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50 Different ways for  BDSM Slaves And Sissy Girls to Serve a Mistress – BDSM Chat And Tasks

Are you ready to be dominated, abused and humiliated like the boot dirt scum that you are? Are you such a pathetic excuse for a male that is used and abused by the dominant, superior females is all you are good for? If so then you are in the right place.

This femdom webcam site is full of mean bitches and finding a strict Mistress for cams who wants to get her claws into an inferior male is what they are live and online for. If you are a BDSM slave and are ready to submit then click the chat boxes below and begin your training.

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The slave tasks we have listed here are just a small amount of assignments and tasks that we use on our submissives. We have thousands of different types of training, techniques, and methods to use on you when we are in your live session.


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What happens in a femdom cams show?

How will you be abused and tortured?

Do you want to take ideas to your Mistress but your mind is drawing a blank?

Femdom slave tasks are listed Below are you ready for your assignments?

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Well, here we are going to list ways in which submissive acts can be carried out in a live 1 to 1 session, perhaps you are a female dominant looking for ideas or you are the slave/sissy/submissive looking to bring new ideas to your new owner.

Whatever the scenario read below and get some new fresh ideas for every type of BDSM Chat Session. We will be updating this list frequently and adding part two to it. With slave contracts, assignments for sissy girls, slave training webcams and so much more.

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The best Slave Tasks Listed below

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  • – Small Penis Humiliation For BDSM Slaves

The most popular form of femdom by a country mile. Every man’s prized possession is his dick so for a beautiful unattainable woman you worship and adore to mock you and ridicule it is the best way for her to hit you right where it hurts the most.

  • Make you measure it with a ruler
  • Hold her thumb and forefinger close together at you
  • Make you compare it in size to baby carrots, aaa batteries, or chipolatas
  • Wiggle her pinkie at you
  • Point and laugh
  • Show you pictures of men with big, proper sized cocks

The ways and means she can inflict SPH on you are endless but the mean bitches online at this site are able to drive a man to tears. You can read 50 ways for small dick humiliation here

little cock mock, small penis humiliation pictures

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  • – Feet Worship for Bdm sissy slave

Kissing Mistress’s feet is femdom 101. Making a slave worship them is something every Mistress does. The lowest part of her body yet with silky skin and perfect nails, female feet are a joy to behold. Submissive males like you, they get used against you.


  • Dangle her feet at you, taunting you about not being able to touch them
  • Make you demonstrate how she would make you suck her toes
  • Make you show how you’d paint and manicure her nails
  • Rub lotion on her feet to make them shine
  • Make you kiss her soles or her heel
  • Make you tell her how beautiful and sexy they are

Foot worship is something any Mistress loves to do and having a weak slave on his knees worshipping the lowest yet sexiest part of her body gives them an incredible sense of power and control over you. See more on our foot fetish shows here

foot fetish cams, foot fetish chat, girls with sexy feet pictures


  • –Cleaning duties – Degradation Tasks

Performing basic domestic duties is a way to exert control over a sub. There are many menial, basic, monotonous and ever degrading tasks she can make you perform while under her strict supervision.


Bdsmslaves are fun to abuse and degrade if you think you need to be used and laughed at with the most degrading of tasks then enter our chat rooms now

  • Scrub the floor with a toothbrush
  • Do the dishes but tie your balls to the sink, 2 feet too short to reach the dirty dishes
  • Dust the entire apartment. Twice
  • Remove every item of cutlery, plates, and cups and wash them. Twice
  • Clean all the glass in the house inside and outside. While naked Check out our roleplay ideas for ideas on tasks

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Learn more about female domination and what it  means 

Never underestimate the cruel wickedness that these Dommes have inside them. Cleaning might seem tame but under their supervision, it becomes a frightening task for a slave as he worries about not getting to her impossibly high standard.

