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Ready for our Sex Slave Training?

The highest honour which can be bestowed upon a submissive male is that of a sex slave. Chosen to be the sexual pleasure of their Mistress, it is not something that any sub can take lightly, or approach haphazardly.

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Great training and instruction must, and needs, to be undertaken so that the superior female is ALWAYS satisfied, whether it be by his tongue, cock or sex talk.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that many men lack the necessary empathy to properly satisfy any woman, let alone their dominant superior, and submissive men are even worse.

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Putting women (rightly) up on pedestals mean they are often far too nervous to be of any use and end up fumbling all over the place, giving terrible head and more often than not, failing to even maintain an erection.

Sex Slaves For Your Pleasure

So what is the answer – How to be a good sex slave?

If you are looking to be a sex slave or come across a Dominatrix looking for one, then before anyone “gets down to business” proper training in the art of pleasing a Domme should be done. Even being able to give a woman an orgasm with your tongue might not be enough since, by their very nature, dominant women have MUCH higher standards of what constitutes “satisfied”

So where do you either find a Mistress looking for a sex slave or be trained in the art of being one? Well, one of the best places to find such a woman is on a femdom cams website.

These sites are full of dominatrix cams women who are naturally dominant and are always in charge, especially in the bedroom and between the sheets.

There are always hundreds of Dommes online at any one moment and they are all looking for pleasure slaves to give them what they need. All you need to do is use the search facility to find a Goddess to serve and enter her private room.

So what now?

Well, don’t just blurt out “I want to fuck you and make you cum” for starters. That’s for lame drunken guys in bars (and it doesn’t work for them either) with zero respect for women and CERTAINLY not when you are addressing a superior Lady.

What you need to do is say respectfully what it is you want. You either wish to be her sex slave or you want to be trained in how to be a good one for when you actually meet a Domme.

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Either way, any Mistress on webcams will take you under their wing and give you some proper sex slave training via webcam.

After she has accepted you to her stable, the real training begins. This will vary depending on what type of sex slave you are going to be.

So what is a love Slave? – Is it the same as a sex slave? – Audio Answer below

Is a sex slave and a love slave the same thing? What does a love slave do that is different? We answer all of these questions in our audio below

If you are “lacking” in the trouser department then you will only really be of any use as an oral servitude slave.

If you have a decent-sized member then she may use you for penetrative pleasure. And if you are good with words (or have a small cock and tiny tongue!) then she may use you for verbal sensations.


Either way, you will be properly trained in the art of how females expect to be serviced and pleasured.
For oral sex slaves, she will begin by teaching you where the clit is, the labia, are and how to stimulate both.

Not all Domes allow their sex slaves to use their hands but you will be taught the proper use of fingering and how to combine everything to give her the orgasms she deserves.

Varying your pace, how to use the tip of your tongue, and learning how to react to her body movements and signals are all essential things to know and will all be taught to you.

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Those lucky enough to be used as pleasure slaves will be trained in how to stimulate her clit properly and turn her on.

They will be shown how to use their cock to its full advantage by utilizing proper strokes when to go all the way when to pull out etc, and if you are one of the REALLY lucky (but very rare) sex slaves then you will also be shown what she likes with regards to her breasts and/or ass being touched or played with.

You’ll receive training in how to touch her properly, and not fiddle about like you are trying to retune a radio, as well as how to thrust to give maximum pleasure possible.

You will also receive guidance on how to act like a human dildo, which is a type of sex slave who lies stock still while his Mistress rides his cock for her pleasure.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds since he isn’t allowed to move, no matter how much the sensation of being inside her turns him on, but you will be properly guided in how to achieve the required mindset.

It is also worth mentioning here that as amazing as all these sounds, to be allowed to have sex with a real live Mistress, as a sub you will NEVER be allowed to cum.

You must always be available to her for her needs and if you’ve shot your bolt and are one of those types who needs a few hours to “fill up the tank again” then you’re not much good to her so she will get her pleasure from you and you will be left denied.

Most sex slaves when not on duty will spend their time locked in chastity so they are always horny and keen to please.

Lots of women can get off on just imagining things and only need verbal stimuli to get off too. If wordplay is your strength then you will be trained in how to utilize it properly. On saying only the things she likes and how to surprise her and keep it fresh.

These are the three different types of sex slaves and if you wish to become one of your superiors, then live BDSM cams are your definite best starting place.

Hundreds of dommes just waiting to train you to pleasure them properly, as they deserve.

So join this cam site now and get ready for some intensive, extensive training in how to be a good and proper sex slave for your Mistress.