50 ways to have Financial Domination

Findom Cams – 50 Ideas for Financial Humiliation

All women are superior to men. If you are on this site, then you already know that. Males exist only to serve the superior female sex, which is not up for debate.

There are many ways for a male creature to serve his female betters. Foot worship, ass worship, domestic servitude or stress relief from being verbally berated for naming but a few.


One of the favourite ways for a man to serve is through financial domination or findom.



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But what is financial domination?

It turns you, the insignificant useless excuse for a man, into a human atm. A walking wallet if you like. One that she can use and drain to fund the lifestyle that she deserves.

If you are one such waste of space which can only get the attention of a gorgeous, naughty female if you are a pay pig, then read on. This article lists 50 ways for a piggy to be financially dominated. This is a power play at its best. Our big tit findoms know how to get you weak


Financial Domination has been around for centuries in one way or another. One person uses another person solely for their financial benefit. This is the real basis of financial domination.

Financial Domination does NOT involve the beneficiary doing anything in return at all, ever. The money slave does not need to be encouraged, only instructed. That is why they are money slaves.

Lots of people play pretend with financial domination… mostly because the wannabe money slaves can’t afford to be money slaves at all.. as such, he or sometimes even she will get involved in a short-term financial domination session. There are LOTS of submissive little money slaves just dying to be used by Women (usually FemDom Goddesses) who participate in Financial Domination.

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A good money slave will submit and obey every demand from his owner/Goddess. A responsible owner/Goddess will control all the finances of her property. This includes keeping track of all the money slaves’ bills and income and deciding what allowance slave gets.


Of course, in the fun world of Financial Domination sessions… there are so many fun games to play. Quick Drain, Slow Drain, Forced Intox. FemDom Goddesses come up with many ways to take the cash of their pets. Creativity is key to this interest.They can demand anything.


1 –A set amount is transferred to her account every week of the month

She will get a detailed list of your income and outgoings and then decide how much will be given to her. She can take it from the leftovers after you’ve paid your bills, or she might decide you can cut back on a few luxuries (cable, nights out, your car). The choice is hers but rest assured, the decision is not up for negotiation.

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2 – Transfer money when she calls or texts to demand it

She will give you her bank details and take your phone and cell number. Then she will either call you or text you when she wants money. It won’t be all sweetness and light, either. You’ll be lucky if it’s anything other than an amount, but you won’t have long to get it to her, so you better be quick and send it to her.

The call or message can come at any time of day or night. She might be in a shop ready to purchase, she might want a takeaway delivered, she might want to purchase something online, or she might just decide on a whim to get money from you. Doesn’t matter. She contacts you, and you pay.

3 – Go shopping with her

Most men hate shopping, but for a worthless, maggot-dick woman repellent like you, it should be considered an honour. You’ll trail around the mall after her for hours and be thankful for every second. She’s not doing it because she wants you to, of course.

Nope, she’s doing it because whatever she wants to buy, a watch, a bracelet, new shoes, sexy lingerie, YOU will be the one having their credit card swiped to pay for it.

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4 – Pay for her meals with her boyfriend

Whether it be expensive restaurants or just a McDonald’s if she and her real man boyfriend are hungry and eating out, why should either of them have to pay when she has a human atm at her beck and call?

She might take your credit card, have you pay over the phone, or, as the ultimate humiliation, make you wait outside till the check is due to be paid, then usher you in, in full view of everyone, to pay the bill. These webcam girls love to gloat when spending your money

5 – Pay her bills

It might be her electricity, her gas, her sky-high credit card, her internet, or even her rent or mortgage. Doesn’t matter. After she has gone through your finances, she will work out which of her bills she expects you to cover. Don’t think for a second she will hold back because of your bills either, though.

She will no doubt expect you to cut back on your frivolous spending on your light or heating and to cut back on food so you can pay more of hers.


6 – Blackmail scenario

For many subs, financial domination is a big fantasy, but once they’ve jerked off, they disappear till they feel horny again. This won’t work for these fin dommes.