We enjoy giving out sissy and slave tasks so keep checking back for more ideas that we will add in another huge blog post

sissy humiliation, sissy tasks


  • – Verbal degradation – Verbal Humiliation

A good old-fashioned tongue lashing from a Dominatrix is a given. You are nothing to her. Not even as good as the dirt on her boots so believe me, they do not hold back when telling you just what they think of you

  • You are worthless and not even worthy of her contempt
  • Women don’t want you. Not even $10 crack addict prostitutes will sleep with you
  • The sight of you makes her sick and want to vomit
  • You’re a fat, sweaty mess

Just a few of the cruel, sadistic things they can say to you. All you need to know is these are tame compared to what will actually get said to you in a femdom  Cams 

The utter cruelness and sheer vindictiveness of these mean bitches online will rip any remaining shreds of self-esteem you have and leave them trampled under her stiletto boot heels

  • – Face Slapping

A good face slapping brings a slave into reality. The ringing in your ears, the sting in your cheek, and the hazy feeling you get from blow after blow of her palm across your cheeks will leave you in no doubt as to just who is in charge.

They have no mercy for the likes of you and harder and harder blows follow

  • Use your hand on each cheek
  • Use a glove
  • Slap your face with a rubber dildo

When a Mistress dishes out face slapping to you, you can be secure in the knowledge she will not accept a gentle tap.

You will be ordered to slap your face harder and harder till your cheeks are glowing and she will have zero sympathies for you either. The kinkiest of BDSM slave training where we thrive on spanking and canings

  • – Perform mind-numbingly menial, boring tasks

Nothing saps a slave’s will and resistance quicker than reducing his brain to mush and any online Mistress from this site has a list of degrading, menial tasks that will put you into a coma-like trance with the sheer monotony.

  • Empty a bag of rice on the floor and count each grain
  • Fill a glass with water, one drop at a time
  • Tip a bowl of cornflakes on the floor, crush them, then put them in a bowl using a fork
  • Clean an entire floor with a toothbrush
  • Tongue shine an entire boot/shoe collection
  • Count how many petals are on a bunch of flowers

Be Dominated

The list of degrading and menial jobs a Dominatrix can think of is vast and endless. With their experience and sadistic imagination, they can always come up with different tasks to keep you occupied that will drive you to tears with boredom but of course, you must see it through to the end

  • – Spanking

An over-the-knee spanking is a staple part of any sub/Domme relationship. Extremely humiliating and something to dread, raining slaps or whacks down upon your bare ass cheeks will give you a lesson to remember for a VERY long time

  • Use your hand to slap each cheek
  • Get a wooden spoon and use that
  • A spatula is a good tool to use and the slats give it an extra sting
  • A riding crop makes the eyes water
  • She can have you focus on one cheek to make it more painful or have you alternate to give you a full nice glowing red bum

If spanking is something that interests you then every single Domme online here can give you a session you’ll never forget.

Don’t think it will end when you beg either. That’s when they consider the session started! See more on our spanking chat rooms here

girl spanking

  • – Forced Feminisation

Forcing a male to dress as a woman is a very humiliating thing to do to him. Making you dress in suspenders, stockings, high heels, and don a wig will strip your self-respect to the bone and leave you powerless to her actions.

  • Wear a sissy maid outfit and perform serving duties
  • Dress as a total cum guzzling slut and show how you’d attract men
  • Practice a curtsey
  • Practice walking in a feminine way
  • Dress prim and proper and have a tea party with the mistress
  • Make your work as a tranny Cams 

However it is done, if you are interested in cross-dressing but don’t want to admit it, fear not for these dommes don’t care.

You will have no choice in the matter and whatever outfit you have to hand, they will make you wear it and then parade around in front of them. We have some forced feminization stories for you to read submitted by our real subs and sissies

sissy picture, forced femiization

  • – Boot worship

Similar to foot worship (See No 2), boot worship is a big part of any female domination cam session. Leather, PVC or even suede boots on a Mistress can be enough to drive many slaves mad with desire and Mistresses love nothing more than making slaves worship and adore them.

  • Dangle her boots up close to the screen and make you adore them
  • Make you show how you would lick them
  • Hold her webcam right up close to the razor-sharp heel
  • Focus on the buckle or zip
  • Spit on them and tell you to lick them off

Boot worship, like feet worship, forces a slave to be on his knees in a lowly position to comply so it is a great tool for any Dominatrix to use.

All of our fantasy slave trainer chat rooms are full of women who enjoy ownership and contracts and they will demand you buy their shoes and boots from them.

