What Does Gooning Mean?

Definition of gooning – What does it mean?

Gooning is the name given to the state a person (usually a male) reaches when they have been edging to the point of orgasm for hours, and have entered an almost trance-like state. Read on about gooning meaning

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To get to this state, the man has become totally transfixed and hypnotized by the sensation coming from his throbbing, erect penis and his mind has been completely taken over by the feeling coming from it. You can check out our gooning cams and have our kinky girls show you
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Gooning can only be achieved after prolonged edging, and due to this, the cock becomes totally aroused. When in a state of gooning, there is no outside stimulation required. By now, the sight of his erection is all he needs to be turned on. It’s time to let porn take over your life check out our gooning cams and let the girls control you

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The Term Gooning What is it? Gooning Meaning 

The term “gooning” is derived from the way he reacts and behaves when he is in this state of mind. He becomes much more responsive, vocal and their face will take on a strange look with every slight touch to their cock, hence the term “goon”

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A man’s mind and body merge to become one when edging to the point of gooning and as he keeps edging over and over (edging is the practice of bringing one’s self to the point of orgasm but stopping just before it is achieved) then he experiences incredibly intense sensations. See the Joi cams for an introduction to real goon play


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Gooning works better for men than women due to the way the different genders are wired with regard to sex. Men who are turned on are programmed to reach orgasm and postponing it for hours while giving stimulation is far easier to achieve than it is for a female.


Gooning and BAITING

So what is gooning and baiting all about then? Let’s have a look, Gooning and baiting do not seem to be related to BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism). According to, the gooning meaning is a mental state in masturbation where the person becomes completely absorbed in pleasure and may use drugs like poppers. describes it as a self-absorbed act of masturbation with a particular personality, such as a tongue out, vacant expression, grunting, and muttering


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Introducing this to your relationship can be a lot of fun as a female you can have your man do just about anything for you; he is at a point of no return and desperate for release; however, keeping him edging or threatening to ruin his orgasm can heighten the whole sexual experience. It can also be seen as post orgasm torturein some ways.

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Gooning Masturbation – Gooning And The Gooner

As several of you will realize and know there are so many different ways and multiple techniques with different styles, of achieving an orgasmic state.
Gooning always coincides with edging & masturbation.
It’s a kind of orgasm that may exceed the wildest expectations of somebody.
It’s being one with not just yourself but with your own penis and state of mind in an orgasmic state.
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