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Ready for the financial ruin scenarios slave? We enjoy every aspect of ruining and abusing our online cashcow suckers and making them do what we demand. The Online Goddesses and greedy bitches from livebdsmcams are waiting to milk and bleed you dry, to ruin you and extract every cent you ever have.

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Financial Domination Online

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I stared at the ATM and took a deep breath. I had received a text message from my Mistress that simply said: “$150 to my account by 5 pm”. I lived for her messages and if demands for money were the only way to get her attention then that is the way it is. Men like me can never get the attention of superior females like her so lavishing money and gifts is the only way for her to even acknowledge our existence.

But she is extremely demanding and spoilt. Almost every day she demands money for things. I have had to take on the THIRD job to keep up, and yet still I struggled. I had sold my car and now rode the bus to save on gas. I ate basic, cheap food and never had takeaways.

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I had cancelled my gym and able to save money and I rarely had my apartment heating on as I could not afford it. I had told my Mistress this but she was uninterested. Such was the life of a fin slave in financial slavery to a pay Princess
“So what?” she had scoffed. “You’re my little human pay pig. You do not need luxuries like food and heating. You only exist to keep ME in luxury”

She was right. I lived for any kind of contact from her. It was all I had in my life. But the wages I earned were never enough. She took everything and still demanded more.
And here I stood, staring at an ATM and praying I had at least $150 to wire to her account tonight. I entered my pin with shaking hands and checked my balance.

I had $113 dollars. My heart sank and my blood drained from my face. I didn’t get paid for another 5 days and she wanted it NOW. I withdrew the $110 and entered the bank and wired the money directly to her account. I went home and had my dinner of a tin of beans and a slice of toast. It was almost all the food I had in the house. After I had eaten, I logged on to the live femdom cam site where my Mistress always was and I paused with my mouse cursor over the “enter private chat” button.

A thousand questions entered my head.
Will she answer? Will she be furious? Will she make me go and borrow the rest to give her? Will she ignore me?
I pressed enter and it beeped for what felt like an eternity. I thought for sure she was ignoring me but then I heard the “click” as she accepted. My heart skipped a beat and I let out a breath of joy as I realised she would speak to me. My joy was short-lived.

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“Oh, it’s you” I heard her say, clearly disappointed. “And what do you want? You’ve got some nerve showing your face in here when you were $40 short”
“I’m sorry Mistress,” I said “It’s all I had in my bank to send”

“And that’s my problem how? I don’t care about your financial problems. I wanted a pair of Diamonte shoes and a bracelet. You were supposed to pay for them and now I’m going to have to go without.”
I’m really sorry Mistress” I stammered “I’ll send the rest as soon as I get paid”

But of course, this was not good enough. She had wanted the money TONIGHT, and I had failed. I was her human ATM and I hadn’t come up with the goods. For guys like me, financial domination is the only way we can be of any service to a superior female.
“Well I’m keeping the $110 and you can spend another $150 when you get paid on Thursday”
I spluttered that I only got paid $165 from the job paying me and that I wanted to put some money in my heating as it was getting chilly at nights’ now
“Too fucking bad” she yelled “You are my little pay pig and you’ll give me the cash I tell you to give me. In fact, just for your moaning, you can give me $160 instead. I’m going out with my real man boyfriend to an expensive restaurant and you’ll be picking up the check”

My heart sank as I realised it was my own fault. She is my findom Princess and what she wants, she gets.
She deserves the best in life while I live on the basics. As her paypig, I have failed and she has every right to be annoyed. She will now sit at her female domination webcam room and ignore me while she runs up my credit card bill.
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After about 15 minutes, my Goddess, spoiled Brat left her cams room and I turned off my screen and went to bed. I tried to work out if I could get any overtime at one of my jobs to put my heat on.
But like any good financial slave, my first thought was that any extra cash could immediately go to my Owner to buy things for herself, such as a manicure.
I didn’t deserve luxury. She does

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