The Useless Slave- Pig, worm,creature

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Pig Slave for abuse on Live Cam

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The life of a Pathetic, worthless sub

There are Mistresses out there who are just so mean and nasty they defy belief. They have an imagination that is beyond the pale and the things they do to their slaves would make lots of guys cry.

I am talking about the female dominants who go all out when it comes to exerting their power and authority over the inferior sex. The women who do not care one iota about how humiliated their slaves might be feeling or how humiliating and degrading the tasks she sets and the orders she gives are. Because these types of Dommes are ruthless, mean bitches and THEY are in control. They set the rules and what they say, goes.

Nothing other than complete and total obedience from their slaves will suffice. And I suffer regularly from my time with just such a woman.
I am a humiliation slave pig. I am worthless in her eyes. A nothing. Not even worth more than the dirt on the sole of her boots. When ever I visit her, I can see her face drop. She gives a disappointed sneer and it could not be more obvious she does not want me to be there. So instead, she decides to take me to the very limits of the humiliation I can endure and laugh at my expense, giggle as I squirm and know herself as I parade around or perform the most degrading things imaginable.

Disobeyed Mistress and she dressed me as a girl
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Before we get started, she always makes me strip naked and attach my pig nose. It is an extremely humiliating experience to crawl around the dungeon floor with a big pig snout attached to my face. She also does not allow me to talk. Pigs do not talk. So instead I grut and snort my way around on all fours. Well, pigs do not walk around on hind legs either so I crawl around the dirty floor on my hands and knees. She enjoys shouting “Here piggy piggy” and having me crawl to her as she moves around the room. Also in the past she has –
– Wrote humiliating things on me such as “piggy” “cum dump” + “loser”
– Made me lick the toilet seat clean with my tongue
– Poured the contents of her bin on the floor and made me eat the leftovers
– Poured the contents of her boy friends condom in my mouth
– Shoved a butt plug in my ass with a curly “tail” on the end
– Made me eat the contents of her ash tray and then lick it clean afterwards.

Nothing is too hard core or too extreme for my Mistress. When it comes to slaves like me, anything goes and nothing is off limits. Some subs dress as sissy maid sluts while others have their cock and balls tortured. Slaves like me get humiliated beyond belief.

I mainly use live dominatrix webcams for my humiliation now and i have to say there is so many forceful, powerful and superior ladies. Real time is no longer anoption for me. But there are dozens of superior women and sadistic Dommes online who are more than capable of inflicting humiliation and degradation on to their unfortunate inferiors.
Sitting in front of a cam with a pig snout on and snorting as your Dominant laughs at you is incredibly humbling. Just last night she made me fill a glass with spit then sit and drink it. While I gagged and choked and almost threw up on female domination cams, she was throwing insults at me and telling me to drink more of the delicious spit.

This is the life of a humiliation pig on cam. A life of dominant women treating them like shit and being no use to them except for the purposes of giving them a laugh as the totally fuck with you and leave you feeling like the useless, snivelling pig that you are.
This is MY life

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