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Foot Fetish Cams – Nothing beats a sexy pair of female feet, the thought of them in your face for you to lick and kiss and worship can be a real turn-on.

Sexy soles, suckable toes, arched heels, and more. If you have a foot fetish and want to see hot girls and women on cam with amazing feet, step inside our foot fetish cams room and begin your journey into fetish cam chats.

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No matter what type of ladies’ feet you like, we have a massive selection of females

with amazing long toes, painted toenails, and girls who love to give footjobs.

If you like bare feet crushing objects, as in food or messy things or watching a lady sucking her toes and licking them, or the foot smother scenario, then you will get that and more in our live webcam shows above. check out the domination phone sex here

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Find sexy girls showing off their feet live on our  cams 


Watch as our babes slowly paint their sexy toes red or black, you direct the show, and you tell them what to do. We have gorgeous Milfs and teens and mature females all waiting to show them off.

Imagine cumming all over them and watching her lick them off? These babes love to trample on their bare feet, to stand on your face and demand you worship, massage, adore and beg for them. foot fetish phone sex here


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Nylons and pantyhose and stocking-clad feet are always other huge turn-ons. So if the idea of a hot woman in sexy pantyhose showing her tootsies up to the camera turns you on, then enter our live rooms.

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When it comes to beautiful women pushing their perfect footsies in your face, it can make a fetishist rock solid in no time, the thought of her performing a footjob on you or you dribbling your hot cream in between her sexy toes itself is enough to set any guys heart racing.

We enjoy showing off hundreds of different pairs of foot came and the girls and ladies who love to tease you in a live session using them. You can also check out sites like for more kinky ideas.


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So what will girls do in a cam session for me?

Tease you, and self-suck their tootsies

Paint their nails

Do footjobs using sex toys, or if they have a guy present, they will use him

soles worship, along with nylons, high heels, and socks

Rub ointments, creams, oils, etc., on it

Talk dirty and tell you what they want you to be doing to their sexy feet

Push them up to the camera, so you see close-ups

spit on them and do some kinky xxx-rated things

Stand on food items with bare feet and do crush scenarios.

Fancy some cam 2-cam sex? For fetish play?


These are just some of the things our gorgeous girls enjoy doing for you, but if you have a particular scenario in mind and would like to see it played out, then do be sure to let our beautiful webcam hosts know.

Naughty GF playing Her Sexy Feet & Toes

That is one hot blond, and I love how she tells us to “jerk that cock” or to “cum on her shoe” she is a goddess and knows exactly how to tease and use the right words to make you solid and leaking within 20 seconds of watching.


All good sissie Maids need to learn to groom a Mistress’s feet properly and to take good care of every area, which includes soles, arches, ankles, heels, and toes, as well as some leg worship.

This is all part of a Maid’s daily routine to use all types of pedicures on Their owner’s amazing feet. Long rubs, tickles, licking, sucking, and tasting just how sweaty and salty they are.

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Sissie worshipping my tired feet

Maid Sally is very good at rubbing my tired tootsies it is now part of their daily routine for her.

Making sure to cover every inch of our feet or humiliate the maids, and we do that very well; we then come to this blog and expose their pictures.


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Rub my Feet – Do it better

Wearing her ball gag as Mistress was sick of listening to her today, she was rubbing at my nylon feet, and I have to say she was crap today and needed more training or thrown back into the cage where she belongs. You can expect all of these fetishes and more on our BDSM cams site.


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rubbing my toes
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Sally licked the soles.

We have so many amazing pictures and stories, so sit back, relax and enjoy exploring this site which is full of everything fetish and fantasy, as well as roleplays and much more.

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Sexy Female Cam Girl Showing her soles, ankles, legs, and toes

It’s not just about feet

Most people imagine a foot fetish is just about a sexy pair of girls’ feet and that everyone just likes to look at bare feet, but it’s not. It goes a whole lot further and deeper than that.

Some people don’t just like the actual foot, but they enjoy a particular part of that foot, including toes, arches & soles, and some like the ankle. It just comes down to each individual and what their preferences are.

Watching a sexy girl double up to start licking her foot and sucking her toes as you also get a glimpse of her panties can turn any guy hard and horny. Just watching as she rubs lotions all over them or rubs her huge dildo in between her feet.

It can also be about how she touches her feet or rubs her foot against something, everyone has a specific way with their foot fetish needs, and these cam girls are online, ready and waiting to carry out any request that you may have of them.

It’s a well-known fact that females with sexy feet are a huge turn-on for some guys.

Maybe it makes you think that a female with well-looked-after and maintained feet and toenails must look after the rest of herself similarly.

Or perhaps it is the arches the way they curve, or the curve of the bare sole; maybe it’s the way she dangles her shoe from it or wiggles it around in front of you, especially when she is turned on or close to orgasm.

You may not have access to hot females’ feet, perhaps you don’t want to tell your partner you like feet, but you would like to look at some and have a cheeky wank on them. Well, you can now. Our live webcams give you access to thousands of females who enjoy this fetish as much as you do.


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They would be only too happy to wriggle that sexy foot around on their webcam and talk dirty to you simultaneously.

These online fetish girls will describe in detail to you; what they would like you to do to their feet if you were to meet in person; they enjoy having them rubbed and pampered, going for pedicures, taking sexy pictures for their cam gallery, and of course teasing horny members just like you.

Do you have a powerful foot fetish?