What they will do is manipulate you into revealing what they want from you. Your wife’s name and number, family members’ names and addresses, where you work, getting hold of pictures of you dressed as a cum sucking sissy.

Anything they can use to hold against you. They will then blackmail you by threatening to contact your friends and family and tell you about your dirty little secrets, or they will threaten to post your pictures online. That should ensure you obey the rules properly and separate the real players from the wannabes.

7 – Hand her money

Simple but effective. You simply hand over a wad of your hard-earned money to her.

It might be the pre-arranged, set monthly amount, or it might be an amount she just texted you and demanded brought over.

Either way, handing her the money will be very humiliating for you and as you leave empty-handed, probably after getting told to fuck off and having the door slammed in your face, you will feel it much more real as handing over hard cash is more real than numbers on a screen or a card transaction

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8 – Enter a live findom cam show

You will have no problem finding a money Mistress online, as there are hundreds of them on any femdom webcam site. As a financial slave, she will ramp her price up to $8, $9 a minute or higher, then make you sit as she lets her money mount up, charged to your credit card. She might ignore you, she might surf the net, not even looking at you as you sit quietly, being drained, or she might insult you.

Either way, you’ll end up with a big credit card bill to pay when she eventually lets you leave. Sadistically twisted mistress chat rooms are where you will find females ready to drain and exploit you.

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9 – Beg her to accept it

As if being drained and used by a superior, dominant pay Princess wasn’t enough, she might take it a step further and make you BEG her to take it. You know this lot of money will leave you struggling and cause you to be short of money to buy food or heating, but she will still make you plead and beg for her to take it. Very humiliating for you

10- Fines

A good way to ensure her subs keep in line is to set a fine system that you must pay when you break any of her rules. Not replying within a certain time when text from her, not paying her bill(s) on time, not paying what she’s demanded in a timely fashion or not calling her Mistress or Princess are the most common, but the twisted minds of these Dominas will come up with many strict and unbending rules that will cause your fines to rack up at a breakneck speed

11- Work 2 jobs

It’s not rocket science. If you can’t pay what she wants, she will make you go and get a second job to raise more money for her. So what if you have to get up at 4 am, go to one job, finish, go straight to your other job, then back to your other one and finish at 10 or 11 p.m. with a 4 am start again the next day?

That’s not her problem; that’s yours. If she wants it to happen so she can get paid, you do it

12- Teased into handing over money

A good money Mistress knows there is much more to findom than just calling a male a loser and expecting to have thousands of dollars tributed to them.

Good Money Mistresses, such as those on livebdsmcams.net or findom.com, will find your weaknesses and fetishes and then use them against you. Boobs, feet, legs, leather, bikinis, booty, ass, whatever.

Whatever it is that turns you into a mindless, drooling submissive who will hand over tributes just to have this gorgeous, unattainable woman feeding your addiction. She will flaunt whatever gets you going right in your face as you rack up a bill for the privilege.

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13- Manipulated into financial slavery

Slowly at first but gradually tightening the screw around your finances, these Dommes will manipulate you into financial slavery without you even realizing it. It will begin with fines and demands for money, but as time goes on, she will be demanding money even for you to look at her, never mind being allowed to speak to her. Before you know it, you will be spending every penny you have on her

14- Give her access to your online banking

Finding a findom Mistress to do this is rare because technically it is illegal, and 99% of the time, this is fantasy, but they are out there if you are serious about being ruined.

By logging onto your Internet banking, she will be able to transfer as much money as she wants to her account, and all you can do is sit and watch (If she allows you to, of course. She might send you out of the room or have you kiss her feet while she damns near empties your account.

15- Give her a credit card in her name

Most credit cards allow for an additional user with the main cardholder responsible for any debt, so rather than having her cash piggy cramping her style and drooling when they are shopping, she can make you get a card in her name for her to use whenever she wants. You won’t know anything about it till the bill lands on the mat at the beginning of each month.

