Why Do Women Fantasize During Sex?

Do All females Fantasize When Having Sex?

Women fantasize. As much as there is “always” an exception to every rule, I’d say that this one is an exception to the exception. Women fantasize during sex, period.

They also fantasize during masturbation. In fact, I think I will go ahead and very boldly state that women cannot have an orgasm during masturbation unless they are fantasizing.

I want to stress this point first, for the men out there who are still somewhat intimidated by their woman fantasizing during sex.

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You shouldn’t let it get to you, because the simple fact is that women fantasize whether you like it or not! If you try and control her fantasies and get her to stop, you will only make her clamp up and become uncomfortable during sex, killing the enjoyment for both of you.

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So, why do women fantasise during sex?

I’m not going to overcomplicate this or beat around the bush here. Women fantasise about sex because it enhances the experience for them. In some cases, they fantasize because they need to feel anything at all.

Don’t allow yourself to get hurt by your woman fantasising. Embrace it. It is a part of her. The fact is, a woman’s sexuality is almost entirely in her mind. It makes perfect sense that she would use her mind to stimulate herself into orgasm.

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A woman’s fantasy is actually an amazing, awe-inspiring thing.

 When a woman fantasizes, she “downloads” an entire new WORLD into her brain right away.

She does not just fantasize about a man, a woman, and sex in the way that men often do. Instead, a woman dreams up an entire world. She creates new characters, gives them backstories, and makes up an entire reason for their sexual encounter. And she does this all almost instantly!


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It’s not about her wanting to “cheat on you” or be with another man or whatever. Many women often don’t even picture themselves in their fantasies. Some women picture imaginary men giving imaginary women orgasms. The focus isn’t even always on themselves!


The Dark Side of the Female Fantasy

Women are often very sexually repressed; they have been for years. Anyone who has been extremely sexually intimate with a woman knows what I’m talking about. A woman is ALWAYS more “freaky” and sexually inclined than she lets on the outside!

Many elements of the female fantasy represent a repressed part of their psyche that is begging to come out. Fantasizing about extreme elements allows a woman to experience pleasure without guilt.

This is unfortunate because it would be great if we were all sexually liberated and able to be ourselves without guilt or shame. Still, these are the cards we’ve been dealt, and we must learn to play them.

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The Bright Side of the Female Fantasy

If you show your woman from the beginning that you are not intimidated, disgusted, or judgemental of her fantasies — you will unlock a whole new world of sexuality inside of her that no other man will ever get to see. Think about that. It’s like you have her sexual side all to yourself.

Be careful not to make her afraid to reveal her sexual side to you. Encourage it, and do not let them make you angry, even if they are about another man. Remember, what we think about is not necessarily what we want to do. It’s just what turns her on, for whatever reason.

When she knows that you are accepting, and even encouraging of it, she will feel pleasure in a whole new way when she is with you and will do almost anything to reciprocate that pleasure to you.

So, What Sort of Things do Women Think About?

Women think about all sorts of things. Often, it’s forbidden stuff that they would never speak about out loud to anyone they are not completely comfortable with.

If you are truly curious about the types of things women think about, I highly recommend the inexpensive book My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday.

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This book has actually made some men angry while reading it (I once heard of a man throwing the book across the room) because it spoils the image we often hold of the “pure, non-corrupt” woman forever.

What the book basically is is a juicy compilation of women’s fantasies, collected by a woman who requested that women right them in decades ago. These are regular women, by the way, not nymphos on cam. These are your housewives and good-girls, professionals and young ladies alike.

Amazing and revealing read.


Women fantasize as an outlet for their repressed sexuality and also simply to feel pleasure. For them, the pleasure is almost entirely in the mind, and fantasizing is the “stimulation” they need to unlock it.

Don’t be put off by your woman fantasizing like most guys. Embrace it, and you will be seen as special by her, and you will reap the rewards.

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