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Sissy Humiliation – We love, humiliating sissy girls, laughing at them, degrading them and making them do horrendous tasks so we can laugh our asses off. Making them cock suckers, bitches, whores and so much more.Sissy Faggots humiliated

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Training them to be good little girls and not the sluts that they are. Dressing them up to be little tarts and sending them out to earn for Mistress.

This is the world of online BDSM cams where what we say goes, what you do is follow! Get ready to be humiliated on live cam, sissy humiliation at its best with real domina who love humiliation.


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Meet Lexi The sissy maid – Eating cum as she is verbally abused. Dressed in her pink silky maid dress enjoying drinking the creamy load of jizz from the condom. This is one nasty girl a dirty little slut who needs put in her place.

This page is full of videos and pictures and humiliating information about our dirty little slutty girls who we enjoy abusing daily. Keep checking back as new videos, pictures and stories are added daily. Check out the domination cams for more  humiliation online

The sissy Rules Audio Clip

The sissy Slave Rules


View our sissy pictures here – Humiliation, domination, adult baby all types of sissy pictures from real sessions with Mistress

We love to humiliate  Live sissy humiliation Online

We just love degrading sissy whores, making them dirty little cock suckers, dressing them up and pimping them out. These dirty little sissy sluts deserve everything they get and Mistress just enjoys dishing out the most degrading of tasks for these little bitches.

We make them suck cocks, we make them eat cum loads, and we demand they slide huge sex toys in that ass for proper anal training.

Between that and sending them outside to walk the streets dressed as whores, letting everyone and anyone fuck them hard and stretch that tight little ass as well as making them scrub toilet pans with their tongues.

We love degrading and laughing at sissy bitches

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Karen the sissy in the cold bath and Mistress humiliated her using a mop and laughing at her – Oh what fun was had while she sucked a tampon

Click Here to Watch Sissy Karen in The Bath Being Humiliated by The Mop 

You can also check out our ideas & ways for cam girl humiliation & domination on  webcam

Sissy Sluts Training

Getting our sissy bitches into the proper academy for training to teach them how to make a lot of money for their owner, this academy brings out the real slut in these dirty bitches, it shows them how to suck properly, how to eat cum properly and how to be used as a little cum bank as that is what they are.


Men should be standing over them wanking into their slutty little mouths and making them swallow every last drop. Bend these whores over and fuck them hard in the ass, as we laugh at them. This is all part of the training for these little slags.

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You can also check out our online strap-on cams where you can view some of our amazing Mistresses online who love to use huge strap-ons and bend you over for an anal violation, they love to tear that ass wide open and prepare it for real cocks.

You are a disgrace and cumsluts like you need to be taught a lesson, dressed up as slutty as possible, stand in front of your amazing, sexy Mistress and pose for pictures so she can make a website for you to pimp you out, just like an escort website.

Learn about sub-drop drop what does it mean & How to know when you are in a sub-drop

You will work exclusively for your owner at all times. Posing for pictures, videos,  meeting new clients, worshipping my feet and doing whatever disgusting, nasty, degrading things that are demanded of a bitch, painslut like you.

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Sissy Jamima dressed in her maid’s outfit and singing in front of Mistress and her friend- She was made to sing the nursery rhyme  for our entertainment – She felt so disgraced and humiliated as we laughed and videoed her

Watch Jamima Singing for Mistress  – Video Here 

The sissy Instructions are below if you sign up for a slave contract.

Please also note in these type of webcam sessions your owner/Master/princess/Mistress/Goddess/superior, may want to incorporate blackmail scenarios ( this is a lot of fun for the owner)

Some of the things you will learn at The Academy: As well As tasks that will be given to you for entertainment purposes.

Check out our sissy bondage Video

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Enjoy the list bitch!

  • Not allowed eye contact with your owner or anyone in the room ( punished if you fail)
  • Made to hold the toilet in
  • Clean toilet pan with tongue, suck the toilet brush clean
  • Write things on your body on felt pen
  • We will verbally abuse and belittle you calling you names because you truly are a cumdump, pussy boy, cock loving slag
  • Show signs  of ownership by wearing a collar, chastity or being branded
  • Taking control of your full life, sexual, mental, physical etc
  • Teaching you how to do facial on yourself so that you can catch your cum if you miss you get punished
  • how to dance, sing, curtsy, greet visitors, walk, talk, dress, makeup
  • Eat your dinner on the floor or out of a dog bowl
  • Be left in a Mistresses cage, or rubber body bag with a high heel up your ass and a used condom in your mouth
  • Find new sissies and make you all have group sex for pictures and cum eating scenarios
  • You may become human furniture, a human ashtray as well as a cash cow and pay pig
  • Put you on webcam while  we are on cam, let others all watch and laugh at you, make you wear butt plugs and nipple clamps all-day
  • You may become our toilet
  • Make you a cuck
  • Check out our daily shemale cams site here at

The list goes on and on but the above is just an idea of some of the things that may happen to you in a session with a femdom. I myself can say I have done every one of these scenarios both on cam and in real life with slaves I owned.

