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Slave with ball gag waiting on nipple torture

The Ball Gag Slave ready to be Punished

Welcome to Slave R and his story all about domination and humiliation- I think he suits this ball gag and it really does shut him up as he is a bit of a squealer which is very annoying to a Mistress

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As I clicked the “enter room” button and heard the shrill ring from the computer, my heart pounded. I was naked as the day I was born (she always insists I am without clothing during our online femdom cam sessions) except for two things.

My cb-6000 chastity cage which I have had on for the last two weeks and a red rubber ball gag.

She insists on keeping me in chastity so I can not touch her property and make it cum. She likes the balls to be full of cum at all times and a nice shade of blue so I am not allowed to orgasm. The gag is so she does not have to listen to my pathetic squeals, crying or begging as my nipples get tortured.
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My nipples are extremely sensitive and it does not take much to make them ache. Unfortunately for me, my Mistress knows this and homes in on them straight away. She loves to inflict nipple torture on me. She is one of the internet’s most sadistic mean bitches and her orders are expected to be followed.

As she came in to view, she looked pissed off. Not a good sign for me. Without a word, she told me to stand and show her my chastity. As my online key holder, she likes to inspect her locked property as often as possible.

I was then told to begin gently rubbing my nipples and tweaking them softly. This is a massive turn on to me and would be ok if not for the hard plastic cage my dick is locked up in. As I began playing with them, my penis began to try to get erect. The pain of a hard-on being stopped and restricted by the plastic caused me to groan and moan slightly.

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This was muffled by the ball gag I was wearing. Drools of saliva ran down the bottom as I could not swallow properly, adding to my humiliation.

I was told to shut up and stop bitching. The taste of rubber in my mouth made me gag. Then it was time. I was ordered to get two clothes pegs and attach them to my nips. I held them half an inch from my brown buds and steeled myself. I then put them over and let go.

I groaned loudly but muffled as they bit into the flesh. My whole body tensed up as the pain rose but it was not enough. I was made to twist them, squeeze them, pinch them and turn them. It was agony but if I refused or even looked like I wasn’t giving it my all then she would make it much, much worse. Then she told me to yank them off. Hard. I held them, pulled them gently three times, took a deep breath and PULLED.apathetichit me like a freight train and I yelled.

The red ballgag did its job however and it was more a pathetic muffled groan and I sank to my knees. My nip nips felt like they were on fire as her sadistic laughter filled the air. She called me a pathetic cam slave in need of much more torment and torture. She left without giving me the combination to the padlock securing my chastity closed meaning no orgasm for me this week either. I went to get ice for my burning nipples.

My mistress enjoys ensuring her weak objects and idiots suffer at her hands and you can read all her stories about our turmoil at The Life of Bdsm Slaves
Slave R

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