Stripped and Searched – Dominant Female Undercover

Strip,” she said. “I am going to enjoy this. You are going to do exactly what I say because if you don’t you go straight to jail.”
“Wait a minute!” I protested. “You can’t do this to me.” The problem was I knew she could. She had led me to a motel room where the proposition was concluded and then She had pulled out Her badge and gun. “SHOCK” was the only word to describe my feeling at seeing the badge and gun. I had been had.

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“Oh no? All right, I’ll just call for back-up and we’ll take you off to your cell. Then you can explain to your boss, your mother and father, and all of your colleagues why you were arrested for soliciting for prostitution.

” She said. “Would you rather do that?”
“But this isn’t legal.” I still argued. “You just can’t do this to me!”

“Well, maybe I am bending the rules a little, but you will get punished and it will likely be a lot more effective than putting you in a cell with a bunch of other perverts.”

“AWWWW, are we going to cry.” She said sarcastically. “NO crying allowed. Dry it up now or else. If you are big enough to try to get laid for money, then you are big enough to take the consequences like the perverted male you are. And males do not cry, remember?”

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“Kick off the pants and take off your shoes, little boy.” I kicked my pants into the corner out of the way and toed my way out of my shoes. “Now the socks, sweetie.” I bent over and slipped the socks down and pulled them off of my feet by the toes. While I was bent over She took the liberty of feeling my ass all around and right up into the crack. When I straightened up I noticed that I had a tent in front of my briefs. I was really surprised, but this was turning me on.

“HMM, it looks like we have a problem here.” She said, pointing to my erection. She had noticed also. “We can’t have that, now can we?”

“Let’s see what we have here.” And with that, She simply stuck Her hand into the hole in the front of my briefs and pulled out my cock. Now that may seem simple but it is extremely embarrassing. There I was standing with my arms at my sides while a beautiful n held a gun on me and pulled my cock through the opening in my briefs.

I started to tear up again.“I can’t do this . . . .” But down deep I knew I could. My hand was already unbuttoning my shirt and then I began unbuckling my belt. Then I hesitated. “DO IT!” She exclaimed. I dropped my pants to the floor and took off my shirt. I was standing there in my briefs and my socks and shoes with my pants around my ankles. My face was beet red and my eyes started to tear up.

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Perhaps I should digress here and explain how all of this happened. I was in a bar minding my own business after a long day at a conference when in walks this dynamite-looking blonde. She was about 5’8” tall, slender (but not skinny), with curves in ALL of the right places, and a smile that turned the dimly lit bar into a sunny day in the park. And, She was wearing the most erotic outfit I had ever seen in my life.

She had on a white see-through blouse with a tiny white bra underneath. That drew my attention down to the tiniest of tight red mini-skirts. (i swear if it had been any shorter it would not have covered Her panties.) Under the mini, She had white garters that showed above white thigh-high nylons. And finally, She wore six-inch black heels. Every eye in the room turned toward Her, men and women alike. She was devastating. I was immediately at attention and I do not mean that I stood up from my barstool.

Well, I thought someone was going to get very lucky tonight. But, being slightly older, grey-haired, and a little overweight, it never occurred to me that I might get that lucky. So, when She walked over and asked me if I would like to buy Her a drink I not only almost fell off my barstool, I fell all over myself trying to order for Her.

We chatted for a bit and really just talked about the weather, the ball game on the tube, and so forth. Then She began to look bored and started sipping more quickly like She wanted to get done and go. So, to delay Her departure a little I started asking more personal questions about her family, “Did She have a boyfriend? Kids? And so forth?” And then, “what are You doing later tonight?” I offered.
She said, “Oh, I don’t know.

What are you doing?” Well, I forgot about thinking with my brain and said, “Well, how about we leave here and have a drink in my room?” (Stupid, but simple-right?) “Well, I am busy tomorrow, and I need to get my rest. I have to work hard to make ends meet.” She said. “Maybe I can help with that,” I offered. “Would You like to discuss it in my room.?” I was getting bolder, thinking maybe I had a chance after all. She could help me and I could help Her. Sounded good outside my brain.
She said, “O.K., we can just talk.” I said, “Fantastic.” And I paid the bill and we left.

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As we got into the elevator She leaned a little on me and I got the feeling of softness and the scent of a rich perfume. I was in heaven. I just knew this was going to work out.
“You know,” She began, “I work very hard in an office all day and they don’t even pay me very well. I don’t think the boss appreciates me at all. I do like to be appreciated.”
She had just set the hook. “ I appreciate You. Could I give You a token of my appreciation?”

As I said this we were just approaching my room door and I inserted my key and opened the door. She walked in and said, “Well, sure. What did you have in mind?”
I said, “Well, I want You to know that I appreciate your coming to my room and so if You stay with me tonight I would be happy to give You $1,000.” And reached for my wallet, took out ten $100 bills and handed them to Her. She took them and turned as if to put them in Her purse–and that is when the badge and gun came out and my nightmare began.

