What Is A Forced Orgasm

What Is The Meaning Of β€œForced Orgasm”?

Forced orgasm is the term given when one partner is trying not to orgasm while the other is trying to make it happen. It is an act used either as a fun, sexy game to play during foreplay or in an S&M session where the sub is forbidden from orgasming but the Dom is stimulating them to get them to cum. Whilst the resistance to the orgasm is there, the consent for it to happen is also there.


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Forced Orgasm Explained

Forced orgasm is an extremely stimulating activity for both the Domme and the sub. For submissives, it is a huge turn-on to be helpless and unable to stop their Dominant partner from getting them off, even when forbidden from cumming.

Ironically, the whole act in itself is a turn-on and can actually bring the orgasm on quicker. It can also be used in conjunction with orgasm denial, edging, ruined orgasm, and post orgasm torture.

A dominant partner can use FO as a punishment tool. For example, making a male orgasm before a spanking makes the spanking even worse since he is no longer aroused. It then ceases to be pleasurable and is much more inclined to improve his behavior.

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Usually, the sub (or bottom) will be put in physical restraints to heighten the feeling of helplessness, as well as the feeling of control, had by the Dominant partner. Unable to move, they will really struggle to hold back their orgasm.
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Orgasms are typically induced by way of administering a handjob or a blowjob to male slaves and by way of fingering or use of vibrators to female slaves. There will also be a use of whatever fetish the β€œbottom” has.

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If it is boobs then he will have his Mistresses cleavage shoved in his face, for feet, her foot will be resting on his face, for ass fetish she may straddle him in a 69 position so he can’t see anything other than her arse and so on.
Sensory deprivation by way of blindfolds or noise-reducing earplugs will also add to the experience and heighten the sexual tension and pleasure

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