The minimum payment alone will probably be sky-high, but you’ll need to make sure you clear a good bit of it, so she has plenty to spend the next month. You better get cutting back on luxuries for yourself like heating, electricity, and cable tv. Are you ready for the best cam2camsex sex shows>

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16 Pay for your orgasms

Real men who are not snivelling little pay piggies can wank, get head or fuck women and cum as often as they like, but the likes of you don’t get that privilege.

Nope, if a human atm like you wants to cum, you need to pay for it. She might keep you in chastity and have you pay to be unlocked, or she might make you pay to be allowed to masturbate. Either way, if you want to feel that sweet sense of relief, you’re going to pay BIG TIME for it

17 Keep you in chastity

Following on from number 16, keeping your cock locked up is the best way for her to ensure your continued compliance and sending of tributes.

There are many ways this can be worked into financial slavery. You may need to keep sending tributes till a high cash amount target has been reached, you might need to pay to be unlocked, and you might even be forced to pay just for the honour of having her hold your key.

Most money Princess Dominatrixes are experts in using chastity and being the online chastity keyholder to weak money piglets like you. Our Femdoms love chastity. Are you ready to be locked up in yours? – Check the chastity cams here

18- Become a live-in financial slave

Again, these types of findoms are rare and hard to find, but if you are the right submissive, then they are out there. You will live with her and work to pay all the bills and fund her lifestyle of nights out with her friends, and lavish meals and hotel stays with her boyfriend.

She will also probably make you pay for each blanket you use at night, pay for the use of a mattress, and all manner of other things. She will control 100% of the finances, and you will have no say in anything.

19- Complete power exchange

Very similar to a live-in slave, but with a CPE, you become nothing to her but a worker bee that earns for her. She will control every aspect of your life, right down to when you can speak and what words you can use. You will not be able to do anything unless she deems it ok, and you will have no input.

You will have no bank account, and your wages will be paid directly to her, and she will give you a meagre allowance to live on. She will control your life completely

20- Use TeamViewer

Not for the faint of heart, this gives the mistress complete control of her bank account. Much like number 14, she will have the choice of how much to take, and you won’t get a say in the matter, but TeamViewer works well for online financial slavery as she has access to your computer without suffering from being in the same room as you.

21- Financial Contract

As previously stated, many financial slaves are wannabes who disappear the second they’ve cum with an empty wallet and head full of regret.

To counter this, a good money Domme will sign you up for a contract you can’t break. It will require regular tributes and payments and if you do disappear, then there will be a clause that requires you to pay big if you try to come back, which you probably will since you will be hopelessly addicted to this beauty.

These contracts will state how much you pay for her attention, how often you are to send tributes, and what amount, as well as what the fine is for infractions. Mistress will expect you to keep to this contract

22- Set up a “piggy bank.”

There are websites online that are banks for findom and allow an account to be set up for a Mistress to which the pay pig (that’s you) pays into. Mistress has the card and online login details to withdraw money. Many Dommes use these accounts, and they are a great way for her to keep track of what each piggy is giving and make sure they are pulling their weight.

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23 Taunted over the phone or via email

Whilst there are many wannabe dommes out there who think calling a man a loser makes them a dominatrix, a proper Mistress knows exactly how to use verbal degradation with her slaves, and it comes to its best with findom. After you have just paid a hefty fine or transferred a sizeable tribute to her, she will either call or email you and mock you for it.

Calling you pathetic and useless can only get attention from women or anything else she can think of. Mocked and ridiculed for being such a useless excuse for a man that you can only get attention from beautiful women when you pay is extremely humiliating.

24- Verbal degradation

Verbal degradation is far more than calling a slave a bad boy or a loser. Many women get into BDSM and think this is all it takes. It isn’t. True verbal degradation comes from finding out what a slave responds to most and using this weakness against him—finding out what hits him hardest and where it hurts the most.

Anyone can call someone a loser, but a proper money Mistress will do it in such a way as to make it clear just how pathetic you are that your life exists to be a walking wallet. Being verbally berated and degraded by this arrogant, haughty Princess or Domme after you have put yourself into debt to pay her is a huge humiliation

25- Small penis humiliation

BDSM and men with small cocks are joined at the hip. It is femdom 101, but one of the biggest uses of SPH is by Mistress mocking his cock size as she drains his wallet. check out the BDSM Humiliation here

Ridiculing him for having such a tiny maggot dick that he can only get female attention by paying vast sums of money is one of the most common small penis humiliation scenarios to date.

