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 Masturbation Chat – Every guy, regardless of age or relationship status, will wank a few times a week.


Some do it two to three times a day, others a bit less frequently, but all in all, guys will have their hands around their shaft and jerk off more often than not. Get ready for the best masturbation cam-to-cam sex chat with horny kinky girls who love to instruct you with jerking.


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It’s a male biological fact that they get turned on by something; they get erect then all rhyme and reason go out the window. This is the best in masturbation video chat with the sexiest, kinkiest webcam hosts, girls, guys & shemales.

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 Need Cam To Cam Masturbation Ideas For Cams?

Men think with their dick, and they need relief, which is why a sneaky wank is a necessity.

Kinky orgasm control in the masturbation cams section with a list of the best cam-to-cam masturbation sites

Are you looking for more kinky BDSM ideas for hot sexy times? Check out our Live JOI Cams here if you need to have that cock controlled by strong, kinky enthusiastic cam models &Mistresses; these femdoms enjoy full control, from milking, draining, teasing, sensitivity, prolonged, painful types of wank instructions by serious women who enjoy being in full control at all times. 

These are some of the masturbation ideas and techniques you may find in our masturbation chat rooms.

We also have some great ideas for guided masturbation where the cam girls will show you by using a sex toy how to jerk off that cock properly, you must follow the instructions, and you are not allowed to orgasm until she permits you.


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The cam girl or Mistress will be teasing you throughout the jerk-off-instruction, and possibly they may decide on forced chastity to stop you from wanking at all. You can also see our adult women masturbating naked in a free chat room. We also have girls watching girls masturbate. get ready to watch the best free cam-to-cam masturbation webcam shows. You can also check out our skype sexcam if you prefer 121 via skype

Thankfully though, help is at hand (no pun intended) for ideas on keeping it fresh or even if you just enjoy masturbating and want to talk to someone about it. Then make sure to chat with our girls in their free cam-to-cam masturbation rooms.

Let Mistress guide you into the world of Joi phone sex

So what can you do in a Masturbation Chat?

  • Mutual masturbation is where you can both cum together and watch each other at the same times.
  • Orgasm Control being in charge of each other’s orgasm and when they are allowed to cum
  • Orgasm Denial  – getting excited and worked up and desperate to orgasm, but your partner denies it.
  • Secret masturbation play – When you do it alone but like to chat to someone about it
  • Spy masturbation – Perhaps spying on someone else who is masturbating, but they do not realize you are there.
  • Ruined orgasm chat – Where you get so worked up and just the point you are ready to cum, your partner ruins it.
  • Jerk-off instructions – Where the person gives you instructions on how to wank that cock  or rub that pussy
  • Edgeplay – Starting  and stopping, you get close to an orgasm, and she stops you and makes you lose the hard-on, then starts wanking again
  • Cam to Cam masturbation sites are listed throughout this site

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Cam To Cam Masturbation is it any good?

Yes, masturbation via cam is a great way to try new techniques with your cam partner online and in real-time live.

This is probably one of the better ways of enjoying mutual masturbation, by watching the enjoyment in each other and perhaps instructing each other in other kinky ways and ideas to make the masturbation feel even better. Girls masturbating online now 

The cam-to-cam section allows you to watch and be watched and is a better experience for both involved. We have some of the very best masturbation cams for girls who enjoy following directions, so if you like to watch live females masturbating, then be sure to visit our kinky playrooms. We have women masturbating live night and day and waiting to carry out any kink, fetish, and taboo that you may have for them, naked girls and guys from all over the world who enjoy fantasy roleplays with like-minded people.


You can watch these girls and interact with them live in the free chat area with some sexy teen cam girls, milfs, cougars, matures, and kinksters. These free cam-to-cam masturbation chat rooms are a great starting place for interacting and experimenting with new sexual ideas and fetishes.

The great thing about our cams is that you can have anonymous cam-to-cam masturbation everything is discreet, and you are kept anonymous at all times.

Watch them strip, tease and get nude for you. Watch the teens mast on cam as they watch you wank simultaneously; these chics love to be watched and directed by the stream live 247, so make sure to enter the preview area and get chatting with them now.

No matter what you enjoy or your fantasy, these webcam girls, guys, and shemales have you covered; they enjoy being the girls masturbating on camera.

Read our post on 20 ways  to Masturbation – Best Jerk Off Instructions 

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This site is full of sexy females who all live on a webcam and are available to talk to you about your wanking habits and to give you fresh ideas on how to do it or supply you with alternative fantasies to think about.

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Ready for Wank Instructions in Our Live masturbation cams Section 

If you are now ready with some oil in hand and ready for your instructions and Guidance on how to masturbate in a cam show then step inside the 121 chat rooms and start interacting with sexy cam girls or strict fetish Mistresses. These girls enjoy giving out Specific kinky instructions to make you enjoy your masturbating. Let our sexy girls and Mistresses show you how to have good masturbation with a cam girl

They can also dress up or do things you can store in the wank bank for another time. Are you ready for the best mutual masturbation webcam chats?

