20 Ideas For Cuckold Humilaition

Cuckold Humiliation –

One of the biggest humiliations a slave can endure is being turned into a cuckold.


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Accepting your wife, girlfriend or Mistress sees you as so insignificant and inferior that she sleeps with other men, sucking their dicks and letting them fondle her tits and all the while, you get nothing.

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Cuckold Humiliation is one of our favourite ways to humiliate an inferior submissive male; we enjoy the whole fetish and erotic side of being a dominant cuckoldress. Our Blog will be full of different areas of cuckolding, from rules to tasks to different methods & ideas. You can also check out our sph cams for more real humiliation live

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The only time she touches your cock is to torture it with CBT, certainly not to give you any pleasure. Sometimes though,  The Cuckold cams section or domination, and humiliation are not enough for a Dominatrix.

Sometimes she wants to rub her slave’s face in it. Our blog will cover real scenarios from real sessions with our cucks. It’s time for the cucks to start cock worshipping

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Cuckold Punishment Ideas

Some ideas for cuckold Punishments, whether to humiliate the cuckold or dominate him we have created a list to follow with some good ideas and suggestions to teach that cuck a lesson

  • If you dare to be presumptuous or act in a way outside of your agreed sub-cuckold station, your wife could thrash your cock/balls and ass with stinging nettles or make/order you to do the same it would quickly lose its novelty and rein you in.

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Sissifcation/sissyfication what is it?

  • Over the course of a week, Make him masturbate no less than 5 times per day, knowing that it will cause his cock to become raw, sore, and painful. That would last for several weeks and he will not want to masturbate anymore adhoc


  • Putting toothpaste containing menthol into his scrotum so that it travels down his urethra and causes him to flinch slightly. Just make sure that it goes down properly with a cock plug or sound then make him masturbate.


  • Do not let him watch you with the bull anymore, he must sit in another room and just listen to you, you can also have  pictures on the wall of the bull to humiliate him or some of the bulls, cum  on the pillow where the cuck sleeps


  • Keep in Chastity much longer than first agreed, but make sure to tease him as much as possible, even put a strapon over the top of the chastity device and sit on top of it, or suck the strapon once it’s over the chastity. The aim here is to frustrate, humiliate and dominate him by using as many teasing techniques as possible.


  • Give the chastity key to the bull and tell him the bull will decide when he is now released. The bull can wear the key around his neck on a necklace and constantly remind him and taunt him about being locked away


  • Make him worship the bull’s feet and lick in between his toes, worshipping him and telling him how the bull is the real man, He could be licking the bull’s toes and sucking them while  the bull gets to please his wife / Mistress


  • Degrade and humiliate him by letting the bull cum all over and in his chastity cage or panties he is wearing, don’t let him clean it up either


  • Tell him from now on you will be milking his ass only, no more orgasms and just milking from the ass, 


  • Demand he comes to bars with you and helps you pick the next bull for him to service and prepare for you, in fact, you could get him to go over and bring the bull to the table and introduce you both


  • Pluck his ass hairs and pubic hairs with tweezers as you tell him how good your night was with the bull, laugh as your pluck and maybe have some porn on at the same time to heighten his frustrations


  • Make him your bitch with strap on time, bend him over and slide that strapon inside him and taunt him about how he is now your bitch and how you are going to continue milking him

These are just some ideas when it comes to cuckold punishments what to do and where and when to do it. The aim is to keep them in their place at all times and to remember he is submissive in your relationship. You can add more ideas and twists to these techniques


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Make sure 100% he knows what she does with other men, with real men, while her insignificant runt of a slave gets nothing. This cuckold blog will cover these different areas including the roleplay & fetish side of this amazing naughty fantasy. See our adult webcam chatsfor real sexy girls who love to tease little cucks like you

Every Mistress is all too aware that their slaves idolise them and worship the ground they walk on and that they secretly long for her to care for them and have sex with them but that will NEVER happen.


You are far too inferior for her to lower herself to even let you touch her. All you are good for is the chastity tease, forced into chastity and made to be the fluffer, the cleanup boy. We also enjoy the public side of the humiliation, parading you around outside for the world to see.

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Have you ever sat and wondered about your wife’s first big cock? How big will it be? Is it a black cock? Wonder how it will fill your wife unlike yours does.

Well read on, so now you know you will become her cuckold and accept the fact she fucks other men with big cocks and you and your puny little stub will just have to accept it. No matter what the scenario you will find our cuckoldress waiting to take control.

