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There is nothing we enjoy more than discussing sissy stories and the predicaments and humiliation that go into some of our sessions in real life or online. It truly is one of a Mistresses favourite pass times, watching the look on their face as they ordered to do the most ridiculous of tasks, or perhaps they are threatened with exposure. Watch as we abuse our sissy faggot slut on webcam

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Exposure have seems to get the reaction we want, the thought of their pictures or videos being shown online is enough to make them sweat the big stuff and promise to do any tasks or assignments that have been ordered to them. These sissy faggot bitches know their place and they understand they must do what is demanded of them by the superior female/owner/Trainer. We enjoy sharing sissy humiliation stories with you, and belittling these boys and girls as we truly believe degrading them and sharing the stories is one of the best ways to make them feel humiliated

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With that said this is Karen the bitch who just can not get enough of cum, she really has become our little cumdump and admits she loves the taste. Karen ate 4 loads of cum on this particular day from 4 different subs who had deposited for her.
She drank it all from different condoms and then stuck her tongue deep inside the condom in case she had missed any.

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Spat at by Mistress, verbally abused by her owner and another sub, this little whore house begged for more, she was made to turn round as cum was dripped her ass before she was giving a severe pounding by a huge strapon cock

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When it comes to degrading these little cocksuckers I do it well. I do not miss anything out when it comes to making them feel as stupid and as small as possible. From making them clean toilet pans with their tongue to filling their asses with tampons and drawing all over them.

This also coupled with filling their girlie panties full of jaggy nettles or hot peppers, whatever makes them hop about dancing and squealing all day long is what I will do to them.

These are sluts, whores, faggots they deserve all they get. From forcing them into a chastity device to making them pee their panties. We do what we feel we want to do at that particular time.
Being able to do this online via webcam is a great thing, sending slaves outside dressed up and making them run about, sending them to their wives pantie drawers, threatening to expose them to friends, family girlfriends.

Oh yes, they start to sweat, when I demand their passwords for facebook and tell them I will post naked pictures of them online or even worse pictures of them dressed up as a sissy girl humiliated. They know never to cross or underestimate the power of strong-willed women.

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To force you into that locked cage and refuse you to cum, and if you do get to cum we ruin it and laugh at you.

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