Loving Latex – Mistress Story

I walked into my house to a complete shock. I didn’t notice her attire so much as her attitude. My wife was mad, and not just irritated, pissed. She was wearing a latex garter belt with no panties and holding black latex stockings.

Her round ass stuck out from the back and 7″ stiletto heels accentuated Her long sexy legs. The only thing covering her breasts were two tiny latex patches over her nipples. I had never seen Her wear anything with such an air of confidence. She has that

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“fuck you”

look on her face. I knew I was in for it when she opened with,

“you twisted, sick fuck.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I said.

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She pulled a credit card statement from behind her on the couch.

“Does this ring any bells?Three hundred dollars in phone sex charges? You seem completely shocked. Didn’t think you’d get caught? Yes, they are discretely billed as SSC enterprises, but it wasn’t that hard to figure out. If you’d kept it within reason I never would have noticed, but three hundred dollars is enough to attract attention.”

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anal humiliation

She pulled a magazine from beneath the leather couch.

“It seems I’ve been quite the detective today. I not only found out the charges were for phone sex, I even found the ad where you got the phone number. Helga’s House of Humiliation. Where male sluts are treated like the whores they are. Well, little man, you’re My whore now.”

“i… wah… uh…”
“Quit snivelling you sick fuck.”
“I can explain.”
“you can’t explain a damn thing. I’ve been married to you for ten years only to find out you’re so pathetic that you pay Women to humiliate you over the phone. Why did you keep this fascination with your secret from Me?”

I couldn’t seem to answer. “Were you ashamed?” my silence seemed to agree with Her. “Did you think if I knew you were into this sort of thing I would no longer respect you, that I would no longer consider you a man?”

I sort of nodded. She wasn’t far off base. “Well, your dirty little secret is out. I know. There’s no going back, and you never were a man!” She exhaled and paused. “You’re a good husband, a good father and capable of making mistakes.

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When we got married we made a promise to be each other’s every fantasy. I intend to live up to that promise. If you want to be humiliated and dominated by a female, then crawl on your hands and knees, kiss my feet and beg Me to do it pig! If you attempt in any way to indulge your perversions outside of this marriage…

” She walked right up to me, shoving her body against mine. my hand fell against her bare upper thigh. “…then you will never touch this body again. Have I made myself clear?”
She walked out of the room. Such a strong woman, I never knew She had it in Her. We had been through a lot together, good and bad.

I have to admit She handled the situation well. After taking a few minutes to think I went to find Her. She was seated at the kitchen table, still wearing that “fuck you” look. She said, “Well, what is it?”


I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to apologize. I wanted to hug her. She had made it clear that was not going to happen, at least not yet. Without a word I got on my knees, crawled over to Her and kissed Her feet. After kissing them for a few minutes I sat back against my heels and looked up at Her.

She gave me an icy cold stare and one word, “Strip.” Still kneeling, I managed to remove my clothing. “Let’s get one thing clear. You are still in the doghouse, and now I am going to punish you.” She paused. “you are My bitch little man, and now you will pay for not realizing My superior status over you as a Woman.”

“Lay face up on the kitchen table. Spread your legs wide and stretch your arms over your head. … Now!” I obey. I have never seen my wife act like this, but I like it! Cold shackles and chains are taken from the refrigerator.

One end is clasped around my ankle and the chain is looped around one of the table legs, strung to the opposite side, looped around that table leg, and clasped around my other ankle. The same is done to my wrists. Shivers trail across my body because of the cold metal against my warm flesh. She notices the goose pimples and runs Her long fingernails down my chest. A third chain is wrapped around the table at my midsection, holding me firmly in place, and padlocked.

“Comfy dear? I do hope it is not too cold for you.”

She says sarcastically pinching my erect nipples. “you’re in for it now you sick dirty bastard.”
Grinning She pulls a long sharp knife from the kitchen drawer and walks toward me testing its sharpness.

“What are you going to do with that?”

I shrieked, horrified that She was going to castrate me.
“Scared little man.” Her eyes are wide with excitement and she licks the blade. “I think this one is sharp enough. Don’t worry, Momma’s going to make everything better. you will feel so much better after you’ve taken your medicine.

Do be quiet though, so Mommy can concentrate. Don’t move, or we may have an accident.” I am petrified. She walks toward me and straddles my chest, resting her soft round ass just below my nipples.

