

Once the lady knows she has the attention and the erections, she starts instructing everyone on how to move your hand around your dick up and down, fast and slow, edging, ruined orgasms, or all part of the fun.

These masturbation chat rooms have hundreds of jerk off instruction hosts, waiting with their seductive, erotic voice ready to take control of your wanking power, deciding when you can wank and when you must stop, they decide if you get to cum in a cup show afterward Get ready to jack off for your Mistress

15. Impact Play

Let me give you clues on what it is. First, it involves activities that involve an impact. Second, it is not limited to just face slapping, ballbusting, and ass spanking.

It has a lot more under its umbrella and if you wish to learn more about it, you should check out the chat sites and discuss with the host, but to sum it up it is about being struck for sexual pleasure and gratification. It can be anywhere on the body from face to cock and balls to ass to body. We have hundreds of live masturbation chat rooms available 247

16. Leather

People love to see fitness models in tight clothes and when it comes to tight clothes, nothing beats authentic leather. The fit and feel are mesmerizing and when leather covers a hot body, the final view is nothing short of magic.

No doubt people pay hefty amounts to cam models just to wear leather during streaming. But we also have the popular fetish clothes section with not only females wearing leather but latex, rubber, silk, PVC are all other popular requests given to our fetish girls.

Be controlled by a tranny Mistress

17. Pet Play

This is another fetish that has been gaining popularity. It involves a certain degree of power exchange and people dressing like cute little pets for other people.

More often than not, pet play involves special costumes and sex toys that help people to look and feel like pets. As per the observations, cats and puppies are the most popular choices for pet play.

This is usually used in a humiliation session to make the slave/ submissive feel weak and degraded

18. Sounding

Medically, sounding means measuring but when it comes to sex, nothing is as simple as it sounds. This fetish involves inserting a metallic rode in the urethra opening of a person.

It all started with medical instruments a few years back but now, models show how exactly you should perform sounding on your man.

 This is also used in the cock and ball torture sessions along with electros

19. Watersports

The name is kind of misleading but this is the best word that the fetish world could think of. Watersports in the world of fetish mean playing in the bodily fluids of each other, especially urine.

While many people find it hard to accept it but there are models who are already showcasing their golden showers on cams across the world. For some fetishists, the thought of a beautiful woman peeing in their mouth or over their body, or to just watch them as they pee into a cup is a massive turn-on.

20. Glasses

Pornstars like Mia Khalifa have been trying to tell people that glasses look sexy and hot as fuck. These celebrity sex stars have already created mainstream porn movies with their glasses on and that is why the category of glasses fetish is slowly gaining recognition.

Viewing a sexy woman in glasses makes her seem so much more powerful and in control, something about it makes some fetishists go back to their school days when their teacher wore glasses and was in charge.

If you couple, sexy females wearing glasses, smoking and wearing stockings you will immediately make most submissive men do just about anything and become under her spell.

The sheer thought of a woman in glasses can make fetishists and slaves very weak.

We also have the panty fetish where many people are attracted to females panties you can read more about panty Cams fetish here

sexy girls wearing glasses

 Fetish Cams Online – Fetish & Kinks are a Personal Choice

Fetish and kinks are a matter of personal choice. Society has a better understanding of it and gladly has been accepting all sorts of different sexual fetishes into the fetish world.

This is the reason why a lot of webcam chat sites have now dedicated cam girls for all the fetishes. Not only do these girls know what they are doing, they are perfect examples of how to do it. Do you wish to suck some heels?

Learn from them. You want to see a beautiful ass getting fucked or do you wish to see how to ruin the orgasm of your slaves, the cam websites will answer all your questions.

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What is your kink?

Have you pursued it yet?

Do the people around you know about your kink?

If not, it’s time to wake up and conquer the world.

It’s time to experiment with your desire.

It’s time to experiment and live out your fantasy and test the waters, anything goes on our adult chat sites, from members screaming “make me cum” to nipple play, ass worship, and being able to cum together if a fetish model allows for that.

Some of our femdom and mistresses or even just our fetish girls enjoy using the oh my bod sessions where you control her sex toy. Get ready  for the cum in a cup show

You can also watch our self-suck shemales if this is a fetish you have wanted to explore or be trained to do yourself or the giantess section where we have many girls looking to tower over little men, or how about lipstick fetish, tongue, teeth, hairy girls and many more.