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26- Be reminded that women have the power

As you hand over your tribute or hit send when you transfer money to her account, she will be sure to remind you that women carry all the power when it comes to weak-minded males like you. She will leave you in no doubt whatsoever that female is the superior sex and that men exist only to keep women in a luxurious lifestyle

27-Run her errands

Your duties to this Amazon queen will be to run her errands. Do her shopping, pick up her dry cleaning, take her dog to the groomers, whatever she wants. And the added humiliation, of course, you will be paying her for the privilege of running around after her.

28- Pay for her lingerie

Seeing a gorgeous woman in sexy lingerie is almost every guy’s fantasy, but for a cash piggy like you, seeing a Mistress in lingerie isn’t going to happen.

Her tight body in skimpy lace knickers with matching push-up bra, suspenders and silk stockings is for her real man boyfriend’s pleasure, but why should she (or him) have to pay for it when they have the cuckold pay pig that is you to do it. Imagine how humiliating it will be for her to show you the sexy lingerie and make you pay for it, knowing you will NEVER see her in it, and it will be for another man’s pleasure.

29- Pay for her manicures

As a woman who deserves a high lifestyle, an expensive manicure is a must, and YOU are paying for it. She might have you transfer the money for it, or she might drag you to the salon and make you wait till she is done, but either way, this expensive manicure is coming out of your pocket. Completing her superior pay Goddess look, her manicure is your responsibility.

30- Be cuckolded

You are useless in bed. With your 2-inch pin dick and lack of charisma, you are a total turn-off to any woman. That is why you turn to findom. It’s the only way a dweeb like you can get attention from a woman.

One thing a Mistress will get a kick from, though, is cuckolding you. Making you watch her with real men or telling you the stories of their sexual adventures. You will be expected to pick up the tab for her cab to go to her lover’s house, pay for their hotel room and even their room service, and the wine or champagne they drink. See our cuckold cams here

cuckold humiliation

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31- Pay for her lunch with friends

Her life is one long relaxing holiday while you toil to pay for it, and one of her favourite pastimes is having lunch with her friends. A lunch she will, of course, expect you to pay for.

She might decide to treat them all using your credit card or for total degradation; she might drag you along and make you wait till they are finished, then have you pay the bill, complete with a huge tip for the cute waiter they all flirted with.

32- Be ruined slowly

Just so it hurts, even more, a findom Mistress can drain you slowly. Week by week, month by month, they will leave you with less and less to live on.

Mounting credit card bills, loan repayments, and a crippling overdraft, they will keep on squeezing as you get deeper and deeper into debt till there is no way out. It can take months or even years, but you will feel every single minute as she squeezes you dry. Check out the skype sex cams to find ruthless girls ready to drain you

33- Make you sell your tv and belongings

If you don’t earn enough, there isn’t enough left on your cards, or you’re maxed out with your overdraft or overextended at the bank with loans, then don’t think for a second these dommes will let you off the hook.

They will make you sell your tv, your clothes, anything of any value to raise the money they demand. These items are considered luxuries for a noncity like you, so you do not need them. If you can’t pay what she wants, then she WILL make you sell what you have to do it.

34- Give you a menu of acceptable food to buy

Since many financial slaves can’t be trusted not to buy medium to expensive food for themselves when that money should be going to Mistress, a findom Princess will supply you with a list of food she deems acceptable for you.

It will be bland, cheap, disgusting own-brand garbage, but it is good enough for your likes. If it leaves more money for you to lavish on Princess, then all the better.

35-Daily tributes

Rather than sending money when she demands it or buying gifts, Money Mistresses tie their slaves into daily tributes. Each day you will be expected to send her a daily tribute.

