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Chastity Slave -Locked In His Cage

Meet the slave who must always wear his chastity device at all times for his Mistress… If you are ready to have orgasm control and your wanking restricted then read our slaves sob story… Get your hankies at the ready.

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The life of a slave in chastity owned by a webcam mistress

I think it was during maybe my fifth or sixth live femdom cam session online with MistressX when it happened. I have a powerful ass and cleavage fetish and she loves to manipulate me into humiliating myself by wiggling her perfect ass and pushing her perfect, ample breasts up close to me to make me go weak and render me incapable of resisting anything she ordered. Every single time she did this,

I was like putty in her hands and my dick was always rock hard and throbbing and leaking pre-cum. I loved to be at her mercy and it felt fantastic and everything was perfect.
Till that fateful Friday night

I had been stroking and edging all night for about two hours and I was close to the edge again. But just as I was about to cum while she was stroking and shaking her ass, she had bent over and shoved her ass (which was covered by a VERY tight, figure-hugging rubber dress) right up close to the screen and I was so delirious with lust for her rump that I couldn’t stop myself. Before I knew it, I had cum. I let out an involuntary groan as I did so and gasped. Check out our jerk off instruction information

She stopped instantly and sat back down at the screen. “What the fuck just happened?” she demanded in a voice that struck fear into my heart “Did you just cum?” I replied meekly “yes Mistress”. She looked at me furious “You insolent little shit. Did I give you permission to cum? No, I didn’t. that’s it. Slaves like you don’t get second chances. You’re going into chastity”
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My heart stopped and I froze. Oh god. Not chastity. Although I am a sub, I love wanking while looking at pictures and videos and I can cum up to 12 times a day sometimes. But if my cock is locked in a cage, I won’t even be able to get hard. How would I survive that?
I begged, pleaded and grovelled but to no avail. She made me go to a chastity website and buy a CB600.

She then told me not to contact her again till it arrived and she could get it on me.
It arrived a week later and the first thing she did in our online fem-dom cams session forced me to put it on and then secure it with the plastic tags. She took note of the number and then looked at me sadistically.
“You’re fucked now slave,” she said “I’ve got you RIGHT where I want you” And she was right. Because now, I can’t wank or even get hard. And I most certainly can’t cum without her permission. Take a moment to think about that. After 42 years of wanking and cumming whenever I felt horny, now I am reduced to begging my Mistress to unlock my chastity even to allow some relief from the confines of my plastic prison.

My cock is almost full time trying to get hard and the pain I suffer as it pushes against the solid plastic is incredible. And what’s worse, the inability to relieve myself means that the more things I see that turn me on, the hornier and hornier I get. And with no way for release, I am in almost constant horniness and desperation.

Not that Mistress cares. In fact, she takes great delight in always teasing me with her tits and as. She now wears, especially for me, tight low cut tops that can barely contain her massive breasts and short tight skirts that perfectly cover and shape her ass yet only just cover her cheeks. It makes me almost cry as I struggle to get hard but can’t. And her sadistic laugh as I beg for permission to cut the tag and at least enjoy an erection for some reason only makes my penis try to stiffen more!


VERY occasionally she will allow me to take the chastity off and the relief is amazing. But its short lived. She will either forbid me from stroking or order me to edge multiple times. And since unauthorised orgasms got me into this predicament, I make DAMN sure not to cum. And when she is bored of teasing me and not allowing me to cum, she orders me to ice myself down and gets the chastity back on.

I always beg to be allowed to cum first but so far she has always said no. I must go into her live female domination webcam room every second night as per her orders and ask for permission to cum. So far she has always said no to this request as well. I live for her voice and beauty and always accept her decision with a graceful “thank you, Mistress”

I live in hope for the day she allows me relief and I think constantly how good it will feel. I also miss the days before chastity when I could just tug myself and wank off whenever I wanted. But those days are long gone now. My orgasms belong to MistressX and I must warn everyone and learn to appreciate how precious they are.
This is the life of a slave in chastity. The sissy tormented online

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If i get the cage off i am giving instructions on how to wank my cock

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