Orgasm Control

So what is Orgasm Control?

The Term Orgasm control can stand for any number of different ways involving controlling an orgasm this includes techniques like  forcing a person, denying them, frustrating them, and ruining their orgasm in any way at all

Some of the more popular ones  & Techniques used often are:

Edging – It is basically taking someone to the brink, making them jerk their cock and then making them stop when they get close to having that orgasm.

Postponing it and keeping it going will make the person feel frustrated and highly turned on  so much so they will achieve a real ecstatic state


Orgasm denial,Again this makes the person rub themselves and take them again to the brink and then deny them the outcome, like edging it can go on for as long or as short as you desire. The whole point of this is to deny the orgasm

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Forced orgasm, Unlike the other 2 options above, this way you are forcing the person to orgasm at your request, you could have them tied up and continue to pleasure them.

Forced orgasm is where the person is trying hard not to cum. This is commonly found in the BDSM arena – Check out our page for forced masturbation

Chastity Control –Again used a lot in the BDSM side of play – Where a person is locked in a chastity device and not allowed to masturbate until permission is given.

This is a great way to control the person – Chastity comes with a lock and key so there is no way the person can cheat. The person can not have any type of sexual intercourse whilst wearing one of these. They work for both males & Female

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Looking at Orgasm control & Denial in Bdsm In more depth

All men think with their dicks and that is a biological fact. As soon as sex or the need for relief enters a man’s head, that’s it. All he can think about is gaining that relief and they will do, say and/or agree to anything in order to get it.

That’s is why most male slaves are so easy to control for a Dominatrix. All she has to do is follow the simple anecdote “Control the cock you control the man”.

As a sub, you are by default agreeing to submit total control to your female superior and this includes control over your orgasms.

SHE will decide when, or indeed if, you get to cum. She will control your orgasms and make you earn every single one of them.

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Not only does orgasm control make you easier to dominate and render you much more submissive, obedient and controllable but it also has the added advantage of supplying sadistic pleasure to your Mistress.

Nothing makes a dominant woman happier and feel more in charge than when she is hearing the frustrated groans of a pathetic male as he suffers frustration and desperation from his longing to cum, and the frantic, desperate begging as he pleads to be allowed to ejaculate is music to their ears.

If you are a sub who prefers to serve his Dommes online via a femdom webcam site then this is the ideal site for you. On here, there are hundreds of Dommes who are all experts at controlling the orgasms of weak men and making them bend to their will and do everything they say.

Orgasm control on the webcam is one of the easiest acts of BDSM to achieve since the men are always already turned on and looking to ejaculate almost as soon as they enter their mistress ‘ private cam room.

Therefore by teasing and denying you, they already have you like a puppet on the end of a string, dancing to their tune.

So how does orgasm control work?

How do dominant women control the orgasms of their male slaves?

The truth is, there are dozens of different ways it can be achieved. The best type of session for males such as yourself is actually to let the Mistress decide.

This keeps you guessing and makes it fresh and exciting.
One of the most common ways is just simply teasing and denial. She will get into your head and manipulate you into revealing all your little fetishes and what turns you on before she uses them all against you.

Be it boobs, legs, ass, booty, hair, lips, leather, PVC, jeans, nails, feet, whatever. She will find it and then flaunt it in front of you. Check out the chastity cams section here

Push her cleavage right up close to the screen, bend over and show her ass, dangle her feet at you or talk about what she does with her real men’s lovers. You can also check out our orgasm control cams here 

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It doesn’t matter, as long as it turns you on and gets your cock rock hard, and all the while all you can do is sit there watching and listening with no permission to touch your aching cock at all.

After only a few minutes the frustration will turn you into a quivering jellyfish.

Another popular method is the edging. You will be permitted to masturbate (you lucky thing!) as she watches and possibly again flaunts your fetish at you.

She will gauge your body reactions and right at the point where you are about to cum, she will order you to stop. With your cock aching and desperate for that one final stroke that will send you to ecstasy, she will sit and laugh at your pitiful groaning.

Then when you have calmed down enough, she will have you start wanking again and make you stop when at the edge.

And this will be repeated over and over until you don’t know which way is up and you are a gibbering, drooling mess that is so desperate to cum you are ready to agree to almost anything. Check out the female orgasm

One of the most popular methods of orgasm control, however, is via the use of a chastity device.

Either forced or willingly, your cock will be locked away inside a plastic prison, secured with a padlock to which she holds the key and you will be unable to even get an erection never mind gain any relief.

Most Dommes prefer this way as there is no need for them to have to keep an eye on you at all times and make sure you aren’t sneaking in a quick wank when they aren’t watching.

It means they can get on with other things safe in the knowledge that you will never get to gain any relief or release until she decides you have earned it.

Out of chastity slaves require a bit of time to gain the desired level of desperation to weaken their minds. Not so slaves in chastity.

Nope, as soon as their cock tries to get hard the cage stops it and it hurts as their cock struggles to get hard but can’t. This means that begging and agreeing to all sorts happens much, much sooner.

This way also ensures there is no “cheating” on your part either since the key is kept on a chain around her neck.

There are lots of other ways that orgasm control can be attained and every single dominatrix online is an expert at it.

They know exactly how to read their slave’s reactions, get all his weaknesses out of him and how to drive him mentally with frustration to the point he is just a lump of putty ready to be moulded or played with.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and submit yourself to orgasm control by a dominant, superior, and powerful woman

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