You may receive a harsh email or text, or you might not get any acknowledgement. Either way, rain, hail, an unexpected bill or a credit card statement, you will be expected to make this daily tribute without fail. She will work out your income and expenditure and then decide how much you have to send

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36- Be available on Twitter

No matter what is going on in your life, be you unwell with a hardcore cold, your gran is unwell or it’s your wife’s birthday and she wants to go out, TOUGH.

Your Mistress wants you available on Twitter 24/7 to answer her tweets or to send money when she wants it. You will be required to be available at all times. You will need to set the alarm for every 15 minutes to make sure you don’t miss anything from her. She may also set you tasks in public tweets for all to see.

37- She is your chastity keyholder

Locking that cock away and denying you any relief is the only way to ensure your continued obedience. She will become your online chastity keyholder, and if you want unlocked to feel the sweet sense of relief as an orgasm happens to you, you’ll need to pay for it and BIG.

She will set tasks, demand tributes, anything she wants, and you need to follow them all to the letter if you ever want that pin dick of yours to feel fresh air again. She might make you buy an orgasm, or she might set an incredibly high figure that needs to be met in total before you get your key back but be in no doubt that once that lock snaps shut, she owns you, your cock, and your orgasms.

38- Presents on both your birthdays

A bit of a mindfuck this one. She will keep a calendar with both birthdays on it, and on those dates, she will expect gifts from you. When it is her birthday, she expects to be spoiled rotten with lots of lavish gifts. When it is YOUR birthday, she will expect to be spoiled with lots of lavish gifts.

39- Pay for every typo in emails or texts

Although financial domination is a huge fantasy and extremely popular, for almost all slaves, it is merely a fantasy. Being ruined, drained, and struggling to survive is not something they can deal with. Lots of financial slaves do, but for some, it is about the power she has of taking money from them and their obedience in handing it over.

Being fined for every typo you make is the perfect way for the best of both worlds. Every email or text you send needs zero spelling mistakes if you are to avoid a fine; therefore, technically, you are in control of how many fines and how much you pay. She will still laugh and berate you as she “takes” the money from you. You deserve it

40- Make you addicted to findom

You are already addicted to her. She has drawn you into her web and manipulated it so that she is all you think about from the second you wake up till the time you fall asleep at night, but a real findom Mistress will make you also addicted to financial domination.

No matter how much debt you rack up or how many credit card bills land through the door, you will be completely addicted to sending money or spending it on her. It will become an addiction to you that will take over your life. One you can’t live without.

Findom will be your life, and every action you take will revolve around being financially dominated. You won’t be able to function without it or her. At that stage, she has you right where she wants you.

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41Buy from her Wishlist

There is no female dominant who doesn’t have a wishlist on Amazon for slaves to buy from, but for most Dommes, it is a slave’s choice to buy or not. For the likes of you, though, it’s not a choice. It’s a requirement.

You will be expected to buy her things from it regularly. You might be expected to do it at random (but frequently, of course!), or she may demand it for the privilege of giving you her attention instead of sending her money directly. Whatever way she chooses, you better choose from the end of the higher-priced item on the scale.

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Some subs don’t know they want to be financially dominated, so a good Dominatrix will brainwash them into it. You will be trained and brainwashed into thinking only of her needs and wants, regardless of how it affects you.

Mindlessly following orders and doing as you are told, you will have been brainwashed into findom by a calculating, manipulative findom without even realizing it.

43- Hypno

Maybe brainwashing isn’t for you, though. Maybe you need to be hypnotized into being a mindless slave, blindly doing as you are told. If this is the case, then these Dommes will happily use hypnosis on you. Getting you relaxed and opening your brain to being invaded, they will get you to the point where you will do exactly as you are told as soon as you hear a trigger word or as a full-time activity.

44- Make you feed her addiction (smoking, gambling, etc.)

Dommes are just like regular people and can have an addiction the same as everyone else, but the difference with her is she does not need to use her own money to finance hers. That’s what she has you for. So if she is a smoker, you will be buying her cigarettes. If she is on 20 a day, then tough.

You better buy her enough to see her through till you can buy more, but she better not run out, or you’ll be sorry. If she likes to gamble, then it’ll be your credit card, so enter it into her online account.

