Chastity Keyholding – Wha Does It Mean?

So what Is Chastity Keyholding then?

Orgasm denial and chastity are other forms of control used for humiliation purposes as well as increasing the level and intensity of submission.
Chastity is about denying your penis sexual stimulation, and giving control of your penis & orgasms to another, your Keyholder.


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Femdom Chastity

Chastity is not about total abstinence because the chaste man has a release date and an orgasm to look forward to. The release date and control of orgasm is what makes chastity work. In the interim the chaste will perform a variety of duties; daily tasks and rituals as instructed by the Keyholder as well as journaling his experience for Her reading pleasure. Femdom chastity is very popular in the BDSM world and is requested often in any type of masturbation or orgasm denial sessions.

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Is Chastity Frustrating does it involved Orgasm Denial?

The level of frustration from the orgasm denial, teasing and tormenting without release causes a deeper level of submission for the chaste. The Power Exchange is a very intense aphrodisiac for both the chaste and his Mistress.

He learns that the pleasure and happiness of his Keyholder is his main priority. Male chastity is not merely about your Keyholder controlling your sexual activity, but whether or not She will grant you permission to orgasm for Her.

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Learning that the energy and effort that was once dedicated to self-pleasure and masturbating are now spent paying attention to your Keyholder and Her pleasures are essential. Time spent in lockdown brings a clearer perspective, especially for a chronic masturbator.

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Chastity Keyholder

He realizes that the act of masturbation is a selfish act that he has allowed becoming his addiction and crutch for dealing with the day to day stresses that life brings. He also learns that he has lost his perspective as to his purpose in life, which of course is to be the best submissive to his Domme.

Dedicating his time, energy, thoughts and attention to his Mistress with only Her needs in mind means you are submitting heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. This submission is your gift. It is your purpose in life.

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Many chastity/Keyholder relationships will have a chastity contract, signed and agreed by both which will clearly state what is expected of the chaste male, the slave, as well as the responsibilities of the Keyholder, length of lockdown and the specific terms and financial obligations required of the slave during chastity.

Some Keyholders require that the chaste male perform a “milking” session prior to being locked down.

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If it is the thought of having your orgasm controlled and denied and giving the power to someone else who decides if and when you can have an orgasm, then chastity training is clearly something you should be looking to do.

With chastity contracts that slaves sign and agree to and prostate massage which can also be included if Mistress has had that chastity on you for a number of weeks, prostate massage is something she will incorporate into your training session.

There are many different chastity keyholding services available online but having a femdom be the keyholder is usually the best way to go. However, some couples do incorporate this type of play into their own sexual lives and the wife enjoys being in control of her husband’s orgasms. Blackmail and financial domination can be added into this as well.

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There are many different twists but mistress keyholder is usually the main area and the one that most slaves and sissy girls will explore first before taking it to their significant other.