Cock and Ball torture using E-stimms

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Cock and Ball Torture -Cbt Sesssions

Cock and Ball Torture Hell

One of the most hideous methods of cock and ball torture a Mistress can inflict on a poor, defenceless slave is by the use of electrics. Be it a cattle prod or even a taser, having electricity shot through your dick is one of the worst punishments or tortures that sadistic women can do to a sub.

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Hardcore cock and ball torture using electro devices
There are lots of different ways this can be done but one of the worst is without a doubt, the e-stims mabelievesA small black machine no bigger than a TV remote control, it looks innocent but believes me, it is anything but. It has 12 different power settings ranging from barely anything right up to crippling pain. It can be set to give pulses of electricity from every few seconds to a constant surge. So it has variable strengths and jolts from a slight sensation every few seconds to a crippling, constant blast.This is the joys of cbt Mistress

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Estimms on cock and turned up high
Imagine the scenario of being at the mercy of a heartless Dominatrix. Either strapped to a bed or table with your hands tied securely above your head and your legs fastened to the ends, you will be powerless to stop whatever hired packs this innocent looking device.

It has two black bands that go around your dick. One at the base near your balls and the other fastens just below the sensitive head for maximum impact. Two “plugs”, one on each band, accept a wire each which also connect to the black box and that is it.

whatever aired to the e-stims CBT machine and now completely at her mercy and vulnerable to whatever level of sadism her sadistic mind wishes to bestow on you.
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Sitting beside you with the box in her hand, she will enjoy the look of fear in your eyes. Anyone who has ever felt an E-stims knows that fear is unhiding able when a mean bitch is holding it and it is connected to your poor defenceless cock.

She’ll start by putting the power to the lowest setting and a slight, every few seconds pulse. Then she will gradually turn the juice up till you start to twitch uncomfortably. Leaving it there for a few seconds she will tilt her head to watch you squirm.

Holding the dial between her dainty, perfectly manicured fingertips a cruel smile will cross her face before she twists if fast. A pulse of electricity will surge through your dick. The pain will hit and all your other senses and control will stop. Your whole body will convulse inward and upwards.

Then it will be turned down. A2 second breather then BAM ramped back up again as you involuntarily scream in pain. Your penis will feel like it is on fire as you are still able to feel the sharp sting like a pin entering your cock head.

Up, Down, Up, down will go the dial. Her sadistic laughter will fill the air as you beg and plead for her to stop but she will ignore you. Fighting against your bonds, you will struggle and tussle to free your limbs to protect your aching dick but it will be pointless. You are relying on her mercy and kindness to stop and it will NOT be forthcoming!

Lots of heartless Dommes will decide that a squirming, bucking slave is being disobedient and will punish them for moving. The fact that it will be nigh on impossible is of no interest to them. They demand total obedience from their slaves so you become trapped in a vicious circle. You move every time you get zapped so she increases the power to punish you, meaning you move even more.

It is possible for slaves to ejaculate as power is shot through their penis. The stimulation and thrusting can cause an orgasm to seep out. No joy or pleasure is felt from it but any cum in his balls is expelled. This provides an additional problem for poor slavey. Any man will tell you that after ejaculation, his cock is extra sensitive and sore to touch.

Ideas for cock and ball torture

So if a slave cums through e-stims, this is the case also but do you think Mistress cares? You think she will remove the e-stims because it’s now gone from agony to agonizingly, excruciatingly painful? Will she hell.

She will continue to ram electrics through your cock and will no doubt turn the power up higher just because. Your screams of agony will fill her ears and she will cackle and laugh at your torment but she will not stop.

Changing the amount of power getting rammed through the dick will keep you guessing so you never know what is coming next. It might be a tickle, it might feel like a knife. Two little knobs on a small box can cause so much pain for you and so much pleasure for her.

The e-stims electro torture machine also comes with remote control. This is great fun for Mistress as she attaches it to you and then takes you out to a busy shopping mall or restaurant. She will obviously make you go to the prettiest shop assistant she can find and as soon as you go to talk
She will send a course of electricity through your cock causing you to stammer, falter and convulse. This gorgeous assistant will look at you like you are weird. As you try to talk again

Your Mistress will continue to press the button from 20 feet away, smiling with glee as you are humiliated and struggle to talk to the assistant as you get zapped with power into your dick. This is a great adaption to the electric torture as it combines public humiliation and CBT into the same session.

Slave knows he will be talked about and laughed at by the shop girl to her friends for a long time to come!
Another attachment is the sounds. A circular piece of metal, there are different sizes from 2 inches long to around 7 inches. They get connected to the box and the metal gets pushed into the urethra or pee hole. Power gets zapped through as normal but the sensation is heightened. Extremely painful torture if high levels are administered, this is an effective threat to any sub who steps out of line.

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The e-stims electric torture box is a common tool used by Dommes for electro torture. Submissives hate it, Dommes love it.

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