The Female Orgasm 101

The Female Orgasm

There are loads of inaccuracies and false claims surrounding the mysterious female orgasm. Does it exist? Can every woman orgasm? Is it only possible for a woman to orgasm through clitoral stimulation? These are just some of the questions that men have about a woman’s orgasm.

Let me assure you, the female orgasm is a very real thing. There are several different ways that a woman can orgasm, but in this article, we will be talking about the two most straightforward types of orgasm: the clitoral orgasm, and the vaginal orgasm.

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The clitoral orgasm is an intense feeling and something that almost every woman on the planet has experienced. There is very little mystery behind the clitoral orgasm. A psychologically healthy woman usually climaxes from clitoral stimulation without too much trouble.

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A clitoral orgasm is usually achieved first by the woman herself, in an act commonly referred to as “masturbation.” From the very beginning of her sexual life, a woman trains herself to react strongly to clitoral stimulation. The inside of the vagina goes largely ignored during a woman’s first experiences.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the elusive vaginal orgasm remains shrouded in mystery. Recent studies show that most women have never even experienced a vaginal orgasm, and some “experts” even doubt its existence.

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Despite what anyone may think, the vaginal orgasm exists, and it is distinct from a clitoral orgasm. Vaginal orgasms are usually more pleasurable and satisfying for a woman and her partner.

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However, most women are so used to orgasm through clitoral stimulation that they have trained their bodies to be unresponsive to vaginal stimulation. Despite this, any woman can learn to have vaginal orgasms.

The only caveat is that it takes a very special man to unlock that power inside a woman. But that’s a good thing, and I’ll explain why.

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Because most men do not know how to make a woman have a vaginal orgasm, this is the one area where you can really set yourself apart from every man on the planet and give women the one thing that they all really want.

When you get intimate with a special woman, will you be the special man that gives her the gift of the female orgasm? I can help you become that man.

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