There are lots of girls online at any time, and they all love to sit and talk to guys like you about how you get yourself off.

Masturbation is a very natural and nowhere near as dirty and perverted as mainstream society would have you believe. Our Sexy girls will show how to have good masturbation with cam girls online.

Thankfully, the girls on here are anything but mainstream and prudish! Anything goes with these babes, and you can tell them anything.

They have no limits or inhibitions and are extremely open-minded about anything you want to say or do.

You can either talk about how you like to wank, what technique you use, what you fantasize about etc., or you can actively masturbate either while she talks dirty or acts out things that you like to see.

The mainstream has taught that masturbation is a dirty habit, but in fact, it is a perfectly natural act, and thankfully all the girls on here know it as well.

They are very open-minded and kinky, and they understand just how much masturbating is important to a man. – check out our jerk-off instructions page

They don’t mind that you want to sit and play with yourself while you chat, and they can talk to you for hours on end about it as well.

You must keep things new and fresh; otherwise, they become stale thanks to their vast experience in the world of adult sex cams, these ladies have extensive knowledge of different ways that you can pleasure yourself, and you can practice them with her or take notes for your “alone time.”

It doesn’t all need to be about you, though. Lots of guys get off on watching women masturbating, rubbing their clit, or fingering themselves and these hotties are always horny, so they can talk to you about what they do to get themselves off; you can even watch and direct them.

Our online cam girls, guys, shemales, and Mistresses usually prefer if they can watch you at the same time, they like to see how horny they are making you and just how turned on you are getting.

If they are using countdowns or edgeplay or ruined orgasms in their masturbation cam show, they enjoy watching, so if you have a cam and are not too shy, then be sure to advise them you wish to have a cam-to-cam sex chat with them. Watch and be watched; it works both ways. Check out our adult cam chat here for mutual masturbation on the webcam.

They will describe how they like to touch themselves. Get ready to masturbate Live

 Describe in detail how they like to part their legs, lick their fingers, slide them into their pussy and use their other hand to rub their clit, for example.

Going into detail, they can talk about squeezing their nipples or fondling their breasts as they play, as well as tell you about everything they fantasize about.

You can watch as they start rubbing themselves as well, which should have your dick hard in no time so you can have a mutual masturbation session, which is an extremely big turn-on.

Watching each other and using the view of each other to turn yourselves on will have you both cumming hard. We also have some girls watching girls masturbate scenarios, so if you are a female that likes to be watched as you watch another woman, then step inside our online rooms now.

There are dozens of sexy girls online right now, and they are ready to have a live chat with you now. You can chat, she can watch you, you can watch her, or you can both watch each other.

The choice is yours. Whatever you want to do, these babes are here for you, so what are you waiting for? Join the site now and get interact with these babes now.

Do the Webcam girls enjoy Masturbating on cam? Do they orgasm?

Yes, the webcam girls love being able to orgasm for you as you tell them what to do; just don’t rush them; let them relax, and get into it with you. Most hosts won’t orgasm in every show as not everyone asks them to, but if this is something you want them to, please make sure to tell the host.

Whether it is a Mistress you seek to guide you into masturbation chat or to watch a sexy girl masturbating, our site has the solution for every type of fetish and fantasy.

It is not just about femdom Mistress chat but about every other type of fetish Cams Chat.

You can think of the kinkiest ways to jerk that cock and watch her rub that pussy on the webcam while you direct and count her down to the big Orgasm at the end of it all.

Our sexy females, ladies women, enjoy masturbating live for our members; they enjoy being instructed on how to please themselves as well as watching you at the same time.

Our sexy females, ladies women, enjoy masturbating live for our members; they enjoy being instructed on how to please themselves as well as watching you at the same time. Perhaps the idea of a ruined orgasm chat is enough to perk your interest, and you want to explore just how frustrating that whole scenario could be.

You can also check out our kinky masturbation chat rooms here

Chat Masturbating While you instruct & Deny Maturbate Live 247

Chat masturbating is just another way of chatting to the person while you masturbate together; whether it be via a live cam show or at home, chatting whilst masturbating can be a huge turn-on.

Mutual masturbation chats are always really popular because people like to have company sometimes whilst they reach an orgasm, and being able to see the pleasure in the other person’s face can sometimes be enough to make the person orgasm without having to do anything else.

I have seen and heard of people who can orgasm without having to masturbate at all. This, in turn, can be something that can be discussed in our masturbation cams section, where our cam girls enjoy exploring new ways to make you cum hard for them. Don’t forget to check out the dominant females on cam, all waiting to take you apart piece by piece by edging that cock until its redrawn.

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