15 Things to Know About Bdsm Tens Unit on Penis

 Bdsm Tens Unit On Penis In BDSM – Cock & Ball Torture -Tens Orgasm

When it comes to BDSM, S&M, and femdom, one of the popular ways is the use of electrics. By this, we don’t mean plugging two loose wires into a slave and plugging him into the mains. There are a few different machines developed specifically for the job. Tens machine on cock and watching them squirm as I turn it up full, the best tens unit BDSM machines are used in most real-time sessions. Great for stimulation. torture, sexual

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An e-stims machine, an electric wand, and the one we are going to discuss now the tens machine. tens machine on dick was always my go-to when doing BDSM sessions. Tens unit BDSM for orgasm play

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Tens machines are used mainly to treat sports and muscle injuries. They transmit electric pulses to stimulate healing in muscles. Due to this, they are available to purchase easily from any drug store, pharmacy, or supermarket and if it is for BDSM, no one will know which adds to their appeal. Ready to have a tens machine on your dick they are great for masturbation, especially when using sounds make sure to check out my guide on tens machine masturbation ideas

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So in what ways can a tens machine be used for female domination? Well, we have compiled a list of 15 ways it can be applied to BDSM and how it can be applied. Bdsm tens on the dick can be an erotic feeling or used as a punishment session. tens unit masturbation can leave you with a very erotic feeling and is great for orgasm play. tens unit on the penis for stimulation and erotic play or torture cbt play

1 – It Has Different Settings
The fact it can be adjusted with the turn of just a dial to give more or less power as well as being able to give anything from short pulses to longer blasts at any time scale dictated to by the Dominant makes it an incredibly fun tool to use in an S&M session.

It can give a short 1-second burst every 10 seconds, a longer and higher shot every 30 seconds, a long 5-second burst every 10 seconds, or a mix and match of anything the Domme requires. With the varying capabilities, the submissive can be kept in suspense about what will be used on them so the sensation is different every time, which is great for keeping them on their toes!

cock and ball torture, tens machine, tens orgasm

2 – You Should have
Tens machines have pads that attach to the wires and these pads are self-adhesive. They stick to the skin so therefore you should shave off your pubic hair to make for proper contact. This also aids the current flow to ensure none is “lost”.

3 – Great For Beginners & Newbies
The general purpose of a tens machine is to allow gentle impulses of electricity if required so with this in mind, it makes it a fantastic tool for those dipping their toe in the water of electric BDSM activities.

The gentle pulse or shock is great to “ease” a sub into it and allow them to build up their tolerance or find out where their limit is before moving on to an e-stims or violet wand. Take a read at our BDSM rules for more information on types of play to be involved in any online or offline session

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4 – Has Anal Capabilities
If you are someone who enjoys both anal and electrics in a BDSM session then this apparatus is a fantastic way to join the two and enjoy them both at the same time.

It can be attached to a metal butt plug or dildo and inserted in the slave’s ass. Then whatever pulses and level of power the Dom decides to use can be put through them, giving the combined anal and electrics session

5 – Can Be Used For Urethra Play
Much like the anal option above, if you enjoy Uthera play then the tens can be used for that as something to give it another dimension. It can be plugged into a sound stick (a long metal tube of varying sizes and circumferences) and then shoved down the pee hole. The voltage can then be turned on and the torment and/or enjoyment can begin You can also check out the Skype domination cams if you are looking for a Mistress on Skype. Can also be used for tens-unit masturbation sessions 

6 – Various Power Settings
As mentioned already, the tens machine has different settings and one of them is the ability to set how much power is administered through the pads. It can be anything from barely more than a tingle to a severe jolt that will make the slave scream and writhe. View the Domination cams here

The fact this can be changed with just a dial turn means differing and various powers can be sent with each blast so the sub is kept guessing if it will be a pleasant or painful shot he gets each time. Can be used for Masturbation and erotic types of scenarios

tens unit on penis cock and ball torture

7 – Discreet
This apparatus is no bigger than a standard TV remote so it can be worn discreetly under clothing if you fancy having it on in the office or if you are domestic femdom S&Mers and your wife/Mistress wants you to wear it when you have guests over.

8 – Can Be Used In Public
As explained above, the discreet design and size of the box mean it is ideal for those who enjoy public humiliation in their female domination sessions. The Dominatrix can attach the pads, set the desired pattern of jolts and power then slip it into your pocket and you can then both venture out into the public.

None of the vanilla people will know you have a tens machine attached to your balls sending electric shocks every few seconds. It will be amusing for your Mistress to see you wince and tense up at every jolt and try to mask it as well! Can also be used with sex where one partner is in charge of it or used on each other.


9 – Can Be Used For Punishment Or Sustained Suffering
Due to the intensity of the higher power settings, the tens machine is ideal for subs and slaves who need discipline or punishment.

Either by a nice big jolt on max power as a reminder not to backchat or by being strapped down and left for a while with power being administered at timings of her choosing, the slave can be dealt with properly as the tens machine dishes out the appropriate punishments and suffering. Femdoms and Mistresses, Dominatrix enjoys using tens machines in BDSM sessions to control the submissive

tens on penis

10 – Allows Hands-Free Orgasms
Being able to enjoy a solo hands-free orgasm is the holy grail and this device allows it to happen. Attach the pads to the base and just below the head of the lens. Set the power to a lowish setting and then lie back.

