Foreplay For Men – Ideas, Techniques & Tips

Foreplay Advice for Men – Intimate Ideas, sensual foreplay, Passionate sexy Ideas

We’ve all heard how important foreplay is. And the more intimate encounters you have with women, the more apparent it is that to have truly great sex, foreplay is often necessary to “warm her up.”


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Foreplay is such an important skill to master precisely because it’s something that most men are just too lazy to get right. If you can get it to the point where your lucky woman is soaking and practically begging for you to penetrate her, then you instantly set yourself apart from every other guy out there.

Ironically, whether sex is good sex or bad sex for a woman is quite often determined before intercourse even begins.

3 Foreplay Techniques to Get You Started

The truth of the matter is that foreplay is an art to be mastered, and there is no direct easy answer. However, I know that you probably already realize this and will not beat around the bush. You want specific foreplay techniques and ideas that you can put to use right away to get the balls rolling and your mind spinning, right?

I’m going to share some specific techniques with you. Intrinsical advice on this subject may sound good, but having specific tricks up your sleeve is definitely a big help.

Foreplay Technique #1: Holding Back

Knowing how to “hold back” is perhaps THE most important thing you can learn when it comes to foreplay and giving women a great sexual experience.

In foreplay, never move too quickly. Slow all of your movements down. The thing about women is that they are more turned on by the ANTICIPATION of what you’re going to do to them than you actually do it.

So, let’s say that you plan on kissing your woman. Don’t just jump into it. Smell her neck a little bit. Play with the hairs on the back of her neck (this feels divine).

If you’re touching your woman and it obviously feels good, don’t keep it up for too long during foreplay! Stop, and do something else for a minute that does not feel as good. This contrast will make it feel even better when you return to doing the more pleasurable stuff!

And don’t go for her private parts until she’s adequately turned on! In fact, get her so turned on that she’s bucking and practically begging for your attention there! You want her thinking “when is he going to touch my breasts?” or “I wish he’d take off my underwear already!”
Think of foreplay with a woman like savouring a dessert. Don’t just scarf it all down at once!

Foreplay Technique #2: Smelling Her

Most guys don’t think to do this, which makes it even more powerful. Give your woman an intense smelling session before you even kiss her or grope her at all.

You want to smell her from behind. Women smell good, and they actually love to be smelled. It makes their (sexual) imaginations run wild and makes them feel all sorts of tingly things if you do it the right way.

Target areas like the back of her hair, the back of her neck, and her shoulders. If you find that a particular area makes her shudder, remember that area, stop, and come back to it per the lesson in the first foreplay technique for holding back; this will make it feel divine when you return.

If you can keep this up for a good ten to fifteen minutes before touching or kissing her in any meaningful way, she will be extremely receptive to anything you want to do to her after the smelling session.

Incredibly powerful.

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Foreplay Technique #3: The Art of Sexual Talking – Turn Her on With Your Voice

What you say is so powerful that some lovemaking gurus have gone as far as to say that sex is more about what you say than what you do.

I’m not sure I’d go that far, but I do know for a fact that your voice and what you choose to say is an incredible asset that can extensively heighten any sensation that you want your woman to feel.

But here’s the thing — sexual speak during foreplay is a little bit different than dirty talk (I’ll be writing an article about dirty talk later). You usually don’t want to start off right away with the raunchy dirty talk (although there are times when that is called for too!)

When speaking to a woman during foreplay, always make your voice low and deep. Speak in an extremely relaxed tone. Make your eyelids heavy, almost like you’re tired. That often helps the “right” voice come out for me.

Be as descriptive as possible when speaking to a woman during foreplay. Tell her about how soft her lower lip is when you kiss it. Let her know about that tingly spark that you can tell she is feeling when you move your finger along her spine. Pretend you’re a great poet or writer. Be ridiculous with your descriptions!

If you can manage to paint vivid pictures in her mind, you connect her with her imaginative side, which given the context, will make her mind run wild with sexual thoughts.

Don’t make the mistake of saying things that YOU would like to hear! Men and women are different. While you’d probably find direct dirty talk very arousing at this point, with a woman you need to be a little more indirect.

Still, let me tell you something important — don’t make the mistake of thinking that this applies to actual sex! Once all of the clothes are off and the legs are spread, it’s time to let the direct dirty sexual talk begin.

But for now, during the foreplay phase, you want to take it slow. Be descriptive, speak deeply and directly in her ear, and turn her on!

If you need some ideas to get you started, try telling her what you’re going to do to her next before you do it, in a deep sexy voice. This works wonders.


Foreplay is definitely important. I haven’t shared everything here, but I think I’ve given you enough to get you started towards being a master at foreplay. Try this stuff for at least 30 minutes before sex, and you’ll LOVE the results.

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