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Blackmail Mistress Fantasy

Blackmail fantasy roleplay online Bu strict Mistresses

There are genuine submissive males out there who live to serve a superior female. They will worship the ground she walks on no matter what humiliation or torture she forces on them or how mean and nasty she is.

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Whatever she does to them, they will always follow orders and always do as they are told. Then there are the other types. The ones who act all submissive and say they will obey and submit but when it comes to it, they either refuse simple orders or try to weasel their way out of it.
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Strict females in charge

These are not real slavFantad are basically just playing at it. What these wannabes need is to have no choice. To have the fear of being exposed as a motivator for doing as they are told. They need to be blackmailed.
Blackmail fantasy fetish on webcam

The online femdom cams world is awash with pretending slaves who want to play at the submission to the superior sex. They talk a good game but eventually, they either do not do as they are told or they just disappear the second things get too intense for them. When it comes to dealing with guys like this, any online mistress knows the best way to keep them in line and ensure they never skip out, no matter what.

Bdsm Ideas

By using blackmail, she can always have something to hold over you and threaten you with the second she thinks you are being less than subservient.
By manipulating you when you are horny, she will gather all sorts of info about you

– Wife/girlfriends name and phone number
– Your address
– Your work address
– Work phone number
– Cell number of partner
– Bosses direct number
– Friends addresses and cell numbers

Blackmail Mistress Online

In fact, any and all kinds of details she has that will be useful to her. You do not want all your dirty little secrets exposed to your friends and family so the threat of wifey getting a text message or phone call or your drinking buddies finding out you suck dildos live on cam will be enough to make sure that no matter how humiliating or degrading your orders are, you do not just click off and go run and hide.

Chastity Training for subs – Ideas

Imagine sitting at the screen as your Mistress tells you she wants you to put on a pair of frilly panties and stand at the window in full view. You would be terrified but with her finger on her cell phone, telling you she is going to call your best friend and tell him you wear a collar or have a butt plug shoved up your ass, you will readily obey.

Or imagine in a state of horniness, you let her take pictures of you dressed up as a sissy maid. She now has the pictures and the evidence to put on her website and let the whole world see you for the faggot sissy maid slut you are. Unless you do exactly as she commands. She might have you
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– Lick the toil away at
– Eat dog food from a bowl
– Pimp yourself out as a $5 blow job queen
– Piss on your wedding pictures
– Order a takeaway and answer the door fully dressed and curtsey the delivery driver
– Send money to her account

Or any number of things she decides to do. The point is, that by utilizing her blackmailing and manipulation skills, she can get anything weak-willed you.
There are dozens of live blackmail webcam Dommes online and each one is an expert in the art of manipulating the personal details from weak-willed slaves who think with their dick. You are all so predictable that a flash of cleavage or a hint of ass and you are giving her everything she wants and then she has you RIGHT where she wants you.

In the palm of her hand where she can bounce you about whenever she gets bored and make you dance to her tune. And any time you flash a hint of disrespect you will get threatened with exposure.

Likewise, simply hitting the β€œdisconnect” button to escape having to deep throat a dildo or lock your cock in chastity will not work because she will simply call your friends or your boss and tell them everything about your nasty little life.

There is no escape from her when she has you in her clutches. Accept it and enter the world of a hard-core blackmail Dominatrix who will change your life and way of thinking
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