She can then gamble to her heart’s content, keep all her winnings but not give a toss if she loses. The loss is your problem to pay for. These are the two main addictions a Dominatrix might make you subsidize for her, but there are many more.

45- Forced contributions

This can contribute to something large she wants to buy (a tv, a car or even a house), or you can contribute to her lifestyle. If you are one of those losers who doesn’t earn much money, you might find yourself paying as much as possible towards her life, but this will not be voluntary.

You might beg, whine and plead that it leaves you short of paying your bills but tough, she will force you to contribute to her, which is final.

46- Buy things from her

To supplement her income, many Dommes sell items to slaves. Used panties, stockings, socks, and even their toenail clippings. Anything that a pathetic male will buy from them.

You will also be commanded to buy from her, but you will pay a vastly inflated price. It might not even be something you particularly want or like. Dirty used gym socks, smelly, worn-out sneakers or pieces of her hair. It’s potluck what she says you’ve to purchase, but it will NOT be cheap, and you better get it bought without hesitation.

money slaves, paypigs, sissy financial domination

47- Call her on a premium rate phone line

Rather than use a live findom cams room for your financial domination where she can ramp up her minutely rate, many dommes use premium rate phone line services or a middleman such as a nite flirt.

These lines cost as much as $9 a minute, and she will make you call it and stay on the line. Being charged $9 a minute to listen to her insult you, berate you, humiliate you or just have to listen to her clacking her computer keyboard as she ignores you and doesn’t even acknowledge you.

48- Buy her artwork

Many Dommes like to paint to ease the stress of dealing with the likes of you every day. Rather than let it clutter up her apartment, she will sell it. You will buy whatever painting she tells you, and she will do it at an extortionate price. These are hardly a solid investment, but she doesn’t care. You’re buying them, and that’s that

49- Pay for her photoshoot

Whether it be for her professional picture to put online to lure more slaves and subs to her femdom webcam rooms, her modelling portfolio or her headshots. Doesn’t matter. whatever she wants or whatever package she decides to sign up for, you can pay for it. It won’t be some shitty, third-rate photographer, either. She deserves the best, and she has you to pay for it.


So that is a list of fifty ways for findom to be conducted. It is far from complete, and the twisted, sadistic pay Princesses online will always be able to think of ways to separate you from your cash. Moreover, you will always pay up as well since you know it is the only way these unattainable women will ever even acknowledge you.

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So open your wallet and get your credit card out. It’s time for you to start earning your place in the life of a superior woman. Get those card details entered in pay piggy. It’s pay-up time, slave time to show what you’re worth.

I also LOVE financial domination. I am a mean bitch. A bratty princess and a mean-size queen. I deserve the best of everything, and YOU deserve to cough up the green to pay for it.

Findom is great for me because I have lots of dorky losers like you who follow me around with your tongue hanging out, desperate for my attention. I like to make them buy me expensive lingerie and jewellery, pay my bills and rent, or for dinner dates with my real man boyfriend. It is not my problem if you have to cut back on essentials and sell your car to take the bus or live on value beans.

financial domination

You are my pay pig. My little human ATM, and if I want something, YOU are buying it. If you max out your credit cards, then you’ll need to get another. If you go overdrawn at the bank, you will need to increase it. I don’t care. But if I want a pair of Jimmy Choos, you better cough up the cash for them.

How you get it is your problem. The cruel Mistress cams are always available for those who need to be trained and taken to task by a strong dominant female, this is the lifestyle you are now signing up for, and once you have signed that slave contract, there is never any going back, so be prepared, be ready and know your slave weak slave boy!

There are an endless amount of scenarios and sessions possible when using live BDSM cams for your domination needs, and all the superior females available will be more than equipped to listen to what you like and then tailor a session to suit whatever area it is that interests you.

Be prepared, however, because we are cold and sadistic, and we pray on the weaknesses you possess, and we feed on your abject misery. Enter into private female domination cams area at your peril. Be on your knees and ready to serve at the feet of superior and powerful women.

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