Prostate Milking

So what does it Mean By Prostate Milking/Orgasm?

Many men get scared when they hear the term “Prostate Milking”.

Do you associate it with a cold and clinical doctor’s office, being bent over on all fours and having a doctor stick his finger covered with cold lube into your ass?

Well, you would not be alone on this one. Many men feel the same way.

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In recent times there has been an underground movement that is getting larger and larger!

There are many men that like to have their prostates milked.

They actually do it to themselves or they ask their partners to do it for them. The enthusiasts will go and buy a “Prostate Massager”, which is comparable to vibrators that women use, and they use this to milk their prostates!

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Do you feel confused about this?

Are you wondering what these men are thinking?

Well, I can clear up this confusion for you!

The male prostate gland is also the male g spot. It is a small walnut-sized gland that is located in the male “nether region”. You can reach it by inserting a finger about 2 inches into the anus.

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Have you ever noticed how it also feels good to put pressure on the area between your balls and your ass? Well, this is because you are applying pressure to the prostate gland or stimulating your prostate.

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What I am trying to say here is that men are practising prostate milking and liking it because it is like massaging the female g spot!

When you massage the prostate, you will feel waves of intense pleasure pulsate through your body, you can have an orgasm without ever ejaculating and you can even get a bigger, harder and longer-lasting erection!

The best thing about this is that it is actually good for your health!

Here are a few of the benefits of prostate milking:

  • It is intensely pleasurable.
  • Releases pressure on the bladder and urethra.
  • Improves blood supply to the male genital area.
  • Men with erectile dysfunction can get erections and keep them.
  • A good way to release sperm build-up.
  • You may notice a bigger, harder and longer-lasting erection.
  • You can experience a prostate orgasm!

A prostate orgasm is a lot different from a penile orgasm.  It is incredibly intense and toe-curling.


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It lasts for longer, it is stronger and more intense, and you feel it all over your body.

When you experience your first prostate orgasm you will feel like you have just awakened. It is a full-body orgasm.

If this has made you interested in prostate milking, and you want to learn more then I suggest you carry on reading further down the page for more information on it.

More Than One Type Of Male Orgasm?

When most men think about the male orgasm, they imagine the type of orgasm that is achieved via stimulation of the penis.

This stimulation can be by hand (either your own or someone else’s), mouth, vagina or anus. There are also other sex toys that you can use to stimulate your penis but I am not going to get into that here.

What many men don’t know is that they can experience the best orgasm of their life by stimulating the prostate rather than the penis. This is especially useful for men that have problems achieving erections.

Prostate orgasms are the most intense form of male orgasm. They will always happen just when the nerve of your prostate is sensitive and being stimulated.

It is undoubtedly the most satisfying orgasm.  The prostate gland is the male “G Spot”. A prostate orgasm feels like a full-body orgasm.

Your whole body will pulsate, contract and tingle. Your erection will throb and be bigger than you have ever experienced.

One of the best things about prostate orgasms is that they do not just last for seconds but for a lot longer for that. I know people that have had them for up to an hour. I have not been that lucky yet though.

What Exactly Is Prostate Ejaculation?

Every man knows what ejaculation is.  If you are like me well then you probably think about it often, like every few minutes at the least.

Prostate ejaculation is different from the normal type of ejaculation.

Normally, men ejaculate by having their penis stimulated, be it by hand, mouth, vagina, etc.

When a certain level of stimulation is reached sperm is released by the seminal vesicle and prostatic fluid is released by the prostate.

These are then mixed together and muscles in the area then force the ejaculate out of the penis.

Prostate ejaculation is the ejaculation of just the prostatic fluid. Sperm is not released if this is done correctly. This is achieved by stimulating the prostate.

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland in the pelvic region of men.  It can be stimulated via the anus.

Prostate ejaculation is important in the treatment of certain prostate disorders such as prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It is also believed that stimulation of the prostate and ejaculation is a preventative measure that can be taken against prostate cancer.

On another note, the prostate gland is also known as the male g spot and it is possible to experience a prostate orgasm by stimulating the prostate.

In my personal experience, this is the best orgasm that I have ever experienced. It is like a whole-body orgasm.

Do you want to experience the best orgasm of your life?

The Benefits Of Milking The Prostate

The term “milking the prostate” strikes fear in the heart of many men.

For other men, that have experienced a prostate orgasm by milking the prostate, this term turns them on.

Main Benefits of Prostate Massage:
Stimulate the prostate gland Pleasurable Release pressure on the bladder or urethra Improve blood supply to the area Improve erectile dysfunction
Prostate massage doesn’t have a great reputation and many men are sceptical about its benefits.
As soon as you tell any man that massaging the prostate involves penetrating the anus then most will refuse to try it. It is something that can greatly improve your sex life and also improve the health of your sexual organs.
If you know how to use it properly and know exactly what you are doing then you should be fine. Remember there’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of! Just take your time and there are only a few risks

Main Benefits of Milking The Prostate:

  • Stimulate the prostate gland
  • Pleasurable Release of pressure on the bladder or urethra
  • Improve blood supply to the area
  • Improve erectile dysfunction
  • Can help to cure prostate problems

Overall prostate massage, as well as being good for prostate health, can also make your erections bigger and make them last longer.

It is something that can greatly improve your sex life and also improve the health of your sexual organs.

It is also possible to have a prostate orgasm. The prostate gland has also been nicknamed “The Male G Spot” and it is possible for men to orgasm by stimulating the prostate alone.

The prostate orgasm is one of the most intense feelings that you will ever experience. Your whole body will pulsate in pleasure and it lasts for a long time. When you experience a prostate orgasm it is like a dry orgasm because you will not ejaculate. It is the best thing.

You can also learn about how to stimulate and milk the male prostate

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A lot of people in the BDSM world use prostate milking when they have a submissive in a chastity device