Well, back to the present. She seemed to be having fun playing with my cock. I was getting harder and harder and thought I couldn’t hold back much longer. As embarrassing as It was, this was such an erotic, weird experience that was nearing explosion. Then She just stopped and left me there dripping pre-cum and looking foolish.

“I have to get rid of this gun,” She said. I had forgotten that She was holding it. She said, “Hold out your right hand.” I did and She slapped a cuff on the wrist and said, “O.K. put the other one behind your back at your waist.” I did and She pulled the cuffed wrist to the left wrist and snapped them together. Now I was helpless. Then she put Her gun into Her purse and turned back to me.

“If you obey flawlessly, I may let you off easy,” she said. “But you will have to do exactly as I say and immediately without hesitation.”
“Yes, ma’am,” I said sincerely. I did not want to provoke her while I was in this position.
“No, you will address me as Mistress Taylor. Do you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am,” I said before I thought.
“No!” she said. And at the same time, Her belt came off from Her skirt and sliced through the air to land precisely on the head of my cock.
“OWWW!” I howled. “Be quiet,” she said. “Do you want visitors from the hotel security?”
“No Mistress Breece,” I said sincerely.

“I think you are going to need a little gag,” She allowed. And She began to take off Her panties. She then stuffed Her used panties in my mouth and tied Her belt around my head running it between my lips. I was now handcuffed and gagged, standing in front of Her with only my briefs on. My cock was sticking out although it was no longer hard. And the welt on the head was red and painful. But I was still standing.

“O.K.,” she said. “Now for a little fun for Me!” She walked over to Her purse and took out a pair of scissors. Then She returned and began cutting off my briefs. After that, She began trimming the hair back from above my cock and around my balls. “Spread ‘em.” She said. I think She had some practice in saying that.

I have quite a bit of hair down there and She obviously did not appreciate it. By the time She was done, however, I was once again almost as hard as a rock. It looked very strange to look down and see my cock no longer surrounded by hair-just a little stubble.
“O.K., come over by the bed and stand with your back to it.” I compiled of course. “Spread your legs farther apart.” And with that, She pulled out two more sets of cuffs from Her purse and placed one end of each around an ankle.

Then She placed the other end of one around the one-bed leg at the head of the bed. “Stretch for it, sweetie.” She said, as She pulled and tugged my right leg down to the leg at the foot of the bed. I could no longer keep my balance with my legs stretched so far apart and so I fell back on the bed on top of my cuffed wrists. Things were not looking good. I was so spread-eagled that I thought I was doing the splits. I was vulnerable now to anything She wanted.

I was uncomfortable with my arms behind my back and the cuffs digging into my spine but gagged as I was, there was no room for complaint. And I had the idea that a complaint wouldn’t be well received anyway. So, I tried to sort of sit up on my elbows to try to reduce the tension in my legs and reduce the pain in my spine. It worked to some degree.
Then She said, “Would you like a show?”

I wasn’t sure what She meant, but I was not one to be disagreeable under the circumstances, so I nodded my head.
With that, She turned on the bed stand radio low and soft. She began dancing around and taking off Her blouse. She had my attention now. my cock was throbbing, once again. Then She started gyrating Her hips and unbuttoned the skirt. Unzipped, She began to move the skirt around, up and down, teasing me with Her beauty.

Her smile lit up the room. It was gorgeous. Then down went the skirt and remembered that I had Her panties in my mouth. WOW!! What a glorious sight! I hadn’t been touched but was already dripping. Then She reached behind, unsnapped Her bra and began another gyrating scene with Her more than ample breasts. And then She was standing there in nothing but Her garter belt, stockings and those 6” heels made to trample a man’s heart. Slowly She bent over letting Her breasts fall forward and unsnapped the heels.

She removed one at a time until She had the shoes off and was standing there more erotic than anyone had ever experienced in my life.

At that point, She came over and lay down beside me and began to play with my cock again. Not enough to make me cum, but enough to make me want to desperately. She lay down close to my right side and teased me with Her lovely body, rubbing against my rib cage and pinching my nipples. I was in heaven and I was in hell.

She said, “Would you like me to move your handcuffs and straighten out your arms?” I nodded vigorously, thinking I might get to touch Her glorious body. But it was not to be. She took the handcuffs off of one wrist and stretched it over my head, ran it through a bed spring on the other side and stretched (and I mean stretched hard) my other wrist to meet it. Then She re-snapped the handcuff and I was helpless again. Not only were my legs split wide, but my arms were stretched so tightly that my back arched off of the bed.

Then She straddled my chest facing me and said, “If I take out the gag, will you be quiet?” Well, my mouth was already dry and while I loved the taste of Her panties, I was eager to get free so I nodded hard and fast. After taking the belt off and the panties out of my mouth She turned around and looped the belt over my cock and balls like a chastity belt, holding the free end in Her right hand.
Then She said, “Take a deep breath because it will be your last until I cum.”

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