Do you find yourself constantly drawn to staring at women’s feet?

Have you ever sat at a restaurant or an office and seen a woman dangle a high heel from her foot and sat there trying desperately not to stare or let on you have a massive erection and are dying to stare at her  Jerk Off Instructions?


If the answer to the above is yes, then worry no more. there is a place where you can stare and wank to all the feet you want.

A place where the females WANT you to be able to stare at their feet. They love seeing how turned-on guys get to their tootsies and love wiggling them and parading them for you to stare at and wank over.

Painted toenails, donned in tights or pantyhose, covered with a pair of cute ankle socks, or just plain bare for your enjoyment, whatever way you like your foot fetish to be fulfilled, this is the place to get it.

With hundreds of females available 24/7, you will never be stuck to finding the perfect woman to show you her legs and feet and give you the satisfaction you desire.

Be it black girls‘ feet, Asian female feet, mature feet, or just plain old co-eds, it doesn’t matter. There is always a girl available.


Nothing brings these girls greater pleasure than performing a sexy barefoot show for horny guys.

They thrive on it. So don’t stress yourself trying to get your feet fixed in everyday life. that’ll get you glared at as she storms off. Our sexy, teasing, barefoot ladies are waiting to have a toe-sucking and give the very best in footjobs.

Watch them live as they paint their long perfect toenails a nice red colour or whatever colour you request of them we have all sorts of different women’s feet, from mature to black feet. Enter and watch them for yourself.

You can use our search button to find the exact type of female legs and soles that you truly do want to wank off to

Tease Me With your sexy Bdsm Feet Cams

One of the most popular things in any BDSM session is foot worship and foot domination. Kissing the lowest part of her body and worshipping the area that she walks on is the ultimate way for a Mistress to have a slave show just how much he worships and adores her. To perform this task, he must drop to his knees in front of her, further strengthening her power over him.

Almost every female domination session will begin with the Mistress ordering the slave to kiss her feet to show his devotion.

Nothing says power like having her feet kissed.
There are dozens of superior women and powerful females online right now, and each one has gorgeous feet that are ready to be loved and revered. They love to slowly take off their thigh-high boots and reveal their stocking-clad legs.

This is the type of show you can expect on the best BDSM cams online, with the best, most powerful females.

Tossing their boot aside, they place their tootsies close to the webcam and wiggle their toes at you. They will ask you if you like them and think they are gorgeous.


Of course, you will think about this! Telling them so, they will then have you come close and get a perfect close-up view as she gently caresses her leg and runs her perfectly manicured hands down to her feet and rubs them. Make sure to see our mistress cams page for hundreds of kinky online femdoms waiting to chat



Sliding her finger between each toe and ordering you to show her how you would suck her toes and show her how much you want them. She will beg you to be allowed to worship her delicious feet with their cute toes, toe rings, and perfectly manicured nails. Slipping her hand along her insole, she will twist slightly and have you adore her curve.

Showing her how you would kiss it and tell her how much you want it.

Then she will put her entire foot close so you can see her soles. Rolling it in a circle, she will tease you and torment you with it as you groan with frustration and a desire to kiss and lick it.

Laughing sadistically, she will have you tell her how you would love to get on your knees and have her jam her foot to your face, squishing your nose and how she would make you stick out your tongue and scrape it down her sole, taking all the little bits of dirt and sweat off.

The salty taste hits your taste buds and makes you gag while the bits of grit hit against your teeth. We view our hot girls in latex.

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Hot sexy Bdsm Cam Feet

Or maybe she will pour baby lotion over them and rub it in. She gently slid her hands all over the top sides and the bottom till they were both super shiny and slidey.

The light hitting off them will make them glisten, and your cock stiffens and twitch. You will stare at her perfect tootsie with desire and lust, and you would give anything to have her put each foot against your throbbing dick and give you wank with them.

Carefully getting her fingers between each toe to cover it in lotion, she will love every minute of your ordeal. Or see how she loves to give foot domination live.

Every male has a foot fetish to some degree. Some more powerful than others, but it is there in some capacity. On live femdom webcams, there is no end to beautiful women with perfect feet who love nothing more than taking off their boots or shoes and then dangling their perfect feet in front of a pathetic slave’s nose.

Making him inhale the aroma of sweat and having him lick them clean or kiss them to show how much he adores his Mistress.

They enjoy the fact they can have you kissing them with just a click of their fingers, and they enjoy making you stick your tongue out so they can inspect it to see if it is worthy of being anywhere near them.

Some of our slaves know they will be smothered by feet and dominated by kinky girls who enjoy every area of degradation on live webcams. If you are ready to see what happens in a slave humiliation session, whether it be to worship smelly feet, suck sweaty toes, suck on sweaty, stained socks, or any humiliating, degrading fetish scenarios

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Foot worship webcam rooms are always jammed full of superior, dominant ladies who are all experts in foot domination of lowly male submissives. They know exactly how to dominate a male and use his foot fetish against him.

They have huge experience in the art of Erotic BDSM and humiliating men, and they enjoy nothing more than showing off their feet to lowly slaves and exerting their power over them by making them get on their knees and having them beg to kiss her feet.

And then making him crawl over to her before she thrusts her foot forward and has him lick and kiss every single inch of skin from the tips of her toes to the tops of her ankles.

Log on to any live female domination webcam site now and prepare to desire the feet of your superior Mistress.