  • – Ass worship

By far the most humiliating of body worship tasks a Mistress can bestow on a lowly slave, turning around, hitching her skirt up, and demanding he kisses her cheeks is a powerful power shift between the sexes. There are a few ways it can be done on webcams

  • With her skirt hitched up to her waist
  • Over her skin tight dress or trousers
  • With her trousers pulled down

This task can be performed with her panties still covering her bum or with her bare cheeks right there for you to plant kisses on.

Either way, pucker up because ass worship is something Dommes get off on and you will be on your knees kissing their ass before you know what’s hit you. You could also watch as your Mistress teases you with her massive tits

ass worship pictures, girls ass picture

  • – Eat from a dog bowl – Real Humiliation

A very degrading thing to do. Not even worthy of eating from a plate, they can make fill a dish with food, put it on the floor and then eat from it.

  • Not let you use your hands so you need to put your whole face in the bowl
  • Lick it spotlessly clean afterwards
  • Berate you and laugh at you as you eat from a dog bowl
  • Remind you this is the only way you will eat from now on

A good tip for this one is to put your screen/tv on the floor in front of the bowl and Mistress can put her camera next to her boots. Now you have a 3d experience of eating from a dog bowl at her feet.  50 ways for Humiliation  

humiliation cams, domination


  • – Walk around naked  one of our fantasy slave trainers Favourites

Might seem pretty tame and a given but never underestimate the power she has when she is dressed but you are naked and vulnerable. A CFNM session leaves you feeling ashamed and bashful and is the best way to get you in your place quicker.

  • – Cock and ball torture

Similar to SPH, CBT is a way for a Domme to hit a male slave right where it hurts. The tender flesh between a man’s legs is guarded like Fort Knox due to the delicate nature they have so for them to suffer great abuse give Mistresses huge satisfaction

  • Tie shoelaces around them tightly
  • Clip dozens of clothes pegs to the tender flesh
  • Rub hot sauce or chili sauce to the cock (toothpaste for a milder feeling)
  • Attach ball weights and use heavier and heavier weights till the balls are stretched
  • Slap your balls with your hand or a wooden spoon
  • Whack them with a belt
  • Ping elastic bands against your cock head or balls

The ways to administer cock and ball torture are endless and the sadistic ways that a Goddess can think of will never cease to amaze you and they will leave you writhing on the floor in agony with bruised balls and welts on your cock – How to have a cock and ball torture



cbt cams, cock and ball torture, ball busting

  • – Hand over access to your computer remotely – TeamViewer

Giving her access to your computer is the ultimate act. Letting her roam around your hard drive, looking at any pictures or videos you’ve saved, seeing your search history, and possibly your contacts information will leave you sweating.

As a bonus it also lets her find out what your fetishes are and then she can use them against you. Also, don’t put it past these dommes to put searches in your history that your wife or girlfriend might find!

TeamViewer is the best tool for this and most Dommes on this site are familiar and comfortable with it.


  • – Nipple torture

Second, to your cock and balls, the nipples are the next most sensitive area of a man’s body, and since there is no point in a man having them since they serve no purpose, what better use than as a place to torture?

  • Clip clothes pegs to them
  • Flick them with your nails
  • Squeeze them
  • Twist them
  • Tie string around them
  • Rub them vigorously till they chafe and ache

You will be in agony by the time they have finished an NT cam session with you and putting on a t-shirt afterward will be a challenge!


nipple torture, nipple torture cams

  • – Blackmail – Fantasy

Not for the faint-hearted! She can either find out your weaknesses and use them to fish out your personal information or torture you into handing them over but either way, she WILL find out enough to make sure you always do as you are told.

  • Make you sing and dance
  • Make you deposit money into her account or tip her via cam
  • Humiliate yourself at her command
  • Dress like a woman
  • Crawl around the floor
  • Anything she wants really!

She will find out your wife’s name, phone number, where you work, your work colleague’s names, family members, their phone numbers, even maybe where you live.

Once she has this information she can use it to make you do anything she wants and threaten to expose you and all your dirty little secrets to your friends and family unless you obey her every command.

