Punishments For Submissives

Ideas to Punish your Submissives

If you are looking for some ideas on how to punish your submissive slave or sissy girl, then read on as we have listed a lot of different ideas and methods you can use in both the online webcam world as well as at home or in your dungeon.


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BDSM Punishments and tasks that you can incorporate into any type of roleplay or lifestyle.

Every punishment should fit the crime, and a submissive needs to know why he is being punished in the first place. With so many different ways to punish a slave, we have tried to break down from severe to milder punishments but it all depends exactly on why the submissive is being punished in the first place.


Also, keep in mind it should always be sane safe, and consensual and safe words should be discussed and agreed upon before any type of punishment is administered. Some Dominants will use a traffic light system and others will use a straight-out safe word that has been agreed upon beforehand.

Another point worth mentioning is sometimes we have subs who are brats and will play up, and that includes using the safe word as part of their brattiness; please be sure that before sessions proceed you do discuss this thoroughly with your slave and sissy.


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As Dominatrix I can usually tell if I am pushing my submissive too far with his punishment you can gauge this through the tone of their voice if they are being spanked and being made to count and thank you after everyone.

Remember this is about changing the behaviour of the sub not making them feel miserable. The majority of slaves know when they have messed up and know what follows.

A good example of that would be if they forgot to turn up for a session without letting the dominatrix know they forgot to text, or removed a chastity device without permission; even things like masturbation without permission could result in punishments for your slave or sissy.

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List Of Submissive Punishment Ideas

Spanking is always at the top of my list for naughty slaves who need to be taught a lesson — This can include the back of the hand, paddling, whipping, belts, and flip flops but giving a slave a severe spanking is a very effective method 

Put him in Chastity don’t let him orgasm again until he has learned his lesson and you make sure to keep the key so he can’t get out – See the chastity cams and begin the journey

Cane  Being restrained and caned is enough to make any submissive sit up and take notice; this can be done on the bed or restrained to the St Andrews CROSS.

Don’t let them use the bathroom but make them drink lots of fluids and refuse bathroom breaks

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Exercise — Yes make them do sit-ups and press-ups and even take them out to jog until you decide they have had enough.

Tedious tasks  I love using these, — Make them count rice, cornflakes, pasta, etc something long and boring, and when they are halfway through counting pour syrup on it and make them separate them all and start again.

Put a song on repeat while they have headphones on and make them listen to it all day long. Trust me it works better than caning as the subs I have done this with hated it with a passion.

Face slapping — A good session of slapping them on the face and verbally abusing them, usually helps them understand

slave in bondage


Take away things they enjoy — If you have a sub who enjoys pain, this then gets tricky, so take away things they enjoy, like tv, laptop, phone, favourite foods, comfy clothes, etc.

Ignoring them don’t even acknowledge them, make them stand in a corner for hours and completely ignore them

Make him do chores he hates -tedious tasks can come into this one again

Put a ball gag in and then make them sing a song and read a book out loud so they salivate all over the place

Make him refold towels and clothes, and re-iron all the clothes in the wardrobe

Send him to a public park to pick up litter all day long

Make him wear shoes that are too small for him and cause him pain to walk in then head out shopping

Ruined orgasm  Get him so worked and excited tease him like crazy and when he is so excited and close to that orgasm make him remove his hand and ruin it for him.  Check out the ruined orgasm cams

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Use an electro zapper on him and go out in public

Cock and ball torture and ballbusting always put them in their place when I was reprimanding disobedient subs

Make them eat food they hate and demand they beg for seconds that also can be used with drinks. If I had a sub, who hated coffee so as part of his punishment he had to drink coffee all day.

Clean your bathroom with his tongue

Eat food from the floor, he does not get a plate and cutlery

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Get a T-shirt made with some sort of embarrassing slogan and send him to the shops,

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Put fake tan on him and do not let him wash it off

Write derogatory things on his body

Balloons make him wear a balloon up his top all day if it bursts he gets punished – 

Spank them in front of your friends and take pictures to add to social media

These are just a few ideas of punishments that can be used for your slave. We will continue to share some good domination tips, ideas, techniques with sexual punishments, BDSM tasks, tease, and denial games

We hope this domination guide will help you with new methods for punishing your slave or sissy and keeping them in their place.

Punishments for subs is an area we enjoy, we will continue to add to the list to give you more kinky ideas from mild BDSM to the extreme.

The basic rules for a sub need to be explained to them before contracts and submissions are started.

We enjoy all types of orgasm denial games, spanking dares, and hard caning when necessary. Maybe the idea of ddlg scenarios is something you are interested in.

Listed below are some other types of queries we get asked in our BDSM cam shows or dungeons as well as from our readers.

Sensual dominance

Not everyone wants the pain side of BDSM; some people enjoy the sensual side of slight touches, blindfolds, and guessing games, with sex toys used and some mild bondage.

List Of sensual Domination Punishments

Sensual domination is about pleasure, not pain each partner can take a turn in being the receiver. You still, of course, bring the partner to their subspace. Sensual domination can be erotic and enjoyable having someone take control of your body, mind, and orgasm in a dominant but not-aggressive way.

Bring them to the edge but don’t let them cum but tease them like crazy

Tickle them both erotically and with force and don’t let them back up until they have been fully punished.

make them give you pleasure, but they get none

Blindfold them and tie them up then make them guess what item they are using on your body if they get it wrong they must be spanked.

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Blindfolds, ropes, ice cubes, creams, lotions food, oils, and feathers are just a few of the different items we use in any sensual domination and discipline sessions.

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