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It is a true saying that gentlemen prefer blondes. When it comes to BDSM and female domination, it is usually a blonde Mistress I want when I use online femdom cams. To me, blondes look more innocent. More sweet and more butter wouldn’t melt. And for slaves like me, that only makes the fact they can be twisted and nasty all the better!

I usually visit Mistress Diana at least once a week for domination. I belong to her and she likes to inspect her property and to make sure I am still subservient to her and not starting to get a big head. mistress x is a blond dominatrix who is an expert in femdom and she is always incredibly busy so I sometimes need to hang around and wait till she is free before I can enter her private femdom webcam room.

But she is definitely worth the wait. She is absolutely stunning and she has long blonde hair that always dances in the light. I am always mesmerized as I watch it bounce as she talks and the way it flicks as she turns her head. I also like the way she throws it back after she has been looking down. I am a sucker for her light blonde hair and she knows it.

Whenever we are in a session, she always has her light hair down so I can see it clearly and as much of it as possible. She looks like the girl next door and with high definition femdom webcam, I can see her beauty clearly. But she has a vicious tongue and as she barks orders, her hair bounces all over the place. She looks sweet and nice but she can be nasty and vindictive. It is the ultimate difference between darkness and light and it is a bit of a mind fuck.
While real men usually find that blondes are more adventurous in bed and wild between the sheets, insignificant, inferior sissy men like me find them to be some of the nastiest and most sadistic dominatrix’s there are. Maybe it is because they have to counteract the way everyone thinks them to be too nice, maybe it is because they are so pissed off with the stereotype that they are stupid or that many men think blond women are “easy”. Whatever it is, it is guys like me who suffer for it.
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Because we have to feel the wrath of these superior women. They are strong, dominant females and they can be really mean bitches when they are annoyed. There are dozens of light-haired Dommes online at any female domination cam site and they are all keen to dispel the inaccuracies.You can also check out our erotic female slave cams here

If you are a sub slave male and you are looking for a Mistress who is beautiful and radiant but also nasty and mean, go to a femdom cam site and select a blond hair Domme.

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