  • – Lick the toilet

Of all the humiliating things a Domme can make you do, licking a toilet is by far the most degrading. Crawling to the bathroom, over the cold tiles to the toilet, and putting your face to the bowl while she smirks and laughs at you. Reserved for the lowest, most disgusting slaves, this task is as humiliating as they come

  • Lick the rim
  • Tongue the underside of the seat
  • Lick the base around the floor, all covered in dirt and fluff
  • Stick your head in the bowl and flush your head down the toilet

Whatever way she wants it done, you better get that bowl spotless with your tongue and get it up to her high standards or she will make you stay there and keep doing it all night!


  • – Toilet slave training

Eating and swallowing the waste that comes from her body is a tough act and something that requires much practice. Fortunately, the Mistresses online here know how to train a scum slave like you. The lowest of the low, toilet slaves get taught how to perform their duties properly under the supervision of these strict mistresses

  • Drink a glass of piss
  • Lick urine from the floor
  • Eat shit from between two pieces of bread
  • Put her ass up close to the webcam, spread her ass cheeks and make you simulate licking her hole

Your training is not complete till she is satisfied you can do it correctly so be prepared for long sessions of piss drinking, shit eating, and all manner of toilet slave duties.

Be sure to check out our fetish chat rooms for more kinky fetishes, taboos, and roleplays that are incorporated into any BDSM slave training

  • – Chastity Orgasm Control – Masturbation

No slave deserves the pleasure of

orgasm and they certainly shouldn’t be playing with themselves so locking their cock in a chastity cage is the best solution.

Once it is locked away, you will need to earn every single orgasm. Days, weeks, and months at a time with no relief will make you much more submissive and attentive to creating a better slave

  • Wear the key around her neck
  • Dangle it between her tits to torment you
  • Put it in her pussy. Somewhere you will NEVER go
  • Make you watch porn
  • Tease you with her boobs, ass, or legs
  • Make you watch her masturbate and cum

Driving you insane with frustration, your Mistress will laugh as you desperately try to keep on her good side to avoid extended lock-up.

Control the cock, control the male is a motto many Dommes hold dear

  • – Bondage

If the feeling of being totally vulnerable and helpless while a Mistress towers over you as you worry about what she is going to do to you then bondage is what you want.

It is a lot easier to do in a webcam female domination session than you would think

  • She can direct you on how to tie your hands
  • Clip shackles to your wrists and clip them together
  • Attach yourself to a hook on the wall
  • Make you tie your hands behind your back
  • Tie a rope around your cock then your hands
  • Use a bondage bed or chair

There are many ways for bondage to be administered and it depends on your experience level and what implements you have to use. View bondage cams here

Chairs and beds are for more experienced slaves obviously but even a pair of shoelaces can be used for less experienced slaves if the need arises. Tell her what your level is and she can mold a session for it


  • – Post orgasm torture

All sorts of things sound fine when you are horny. When you are turned on, anything BDSM-related will make you even hornier.

But when you orgasm, suddenly everything is a huge turn-off or you can’t stomach it. Well, these Mistresses don’t give a damn and will purposefully make you cum just to make your torment worse.

  • Make you eat your own cum
  • Beat your now ultra-sensitive cock head. Hard
  • Make you take a severe spanking
  • Slap your balls hard
  • Get yourself hard again

All these things might sound great and things you would be able to take but after you have cum, it is a totally different ball game

  • – Financially dominate you

She is a Goddess. A Princess who should not need to sully herself with working for a living. It is YOUR job as her slave to make her life as easy as possible and that includes bankrolling her lifestyle.

  • Make you deposit money directly into her bank
  • Make you give up most of your paycheck to her every month
  • Pay for her meals
  • Pay her rent
  • Buy sexy lingerie her real man lover will get to enjoy
  • Buy her gifts and jewelry

Be prepared to take on all the overtime you can get your hands on, maybe even get a second or third job, because these heartless, cruel Dominas will take every penny and leave you totally skint. Check out the findom cams here


  • – Eat your own cum – Cum Eating Instructions

Cum eating instructions (or CEI) is one of those things that all slaves dread. Many times a Domme will forbid orgasm but when she allows it, all that mess has to go somewhere and he who makes it, cleans it up.