So what am I Tv, Cd, Tg Or Ts – The Facts

I love seeing my sissy girls all tied up and rendered helpless and teaching them in my bondage cams sessions how to use duct tape, handcuffs, and ropes and having them 100% at my mercy as the alpha males have field time with them.

This little slut below in the video was made to do the dishes while Mistress whipped her and then pushed her head in the dirty dishwater.

All-in-a-day work for Mistress abusing the whores of the world than adding their videos online for the world to see.

This little slag from London knew her place, she knew she would end up online if she did not do the dishes any faster.

This is another cock-hungry slapper that craves cum daily. She has also been known as cumdump cum girl and her dream is to be fed it by drip 247

If you are ready to test the water with real mean superior, strong-willed women who push every boundary there is in life and then they push some more, then you have found the right place.

These pictures are from real sessions I had with my sissie/slaves/ subs, The fact that they are on this site is humiliating to them and they will find themselves all over the place ready for punters and anyone who wants to use and abuse these worthless cum dumps

You can Meet Mistresses online here to start your journey

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To amuse me dressing these girlies up and parading them around and laughing at them as everyone points and verbally abuses them, knowing straight away they are cock loving bitches. They want to give sloppy lipstick blow jobs, to wrap they glossy red lips around an alpha Males dick round it makes them happy around

 Slurp that dick you little bicth!!

Show him how much you love it

Tell him how he is such a strong Alpha male!

the time you were treated like the little panty-wearing bitch that you truly are. The cum guzzler, the cleaning of gay guys’ cocks, the licking and rimming of real men’s asses,

All sissy bitches should have a period just like a dog in heat as that is what you are – Now bend over and let us all spit up that ass of yours before we ram it with our fists, real dicks and baseball bats- You need to be violated, stretched, and full inspection gave off that sissy fuck hole before a tampon is slid inside it for fun and to make you the girl you truly are.

Sissy Eating real man’s cum Video

Karen the cuck eating the real man’s cum load he saved for her: Addicted to cum-eating this Cd was lying back waiting for the Alpha Male to pour it down her Dirty little throat – Go on swallow it!!!

We just Love exposing you online and letting the world see what a cumdump you are and how you crave it’s like a drug to a skank like you.

Eat the biscuits out of the pan slut! – do it now – Spit

Slut exposed in a video again and degraded down the toilet pan 

Some More rules for the skanks, sluts, whores

  • You do not have a dick you have a clitty
  • You should always wear lingerie
  • You belong on your knees with your mouth open
  • You will always swallow and say thank you
  • You worship All Alpha Males
  • You clean up – this is your duty
  • Ass is always on display
  • You love cum and you adore your own
  • You are always ready to be used
  • Your mouth is for sucking, not talking or singing
  • Your sissy hole should always be on display
  • You must always please
  • If you get a big black one it is seen as a reward and should be treated as such
  • Always wear sexy panties fuckable easy access panties like the ones below and be plugged at all times when not being used.

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The SiSie Jamima in her cage desperate to get out – She has a task – Get the key from the floor and you can let yourself out! Does she Mange it? Watch and see. Made to sing along to more nursery rhythms as Mistress laughs at her then made to show her locked up clitty in the chastity…

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Laughing at these little bitches and crossdressing slags is what I do best –

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This is how their training begins – To learn to be an expert when licking and sucking Alpha Males dicks, they know they do not need a manual they just need to ensure they attend their classes every week and learn to get down on their hands and knees to suck real men, This blog is always up to date with new slags, tarts and whores

Bitches in petticoats,  who need to be humiliated on our blog daily.  – These bitches will work for their money by whatever means necessary – They are just a piece of meat to be used.

$2 Sissybitch cum in mouth watch her swallow every drop mouth watching cum.

Mistress enjoys nothing more than watching her prissy sissy being used by all types of keen, eager and macho alpha males, she sits back and laughs as she watches your ass being stretched by a huge black cock.

Picking up our camera to take pictures and video the whole session so everyone else can watch it online and vote on how good you were throughout it.

More Sissy Humiliation Videos Below


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I just adore humiliating cock sucking whores and adding new videos so other dirty little bitches get a feel for what can happen in a live cam session or a real-time session. Training my naughty, dirty girls is what I adore. Giving them assignments and tasks and letting them entertain me is what their job is.