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The mere sight of Her bare ass below that black latex girdle has given me an instant erection. Looking back at me She grabs my cock and starts pumping her hand up and down my hard shaft.

I almost cum. She stops abruptly, turns Her head again and devilishly winks at me. “Stay still precious.” She grabs the head of my dick and pulls upward stretching my cock and balls to their max. I feel the cold blade at the base of my balls and She sweeps upward with it, shaving my pubic hair from my ball sack. She continues until She is satisfied with the baldness of my bare balls.

Jumping from the table She explains.

I am still shocked and totally aroused. I did not know what was going to happen next. I felt helpless and small. my Wife bent down below the kitchen sink and pulled out two mouse traps. Laying them on my chest She then went to another drawer and found two small chip clips with teeth and a pair of scissors.

Pulling a rubber band from Her hair She walked back to the kitchen table. She wrapped the rubber band around the base of my groin in figure 8. One loop around the base of my balls, and the other around the base of my cock.

sph picture, small peni spicture

“This is going to be fun!”

She squealed. The tension around my genitals made me harder and I desperately wanted to cum now. She attached the chip clips to my ball sack. Tiny teeth dug into the flesh of my precious balls and a bit of painful pleasure struck me. The mouse traps were attached to my nipples and She smacked me across the face.

“That is for the three hundred dollar phone bill you are going to work off with degrading chores. This is for the filthy porn you have brought into My house without telling Me.”

Her hand slaps the bulging head of my erect cock. Pain shoots downward toward my clamped balls and Her giggles.

“Now for the fun!”

She is at the table’s end where my head is.

“I know how much you love pussy baby. Impress Me with your tongue. Show Me that you are at least good at something. Lick, suck, and nibble at My dripping hot pussy until I cum.”

Regardless of the clips on my testicles, I started to leak precum. I was way too excited to concentrate on anything, even eating Her swollen red pussy.

But She gave me no choice. She seated Herself on my head. Her pink anus smothered my nostrils. Her lips spread over my mouth and I commenced to suck and pull on Her swollen clit.


I felt Her silky thighs squeeze the sides of my head as hot cum ran into my mouth. I felt my head would burst until She climaxed and screamed with an orgasm. She dismounted me and released the mousetraps from my nipples.

The chip clips came off of my genitals and She tested the rubber band for tightness. She reached for a can of liquid latex from below the table. She did so Her beautiful ass and recently eaten slimy pussy rose into the air taunting my erection to its thickest point yet.

She painted a bra over my nipples and drizzled liquid latex all over my hard throbbing cock. “How pretty you look, honey!

” She tickles my balls waiting for the latex to dry. Her fingers run up my thighs and stimulate my latex dripping balls.

I cannot see what She is hiding behind her back. This bothers me. I do not know what She has in store for me. She could do just about anything to me because I am strapped to this kitchen table!

A cold gel is squirted on my asshole. Her thin finger swirls it around and she slips the tip of a dildo up my anus. Slowly the tip passes my sphincter and enters my anal cavity. Deeper it travels as She impales me with this foreign object.

A plastic sex toy is raping my ass. Violating its virginity and stretching my hole. She laughs and I hear something hum. There is a plastic vibrating dong in my anus. It vibrates my balls as She works it in and out of my ass. You can view our kinky sex ideas for naughty sex sessions 

My cock grows beneath the dried latex and I can feel its elasticity gripping my balls. With the vibrator firmly shoved to its hilt in my fuck hole, She slides onto the table and mounts my throbbing dick. Squeezing Her muscles up and down my shaft She excites Herself and starts to slap me.

“You filthy whore. you are a filthy bitch and I will fuck you until there is nothing left of you but a pile of bones!” Faster and deeper Her pelvis grinds along with my cock and She thrusts Herself into an orgasmic fit.
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Her breasts push outward as Her back arches violently and She wraps Her arms under my knees cutting the shackles into my restrained ankles. Going limp She relaxes and breathes heavily. She flips Herself up and glares at me inches from my face. “I feel better now pig.”

The scissors are now in Her hand and She opens and closes them like the jaws of an alligator. Was that my last hurrah? She’s going to castrate me?

The point of the scissors scratches its way to my balls and draws a snap around the rubber band. The latex is ripped off and my genitals are free now. A flash of pain presents itself because of the release of blood. She smacks my dick and leaves me chained to the table.

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