  • Lick it up off the floor
  • Cum in a bowl and scoop it out and eat it with a spoon
  • Lick it off a plate
  • Squeeze it from a condom you’ve just cum into
  • Eat the tissue you just spunked on

After you’ve orgasmed, eating your own spunk will be hugely unappealing but these cruel and sadistic bitches won’t let you off so easy. You’ll eat it and that’s that.


  • – Cuckold you

This woman is WAY out of your league and she would never sleep with you if you were the last man on earth but what she WILL do, however, is make sure you know she fucks other men.

Real men, while you get to run around after her, massaging her feet or kissing her ass, just to be allowed near her. Cuckold cam sessions can be utilized in many ways.

  • Roleplay the cruel wife on a business trip fucking a colleague
  • Make you listen to her tales of fucking other men
  • Force you to watch her masturbate
  • For really lucky slaves she might bring her BF in and make you watch her suck and fuck him right in front of you

Cuckolding is an extremely popular femdom scenario and something each and every host on this webcams site loves and can carry out. Cuckold  Cams  information

  • – Sit down to pee

All men stand up to pee. As soon as you are old enough to reach the bowl, you unzip, get it out and let it flow. But that’s real men.

Men who aren’t snivelling little slaves get humiliated by beautiful women. What YOU get is made to sit down like a woman to urinate.

It might sound harmless but think of the utter degradation of having to sit on the toilet pan simply to pee? Especially when you hear her evil laughing as you do it

  • – Change your name

Your birth name was given when your parents thought you would grow to be a man. Now you’re a bitch who crawls around at the feet of superior women and is a weak-willed pathetic excuse for manhood, it seems only right your male name get replaced for something more appropriate.

  • Sissys might be called Sandra or Rebecca
  • Pets might be called Fido, spot or rover
  • Sluts will be changed to the likes of Candi, Karla or Crysti
  • Fat slaves will be tubs, Roland or just plain fatty
  • Then there’s the usual loser, bitch, dweeb, cum stain, etc

Having your name changed is bad enough but the humiliation of having to answer to a name that ridicules you is deep and long-lasting.

Each Domina will take great pleasure in using the new name you are given a LOT!

  • – Corner time

Treated like a naughty little boy and sent to stand in the corner for hours at a time is one VERY humiliating punishment. Forgetting to call her Mistress, answering back, an unauthorized erection, or just because she’s in a shitty mood can all lead to you standing in the corner with your face to the wall.

  • Face the wall with knickers pulled down below your ass
  • Hold a coin against the wall with your nose
  • With your hands on top of your head
  • Holding a crop between your arse cheeks
  • With stinging cheeks after a severe spanking

Corner time in itself is humiliating but there are many different ways she can administer it to you and some of them you will learn to hate but those are the ones she will use on you the most


  • – Ignore you

You worship this woman. You long for her attention and even being in her presence is not only the highlight of your day but what you live for.

You worship the ground she walks on and will do anything she wants so to have her ignore you and not only acknowledge you will hurt much more and far deeper than any cane or whip

  • Read a magazine or fil her nails while you sit in silence
  • Point her webcam up at the ceiling
  • Call her friend/ boyfriend and sit on the phone
  • Chat on Skype with someone else
  • Browse the internet, not even having your cam stream showing

Being ignored by the female you adore and long for attention from is a tough act to take but one which you will have to endure.

These Dommes take ignoring slaves to new levels and will show just how much you mean to them.

  • – Bring another Mistress in

The only thing more humiliating than having a Mistress order you about and make you perform degrading tasks is having TWO mistresses do it and laugh at you at the same time.

If double domination by two females is something that interests you then it can be fulfilled on a cam show.

  • Both laugh at your tiny cock
  • Talk about you as if you aren’t even there
  • One tells you to sit, the other to stand. You can only obey one
  • Both insulting you and calling you names

Being double dommed is a big fantasy of most male subs and it can be done on femdom cam. Not all Mistresses can do it however so it is best to use the free cams chat option to check first. A notice period may even be required.

  • – Public humiliation

The ultimate and definitely not for the faint of heart. Being humiliated in public by a superior female is the very edge of the game and will leave lasting memories as the laughing and sniggering of the vanilla people ring in your ears.

