What does DDLG Mean — Daddy Kink

Daddy Kink – DDlg What is it?

This particular form of BDSM is about the relationship between a little and a caregiver. In this form, the caregiver is often referred to by his Little as Daddy or Mommy.

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Little is known about the exact origins, but the acronym comes from English and stands for Daddydom and Little Girl. It is a variant in which the sub takes on the role of a mostly younger child in the care of an unreserved legal guardian.

Of course, there are also constellations in which Sub is male and Dom is female. These and all other constellations are abbreviated under the term Caregiver / Little or CGL.

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Just like with general BDSM, the power gap is usually exciting for both Sub and Dom, i.e. Little and Caregiver. This difference in power can happen, for example, by using handcuffs or spanking.

With the DDLG in particular, the zone of disposal goes beyond the sexual.

This can include things like:

  • Determine bedtime
  • Limit cell phone/laptop / media time
  • Have chores, homework or other work done
  • Have food eaten
  • Determine clothing in everyday life too

These also remind Little in everyday life that the caregiver has control and power. This can also be an incentive to build up the power gap outside of the sessions.



ddlg kink

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What makes a little?

I explicitly use the word “little” here, because unlike the term “little girl” there are of course male subs in this variant. The special thing about the Littles is their “falling back” into a certain time in childhood or — more rarely — in youth.

The scene is called Littlespace. Most littles independently define their age in little space. For example 3 years old.

In Littlespace, many Littles deal with what they loved in childhood. Colouring books, soft toys, children’s films, or fish fingers, are just a few things to be mentioned. A pacifier to calm you down is also popular when daddy/mommy is not around.

The behaviour in Littlespace corresponds to age. People like to talk in toddler style, push boundaries and buckle when something is not as it should be. Mommy / Daddy are adored and are the measure of all things.

Most littles want permanent attention in the little space and try to achieve this with all available means. It is clear to the Littles that punitive measures are taken, but a punishment, like the bottom of power, is a special form of attention. And attention is attention.

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At the age of three, life is still intact in many children. You get cared for and can be curious about it or define how to play. The parents drive out evil monsters, or the parents are the protective wall above all evil in the world. The child is happy.

As you grow up, many people want this time back in their lives. Littles creates this freedom by falling back into this happy time in the Littlespace. The world looks different in Little Space. Daddy / Mommy Domme phone sex is back-protective and ensures that the Little is doing well.

Most of the littles I have come into contact with clearly differentiate between little space and adulting (must be adults).

daddy kink

It is not an easy question to answer. The child in the adult is more or less present in everyone. There are times in many D / s relationships when the sub reminds and provokes an overkill.

However, if the Littlespace is deliberately visited because this appears to be the only safe world, the assumption is obvious.

The role of the caregiver is clearly defined in this type of game. Mommy / Daddy pays the necessary attention, plays along and protects the child. The carer is a strict educator and a giant cuddly toy simultaneously.

Daddy / Mommy takes care of the favourite food, determines everyday life, takes care of personal hygiene and punishes strictly and consequently annoying behaviour, just as he/she praises and rewards when the Little did something particularly well or was particularly well-behaved.

Depending on Littles’s age, it can also be things like changing diapers or taking over baths or dental hygiene.

In principle, every cathedral should be responsible. He is responsible for the well-being of his / her sub. However, it requires a much more responsible approach.

The Little needs its cathedral preferably around the clock. Carers have to pay close attention to how they deal with the Little. Not talking to the sub for a while may be okay. A little can break on it.

Some Littles reject sexuality in Littlespace. (Which is not surprising for the age of the youngsters) If I cannot live with it as a carer, I am wrong with the DDLG variant.

My first experiences with DDLG show me I have what it takes to be a daddy. I still can’t imagine having a permanent DDLG relationship that is purely asexual. Still, I found the look of the little one, who was looking at me with huge eyes, taking my thumb out of her mouth and saying, “Yes, Daddy!” simply adorable.

So try, but be aware that you have a tremendous responsibility as a daddy/mommy. As Little, take a close look to see if you like being patronized so much that you can’t have your daddy or mommy with you 24 hours a day.

But above all, take it seriously. Mutually and yourself. In principle, nothing stands in the way of the DDLG.

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“Yes, Daddy!” When I heard these words for the first time some time ago, I was really surprised. I’m not that old yet, it shot through my head.

The young lady seemed to feel my discomfort and said to me: “I have a daddy kink!” So it stood on DDLG. That was something I had never met before, even though I have been in the BDSM scene for 26 years. Reason enough to take a closer look at the topic.

BOB is a BDSM Cams who has been dominant for 26 years and knows the scene well. Today he wrote a guest article on DDLG for Our Medium.