The constant sensations will keep the blood flowing to your cock and excite it to the point of orgasm, all without you having to touch it at all. Give it a try

Learn about blue balls – How we enjoy watching slaves suffer from blue balls. Some of my submissives have managed to cum when using sounds with the machine. When your penis gets used to the feelings it can be turned up or put on to a different vibration to keep you on the edge at all times. I also enjoy using the unit on balls and ensuring the pads are secured tightly to watch the reactions.

11 – Suitable For Male Or Female Submissives
Not all submissives are male and if you are a female sub and wish to experiment with electrics then a tens machine is absolutely perfect. Women are more sensitive than men and the jolts of electricity seem worse for females.

The generic nature of a tens machine, and its official use, makes it ideal for use on both male and female slaves. Attaching the pads to the pussy lips is a very uncomfortable sensation as these are the most sensitive parts of the body but the fleshy area just under her ass cheeks also lends itself well for electric play.

For pro-dommes looking for something that will do a male or female slave, you can’t go wrong with one of these. It can be used on the nipples or even for prostate stimulation. 

12 – Perfect For Power Shift Dynamics
Since this machine is independently controlled, it can be used by the Dominant on an unfortunate slave. As the slave lays helpless and vulnerable, the Dom has total control over how much pain they can inflict.

The biggest thing about BDSM is the total giving up of power and the total having of power and nothing says power to shift like being able to control if someone gets an electric shock.

As he lies there all wired up and staring in fear at his Mistress holding the control box, the submissive will know exactly who holds all the power.

13 – Can Be Attached To Other Sex Toys
It doesn’t have to be just the pads that are used. They are joined to the wires by little aux connections and there are lots of sex toys on the aftermarket that can be attached. Dildos, Uthera sounds, and nipple clamps are the most popular. Tens unit for sexual pleasure

14 – Gel Is A Worthwhile Addition
Everyone knows that liquid is a good conductor of electricity so if using a tens machine, for maximum discomfort you should use gel on the underside of the pads. This will cause a much more intense and more spread out feel for the poor slave and he will get a much more painful shock with every blast he receives

15 – Perfect For Femdom Cams Sessions
As this is designed to be a self-use apparatus it makes its use within the femdom webcam scene perfect. You can attach it to any area your mistress tells you to and then crank up the juice and press the button in whatever manner she tells you to.

Things like spanking, face slapping, etc are difficult to pull off when being dominated on a webcam due to the natural human reaction to pull your hits but with a tens machine, you have no choice. If she tells you to crank it up then that’s what you do.

Hundreds of female domination cam hosts will know exactly how to instruct you to hook yourself up

The Best Ways for Electro- Estimm Sessions In Cbt

So there you have it. Fifteen ways for a tens machine to be used in a femdom session either on a webcam or in a real-time session. If any of these ways interest you or make you curious, take one to your online Mistress if you use female Live BDSM cams or to your real-time Domina. Either way, a tens machine is a great prop to have

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How to cum with a tens unit

This is a question asked a lot by people how to cum with a tens unit? If the machine I put on the right sensation with the correct vibrations it can make you feel like you are getting a hand job, moving it up and down can make it feel slower or faster and just enough to either play with orgasm control or let you cum. If you add in the sounds that are inserted inside the penis, it will give an amazing feeling and probably make you want to cum very quickly. This is why some people use the tens unit to cum as it can give an amazing male orgasm. It can be a very erotic feeling in BDSM play. Tens-unit fetish play is very popular in the kink world. Estim pad placement on the penis, tens unit for pleasure or torture

What happens if you put a tens unit on your penis?

It will give all types of different feelings from erotic feelings to uncomfortable feelings, depending on which settings you use for it. But yes you can electronically stimulate your penis using a tens machine.  Just don’t put the pads too close together. They are used a lot in the BDSM and kink world for pain or pleasure or to control a submissive male. You can use urethral plugs and anal plus as well as pads or bands for the balls. Some people can have a hands-free orgasm which I have witnessed myself. So yes you can use a tens unit on your penis and have the most amazing orgasms or masturbation play. It’s a great sex toy and an addition to any foreplay, so yes it can be used on the genitals.


Some more ways The Tens Machines can be used

BDSM play 

Masturbation And erotic play

Real orgasms

Hands-free Orgasm

Pain  play

Kink and fetish

Bondage and control

Anal Sex  and  prostate play

Ejaculation and blue balls

Can be used as a sex toy

tens unit on clit

Can be very sexual

Can be used for female orgasm

Used for stimulation

penis electrode is great to use during sex and foreplay, it can heighten things and can be used to control either partner in a sexual fun way and can give amazing orgasms. They are great for stimulation and can be put on the testicles.  They can and have been used for torture play in D/s relationships for Cock and ball torture or to control the submissive male. I have used them in bondage play and for sexual stimulation. Some people see it as a cock torture machine or for some prostate orgasm.



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