  • Go to a store, pick a young, hot cashier and buy ONLY a cucumber, lube and condoms
  • Dress like a sissy and go clothes shopping
  • Dress normally but buy women’s underwear and let the assistant know they are for you
  • Wear only women’s underwear and go and pump gas in your car
  • Wear a black or red bra under your white shirt
  • Wear a collar in public

Public humiliation is possible, even via webcam, so if you are ready for it, there are cruel dominas on this site who can certainly make it happen

  • – Forced exercise

Like a lot of slaves, you are probably fat, lazy, or both. Why should this ultimate goddess, a thing of utter beauty, have to look at your bloated carcass?

The least you can do is shed a few pounds and if you won’t do it willingly, she will make you do it instead

  • Dozens of press-ups
  • Resistance weights (cans of beans with outstretched arms is popular)
  • Hold a heavy object above your head
  • Run around the garden doing laps
  • Star jumps while naked

You better eat your porridge and build your strength up because these are cruel sadistic and heartless Dommes who will exercise you till you throw up and/or collapse. Then they’ll work you more

  • – Forced Bi

Maybe you are bi and scared to take the next step. Maybe you are a secret cock sucking lover and you just don’t know it.

Or maybe you are 100% straight and the thought of sucking a dick or taking an ass pounding turns your stomach. Either way, these mean bitches online don’t give a shit. You’re sucking a cock and that’s that

  • Have you sucked a dildo like your performing a blowjob
  • Show how you would give a handjob
  • Take a vibrator up your ass and fuck yourself with it
  • Fill a condom with cream and demonstrate how you’d swallow cum from it
  • Pimp you out as a cheap $10 fuck

Whether you are bi, don’t know it yet or not at all, heartless Dominas await you now on femdom webcams, ready to force you into a life of bi-sexuality

  • – Domestic Duties

Domestic slavery is the backbone of any sub/Domme relationship. You are her servant and there to make her life as comfortable as you can. If that means chores from sunrise to sunset while she relaxes and enjoys life then so be it

  • Scrub the floor
  • Do the dishes
  • Piles of laundry
  • Dusting and polishing

All these menial chores are yours to perform. From the HD webcam screen, she will bark orders at you and berate what will no doubt be a piss poor job that needs to be done again and again till it reaches her high standard

  • – Edgeplay

Having a wank is great. The intense feeling of pleasure building to a mind exploding orgasm as all that pent up cum erupts. It’s great. But what if you were only allowed to get as far as the very last stroke before you came?

That the one that would make your cock jerk and spurt was denied and instead you had to calm down a bit then wank till the same point over and over and over again till you felt like you were going mad with frustration? That’s what edge play is and it is a hugely frustrating experience

  • Wank faster and faster than stop right on the edge
  • Get soft then start again
  • Fuck a fleshlight and stop but leave your cock inside it
  • Make you watch porn and wank oh so slowly

There are many ways an edge play session can play out. It is a good idea to let the twisted imagination of the host take charge.

They have the experience to drive you to the brink of insanity with your desperation to orgasm

  • – Tease and denial

Much like edge play (see No 34) tease and denial are a favorite of all Dominas for their ability to render a man totally subservient and turn his brain to mush in his desperation to be allowed to cum.

The difference between the two though is that with T & D, you receive stimulation in the form of your biggest turn-ons to make your torment worse

  • Rub her boobs almost in your face
  • Dangle her feet at you, wiggling her perfect toes
  • Bend over and show her tight ass
  • Rub your nipples and wank
  • Watch porn as you jerk off

There are lots of ways to tease and deny you. They will get inside your head, find out all your fetishes and weaknesses then use them against you.

  • – Wear shackles

Wearing shackles has a two-fold purpose. The first is obvious. It makes it easier to secure you to wall hooks or to a bondage bed.

The second way is as a constant reminder that you are owned. You are her property and every rattle of the chain or clip as you move will remind you of it

  • Wrist and/or ankle cuffs
  • Neck, wrist, and ankle shackles all joined together
  • Handcuffs

Just a few different ideas and types of shackles out there but if it interests you and you have them, then whatever type you have, bring them to your session and be instructed in how to use them.

