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Slave punishments BDSM

All men, no matter what they tell you or how they act, need a strong woman to keep them in line. Even the most alpha male you ever met is someone who will crumble the second a powerful woman stands up to them and does not take any of their bull shit.

We like to keep this live blog up to date with new pictures, videos and stories. Check out the BDSM slave chat rooms on this site and see what kind of punishments are handed down to those who dare to disobey.

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Punished slave – spanking fantasy and roleplay

There are guys out there who are humbled and do not know what to say to any female who has a dominant personality.

However, while most will just keep quiet and walk away, lots of men are so submissive to women that they will not dare do anything and will not only continue to stand and take the abuse or insults but they will accept any form of punishment that she deems adequate for whatever he has done to annoy her in the first place.

slave humiliation, live slave humiliated, small penis humiliation
slave humiliated in a cage by Mistress


For males like this, they need a particular type of female. Someone who has the experience, attitude and imagination to treat them like the dirt on a woman’s shoes they are.

That is where the beauty of live femdom punishment cams comes in. As these particular websites are full of dominant females who are all experts in the art of dominating and controlling subs and slaves. Check out how to be a Dominatrix, Ideas – Tasks

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slave in latex bondage body bag – Restrained wearing gas mask


They all have the expertise to take all the weaknesses that a guy has and to turn them into a guy’s own personal hell. These ladies are all online at fem-dom webcam sites because they are naturally dominant and they know there are men in the world who need the strict discipline and order that they can supply.

No matter how submissive and obedient a slave may be, there will always be times when he steps out of line or does something to annoy his Mistress.

Kinky BDSM Ideas to punish that slave – audio

To maintain the order of top and bottom, the dominant can not allow anything to “slide” or go unnoticed. Any slight must be dealt with swiftly and done in such a way that the wayward sub knows never to do anything like it again.

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There are so many ways for a lady to punish a worm that the list is literally endless. Also, there are many different levels of punishment from light (such as verbal abuse) and all the way up to more severe, such as ballbusting, and because of this an experienced Domme will take the indiscretion and make the punishment fit the crime.

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For example, if a slave has been masturbating without permission then his Mistress might decide chastity which stops any chance of wanking is the best way of dealing with him.

If he has been stealing women’s underwear, then she might use forced feminization and make him wear female panties and dresses to humiliate him.

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Sissy slave forced into panties and punished

If he has been annoying and pestering other women for sex, then she will use CBT or ball busting to abuse his cock and balls to remind him that no woman deserves to be subjected to his advances.

These are just a few examples but the true and vast area of online punishment webcams means any act by a sub which is deemed out of line can be dealt with in a manner deemed appropriate.

There are hundreds of Dominatrix females available and they all have the expertise to cater a punishment cam session to the act made.

The imagination and cunning of an online dominatrix are truly breathtaking and if you are a submissive male in need of guidance and correction then you will be amazed at the different ways you will be punished and reprimanded by the women here.

They might look all sweetness and light but this is for real alpha men and not inferior slaves. As much as they may look innocent, for guys like you, they are mean bitches from hell and if you cross them or anger them then you will feel the full force of their whip and their temper.

They are hard, harsh taskmasters who expect 100& obedience at all times and anything less will result in severe and swift punishment.
You have been warned

If you like the idea of  being smothered by sexy feet then be sure to check out our blog post and pictures of women with sexy feet online

The recent coverage of BDSM including publications and scandals and controversies, we wanted to dive a little further into the culture to reveal the facts and the myths of the lifestyle.

So what does BDSM Stand for?

Bondage discipline, domination submission, Sadism Masochism

More or less it stands for the kinky community that’s involved in Bondage and practices dominance and submissive play. There has been a lot of publicity going on in the media because of the whole 50 shades phenomenon.

BDSM isn’t about violence and controlling someone and making them fear you and not having a person who doesn’t have a thought of their own. BDSM is about using pleasures and sensations to elate excitements and euphoria and joy in your partner.

A lot of people seem to think that BDSM requires me to use whips and chains, handcuffs and to have crazy violence with rules and all this kind of stuff, but the truth is most of you actually participate in some form of BDSM in your own daily lives, so it could be something as easy as enjoying nails or teeth or sexy feet during sex or having your hair pulled or having someone call you dirty names. These are things that can be attributed to softcore kink.