Male Multiple Orgasms

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Male Multiple Orgasm – How to Keep Going All Night Long

Practically everyone has heard of the female multiple orgasms, but the male multiple orgasms get considerably less attention. Which is a shame, because it is perhaps more interesting and useful than anything else in the wild world of sex.

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Men often want to learn how to have multiple orgasms for entirely different reasons. Some men want to learn how to have multiple orgasms because they think it will allow them to last longer in bed (and it will).

Others just want to be seen as some sort of tantric guru love deity. Also a respectable motivation. If there is a drawback to becoming multiple orgasmic men, I have no idea what it is.

My Own Experience with Becoming a Multiple Orgasmic Man I fell into the category of guys trying to learn how to last longer in bed. I tried all of the common methods for lasting longer (counting, ice-cold water, start-and-stop, etc.) and nothing really seemed to work for me.

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I was sort of young at the time and not really committed to reading it front to back as I should have.

Heck, in the very beginning of the book, one of the first things she says to do is not try to take shortcuts. I didn’t listen.

I skimmed the book, found out what techniques she advocated, and began putting them to use. And you know what? They worked.

My first multiple orgasms felt incredible, better than any orgasm I had felt up until that time (I’m talking about the initial orgasm).

I was able to have an orgasm without ejaculating — and the best part is that I remained hard, and was able to keep going for a second orgasm.

I held that one in as well and had a third, where I finally blew my load. It was pretty awe-inspiring, to say the least. I tried something that I was only half-committed to, that I didn’t even really believe would work, and it did. That was an eye-opener for me, and my sex life has been different ever since.

What Does a Multiple Orgasm Feel Like?

It feels incredible. To me, it feels like the head of my penis is blowing completely off. Each one after that tends to be a little less pleasurable, in my opinion. I usually choose to let myself go after my third orgasm.

To this day, multiple orgasms are the only way I can really control my premature ejaculation, although there are many methods out there for lasting longer that work for other men.

I don’t think the main point of male multiple orgasms is to last longer, that’s sort of just an added benefit. The best part is just the increased pleasure that you will experience.

Plus this is something that very few men know about, so your woman will look at you like you’re a king in bed. That’s always nice too.

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