  • – Make you write outlines

Further to the menial tasks mentioned earlier (see No 6), writing outlines is used more for punishment for unruly slaves but can also be used for when she just can’t be bothered with you and wants to keep you busy while she chats with her friends or checks her Facebook. What you write and how many times will vary

  • 100 times “I am a tiny diced loser)
  • 250 times “I belong to Mistress, I am her property)
  • 300 times “I am a pathetic bitch with a tiny cock and I love sucking dick”
  • 500 times “I can’t wait to rip these up” and then be made to rip them up after writing them

You will write out so many lines you’ll have a severely cramped wrist but for added incentive, Mistress might also add in a time limit with severe consequences for not getting them done in time.

  • – Puppy/ Dog play

Since you are not a man then it makes sense she will treat you like an animal. You spend your days crawling around the floor being obedient anyway so may as well make yourself act like a dog to complete the set.

  • Make you sit up and beg
  • Force you to play with a rubber dog toy
  • Make you throw it and play “fetch”
  • Change your name to Fido, spot, or rover
  • Eat from a bowl on the floor

Puppy play is a much more popular fetish than you think and all the hosts here are well versed in how to make a session work.

  • – Anal play

Taking toys and cocks up your ass is about as humiliating as it gets for a slave, especially a heterosexual one so as far as an online Mistress is concerned, it is game on and you will take bigger and bigger toys up your ass and fuck yourself with them

  • Dildos
  • Vibrators
  • Anal beads
  • Bottles

You name it if it fits then it’s going up there. They will have you lube it up, bend over, spread your cheeks and ram whatever you have right up your slut hole and fuck it in and out. You’ll be lucky if you can sit down after the session is over

  • – Forbid you from speaking

She doesn’t want to hear you speak. Your pathetic pleading for attention or even the inane drivel you spout that you pass for conversation so since she controls you 100%, she might as well take advantage and remove your talking privileges

  • Make you bark like a dog
  • Squeak a toy once for yes, twice for no
  • Ask you questions and punish you for not answering, not caring that you can’t
  • Make you mime what you want and mock you for not just asking

Not being allowed to speak is much more degrading than it sounds. You’ve been speaking since you first uttered a word aged six and now this haughty, dominant female has taken it away just because she can.

  • – Collar you

To make sure you know you are owned and that you don’t feel “free”, she will have you put a collar around your neck and fasten it securely. It will leave you constantly reminded that you are hers. There are lots of different types of collar, each with its own way of being humiliating.

  • Pink with the word “bitch” or “loser” in glittery diamontes
  • Posture collars which are extremely uncomfortable
  • A shock collar she can zap you with if you step out of line
  • Tight collars that make breathing difficult
  • Collars with little bells that jingle with every movement

Lots of Dommes online will lock a collar on you for humiliation purposes as well as ownership confirmation. If you have a collar, bring it to your session so she can force it on you

  • – Eat disgusting food mixes

Since you are nothing to her but a nasty, ugly cretin who isn’t even worthy of the dirt on the sole of her boots, she will not let you eat proper food and will instead make you eat bowls of disgusting food mixes

  • Dog food with honey
  • Custard and baked beans
  • Mussels with mustard
  • Toast soaked in urine
  • Cum covered bread

These ideas above are tame compared to what Mistress has in store for you. Tell her you are into forced eating and let her imagination run riot. Her sadistic streak will make you vomit, which you will no doubt have to eat up as well

  • – Supervised masturbation

As a grubby little man, you are no stranger to jerking off and you love it but doing it in the privacy of your bathroom or bedroom is one thing.

Doing it with a gorgeous, powerful female watching over you is quite another. You will be only too aware of her watchful eyes glaring at you as you struggle to maintain an erection due to nerves

  • Have you watched gay porn as you wank
  • Kneel on the floor between her feet
  • Bury your nose in her ass as you masturbate
  • Tell her how much you worship and adore her as you jerk off furiously

Supervised masturbation works so well because you have been conditioned to believe wanking is dirty and disgusting so only being allowed to do it with this woman you worship is a tough pill to swallow but swallow it you must.

