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Sissy bitch humiliated online – Prissy Sissy Karen

this sissy bitch was made to eat cum and thank us for it this namby-pamby little whore is a cum guzzling, cock loving, hole opening hussie. She never ceases to amaze us when it comes to carrying out any tasks that are given to her. But then pansy sluts usually do anything that is demanded of them, as they are eager to please at all times.

We love to shame these dirty bitches and name and shame them as well as posting their pictures on our blogs and exposing them for the bitches that they truly have become.

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They have been trained in the art of worshipping a real man.
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This dirty slag Karen – The disgraced sissie bitch was always warned of her severe degradation, embarrassment and of her comeuppance should she at any point not make her owner/trainer happy and to continue entertaining her Mistress/Master/Owner/trainer at all times, if at any time she fails to make us happy she is sent back to the sissy Academy where she is shamed and paraded in front of a crowd, stripped naked and made to stand as everyone laughs at her. This is all part of her obedience training in the world of our Whores who need to be trained and tamed online campaign.

Having a beer bottle rammed up your sissy hole can be very unpleasant but let’s face it, it’s degrading, it makes you embarrassed, it makes you feel dirty, slutty,
put down, shameful and mortified, more so if you have a condom filled with some Trannies cum filled in it and you are made to swallow the lot as your ass is pumped hard with that bottle.

Then it happens Mistress states ” suck that bottle clean” You gasp! what?? Ass to mouth – You mean I must taste my own dirty, smelly ass that has been filled with cum from strange men all day long my ass that you don’t allow me to clean and now you demand I clean that bottle?

“Mistress please” She laughs and snaps again in a harder tone “do it”
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Humiliating sissies is what we enjoy doing, we are good at it, we think outside the box, we enjoy making them do tasks and assignments, dressing them up and at times using blackmail, exposure and financial domination to get exactly what we want.

We want to continue embarrassing, degrading, these prissy momma’s boy bitches, to remind them of the wimp they are the wus they have become, the cum guzzlingprissy girls queens who realize the only way to pay their dues is to suck and be a cum dump
Online humiliated sissy – sharing stories of our sessions and times with these prissy girls has always been fun and I have so many pictures and videos to share with you all.
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3 thoughts on “Cum eating sissy whore humiliated”

  1. I am searching for the right mistress to tell me that I have to send a few pictures of her choice that she has been given for the guarantee that my request for her to put me on cam and be used by her as she watches me know what its like to be on cam and wanted as I requested to be humiliated when she said: to start off I want to know that you don’t want to refuse anything I say. So you can get a dildo and get on top with your legs spread so that I can see it in. ” I began. I was told to get it in all the way and was told to do it faster like a slut. She was laughing and said ” very good. Tell me how much you like to be fkd in front of me.
    I love it.
    She said ” would you like me to invite a few friends to see me fkng you?
    Ok anything for you.
    She laughed and said ” you have been watched the entire time and you have been screen shot too.
    I was so humiliated.
    Then she said: turn around and lift your legs up over head and look at the cam. We have a special request.
    They all were laughing when she said ” grab your cock and tell me you are going to do anything for me. Now point it to your face and your going to be on cam as we watch you pee.
    I was doing this and they were all laughing as I had started. One of them said: I can’t wait to show the screen shots to my friends who are going to laugh historically.
    I was being taken advantage by them and was told ” I own you. Whenever we call you you will get on cam for us to do anything we want. Now pull out the dildo and get on front of the cam and getting on your knees as we watch it in your mouth. ”
    I have become theirs and have become a sex toy to play with on cam in front of everyone who has been invited.
    Can you please consider this request and I will agree to what I suggested and whatever you want to request to be on cam for you to see me humiliated and the screen shots are yours to ensure you are going to be obeyed by me.

    1. Hi Tommy, I love this idea and would want hundreds of very humiliating pictures and videos of you. I have many Mistress friends who would like to join in and degrade you while we make you do the most humiliating things in our cam shows.

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