Karen the dirty little slapper was humiliated and made to fuck a yoghurt pot and then clean it out while verbally abused by her Mistress. This is one cum hungry  Tart who needs to be eating cum all the time. She will do anything for a real cock and is always happy to bend over for anyone. Covered in hot spunky cream and loving it is Karen’s Motto.

Have you found yourself on this site yet sissy? Ready to share your videos and pictures for the world to see how much of a pussy girl you are? Ready to show your little clitty dick. Little clitty transgirls are what you are.

Marlyn the queen of Entertainment  – the video below is pictures from Real sessions with this dirty little slag/slut who is degraded, belittled and laughed at – Uploading her pictures to the public to humiliate her, even more, is what I as her Mistress thrive on. Watching her squirm as I spit in her face, making her suck a blow-up rubber doll. Check out her pictures and see for yourself what a dirty little sissy bitch boi she is.

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Polly for strapon training

Meet Sally she is one of the Mistress’s maids and the video below is her training video, walking up and down in her maids uniform, learning to curtsy properly then moving on to ensure mistress is given proper foot fetish cams worship.

Knowing her task ahead is always to keep her new owner happy at all times. Sally had on some silky panties, which Mistress enjoyed pulling down and exposing that bare bottom to the world. Sally now knows this video will be shared online for the world to see just how dirty she is.

Karen the sissy whore sings to her baby to rock her to sleep

This sissy slag, whore, the bitch was caught again flashing her panties at the guys. She was dressed into some slutty clothes and whipped by her Mistress as she counted every  one of them and thanked her mistress

So what kind of sissy whore are you?

Are you the prissy maid? or the downright dirty little slut?The cum guzzling whore who can’t get enough or the maid who just likes to serve Mistress and her friends? No matter what type of bitch you are we can assure you our Academy is open to you. We enjoy training, degrading, using and pimping out our slutty little whores to anyone who wants them.

Are you ready sissy Girl? To be tormented, degraded verbally abused and pimped out to anyone who will pay for you?

We are ready and waiting to dress you and slide the biggest strapon deep inside your ass as you moan like the slut you really are.

Sissy bitches need to be taught a valuable lesson and that includes bending over when I snap my fingers and spreading those cheeks wide waiting for the first guy to penetrate you deeply and fill you with cum.

How about some public humiliation, where we will dress you and take you out for a walk and whilst on that walk you will tell everyone how much of a slut you are.

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A nice thick juicy cock for YOU Sissy Bitches today.

You’re dying for a thick, juicy cock to suck, aren’t you?

You are practically shaking with excitement. You should be. I have a big thick specimen here for you to taste.

And I’ve blindfolded you just for the fun of it so you are unaware of your surroundings. You can feel me standing behind you, my breath tickling in your ear.

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Your head darts from side to side because you are unsure of what is going to happen next.

You are of course naked and on your knees and your cock is already standing at attention. You feel my hand slide down your body and give it a little squeeze and you can’t help but moan.

About-face……open and suck

And then you feel it, a big, juicy cock pressed against your lips. You didn’t even notice him approach because you were distracted.

He doesn’t say a word but you can hear his heavy breathing and as he rubs his cock against your mouth, you automatically open.

 A thick cock slides into your mouth and you panic for a moment before remembering to breathe through your nose.

It fills your entire mouth and when you wrap your lips around it, your cock gives a tiny jerk. You are definitely a cock sucking boy now.

As it thrusts in and out of you, you feel a different sensation. I am scratching your back with my fingernails, getting you to relax as you take that cock deeper and deeper.

The slow, steady rhythm of my nails on your back sets up a rhythm for you to suck cock and you begin to let it slide in and out.

You squeeze your eyes tight as you feel your cock throb. You could easily reach down and touch it but when you do, I slap your hand away. Apparently, orgasm denial is part of this game.

Instead, you reach up and grasp the man’s shaft and balls, playing with them as you lick the head.

Time for you to gobble the goo

You hear the man groan and that makes you ache so badly. You are going to cum all over the floor, you just know it. He’s not too far away from release now either and he places his hands on your head as he starts to face fuck you hard.

He jerks against you and then your mouth is filled with creamy cum.

Yes, spattered with the batter! You gag a bit as it slides down your throat and at that moment your cock begins to explode as well.

The epic ruin…..

And then you feel it. Those nails that were so soothing against your back are now digging into your cock. You try to cry out in pain but your mouth is stuffed with cum.

When it’s all over and you’ve slurped up every last drop, you realize that you didn’t get to cum at all. Instead, I ruined it for you!  But you are still happy. After all, your face was stuffed with a thick, juicy cock!

Was that a trick or a treat?  Tell me in the comments below little goo goblins.