  • – Make you talk horribly about your wife/ girlfriend

Mistress is your one and only. SHE is the only important woman in your life and no other female can measure up so if you have a wife or girlfriend then Mistress needs to know what you think of them

  • Call your wife a whore or a slut
  • Call your girlfriend ugly, fat, or disgusting
  • Tell Mistress you find your wife/GF a turn off
  • Tell her your GF/wife does not compare to her
  • Rip her pictures up

Confirming to your Goddess that she is the number one female in your life and that no other woman is important to you that will distract from your serving her is a vital part of the relationship you will have.

  • – No TV time

Not being allowed to watch the ball game or your favourite tv show is an agonizing punishment that is worse than any whipping. Just imagine, your team is in the Superbowl or the world series final and Mistress decides no tv for you.

You will be lost for what to do and denied a great pleasure on her whim

  • Take the power cable, unplug it then cut it in half with scissors
  • Remove the fuse and throw it out the window
  • Throw the power cable away
  • Sit in a cam session with her when your fave tv show is on or your team is playing

No tv time is a cruel thing to do and these dominants will take great delight in inflicting it on you

  • – Make you tell embarrassing stories

Everyone has embarrassing stories from their past but just imagine a superior woman making you kneel before her and recant all the stories that you would rather not reveal. Things like

  • Women who have laughed at you
  • The girls at school who mocked you
  • How you were beaten up by bullies
  • That you get turned on by being humiliated
  • The time you got a hardon in a woman’s clothing store

Do not underestimate the power these women have to drag all these stories and the degrading details and of how much they get off on watching you squirm with embarrassment as they pull every last humiliating detail from your memory

  • – Multiple orgasm torture

You might think it a real treat to be allowed to cum in front of this beautiful goddess. Especially if she lets you lust over her boobs, ass, or legs as you fantasize about.

But after you have cum, imagine the suffering of being ordered to keep wanking. Your cock is ultra-sensitive and painful, crying out to be left alone to recover but she will order you in a tone not to be ignored to keep going till you coax your dick hard again and squeeze another orgasm out of it. The pain Is immense.

Now think how bad it will be to have to keep going for the third time or maybe even fourth. It can be

  • Forced repeat masturbation
  • Fleshlight pumping
  • Locked into a milking machine

Any more than one orgasm in a row is going to hurt. The Dominas on this site enjoy the anguished cries of subs forced to cum twice, three times, and more.

  • – Human ashtray

One of the more disgusting tasks dished out to slaves. Smoking fetish is very popular but clearing the mess her cigarettes leave behind is not so pleasant. For webcam female domination purposes, a session for a human ashtray will be her smoking and you with a lit cigarette to simulate hers.

  • Flick the ash in your mouth as she orders you to swallow
  • Lick the ash from an ashtray
  • Swallow the used cigarette butts
  • Hold the ash in your hand then lick your hand clean afterwards

Being her human ashtray is not a pleasant task but one you will adhere to with a smile on your face and follow to the letter

  • – Flogging

A good whipping is a way to bring a slave into line. For punishment purposes or just to cement her power of doing it just because she wants to, flogging is a painful reminder of how far down the food chain you are.

Flogging under her command is a popular femdom choice for the live cam and there are lots of ways for it to happen depending on what you have

  • A whip
  • A belt
  • Dressing gown cord
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Corporal Punishment

Anything that stings and nips is perfect and she will have you flogging yourself till your back and ass is covered in huge red welts


  • – Human furniture

Being turned into an inanimate object is a humiliating experience for any slave and these dominants will get huge delight from turning you into furniture. They could for example

  • Make you hold a lamp in your hands as you kneel on the floor
  • Kneel on all fours and put a cup on your back as a table
  • Hold wet clothes with outstretched arms and be a clothes horse

There are countless possibilities and each one is as humiliating as the last. Be prepared to be turned into nothing more than furniture

So there you have it. An extensive but by new means an exhaustive list of submissive ways to serve as the snivelling, inferior little bitch that you are.

So you’ve got enough ideas now. All of these types of sessions if not done in person and done via a webcam are always better if you can have live cam2cam where you are watched and you watch at the same time

Hopefully, the above scenarios have given you a base to work from and are enough to give your new Mistress a foothold into what makes you tick so she can get the best from her new slave. Get your ass into a Mistresses private room and get to serving.

They are waiting for you now and trust us, you do NOT want to keep them waiting.

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