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For many Mistresses, the power they get from tormenting their slaves by being a cuckold rim is a huge turn and they love hearing the pitiful voice and forlorn look in your eyes whenever she makes a point of letting you know what she gets up to with big dick studs. – cuckold humiliation for losers.

There are many different ways that she can make you a cuck so she can torment you to tears we have listed them below as well as some tasks, ideas and fetish roleplays for you to incorporate into any session.

You will officially be known as the cuckold cleanup. If you are ready to feel humiliated then step inside our live cams section and begin your journey into total humiliation. We know how to make you feel humiliated   

The top 20 ways that you could be cuckolded by your superior Mistress.


1 –  Make you listen to her tell you about her sex session

Knowing how much you want and desire her, she will get a huge amount of sadistic satisfaction from making you sit and listen as she tells you all about her latest sexual exploits and all the things she did with her real man lover.

About how big his dick was, how thick it was, how she gave him an awesome blowjob, how he filled her pussy and stretched it and of all the different positions they did before describing in detail how hard she came and how big her orgasm was.

She can either make a big point of rubbing it in your face, or she can just be a matter of fact about it but either way, the result will be the same.


2 – Force you to watch her with another man

The ultimate cuckold humiliation. Being made to watch her suck another man’s cock and have him fuck her. She might have you kneel beside the bed, stand in the corner or stand to face the wall.

Cuckoldress humiliation 101 makes him feel useless and degraded as you enjoy sex with the bull.

It will be hell for you to see them kissing, her taking his cock in her mouth before spreading her legs for him and then seeing the look of pleasure on her face as he fills her.

She might ignore you, or she might smirk and look right at you as he pounds her hard.

For lots of cuckoldrix, making her cuck watch is a huge turn-on. get ready for cruel cuckold humiliation and domination

cuckold domination, cuckold humiliation


3 – Have you helped her get ready for a date with a real man?

As if it isn’t bad enough knowing she’s going out with another man, a man much better than you, she will also reinforce this fact by having you help her get ready.

Using you like a seat while she applies her makeup, having you put her stocking on, clasp her bra, dry her hair and zip up her dress. Helping her get dressed is a subtle but effective way to let you know your status.


4 – Make you pay for lingerie her lover will enjoy

One of the biggest humiliations possible. Skimpy panties, a matching bra and stockings and suspenders is every man’s fantasy outfit to see on a woman so imagine how degrading it is to be forced to pay for this while another man will get to enjoy it on her.

He will get to run his hands over their panties, run them up to her silk-covered legs and grope her boobs under her bra, all of which YOU forked out for.

She might have you go shopping with her to pick out outfits and get you to pay, or maybe she will just charge your card and text you about it later.

Whichever way she decides to do it, you have a lot of money for lingerie for a gorgeous woman that another man will get the enjoyment out of while you get nothing.


5 – Ignore you while she is on the phone with her boyfriend

After you’ve gotten her everything, she needs or logged on and clicked her private session on her femdom cams she will ignore you as she dials up her boyfriend and has a conversation with him while ignoring you.

As you sit silently, you will hear all the gory details of what they got up to, hear her laugh and also hear the excitement in her voice as she reminisces about the fun they had together on their last date and what they got up to afterwards.

You will not be allowed to move and will just sit there like a good little cuck and be ignored as she talks to a real man


6 – Have you listened to her have phone sex?

If her lover can’t be there to satisfy her in front of you, then she will have you sit or kneel when he calls and then make you 

As she rubs her breasts and slips a hand between her legs, you will be made to hear her talk about how she would suck his cock, fondle his balls and how wet she is getting.

We can use many different situations of this scenario from mild to extreme,  we know how to treat a cuckold.

You can only imagine the conversation with him as she giggles and gasps as he talks to her and it turns her on. Or you can head online and begin jackinchat session here

7 – Make you suck a strap-on

Since your tiny little pin dick isn’t man enough to do the job, she will humiliate you by making you worship and suck on her big rubber cock.

Forcing you to your knees and standing in front of you or holding it up to the cam just inches from your face as she mocks you for your shortcomings and floats about how her dick is bigger than yours.

As she strokes and wanks it, she’ll make you tell her how it’s what a real cock looks like. How you admire its size and girth. Of how much more superior it is to your on thin noodle


Perhaps you need to read ten reasons why you know you are a faggot


8 – Make you take a strap-on

To enforce your status in her life, she will think nothing of bending you over and forcing a big thick strapon cock right up your ass and fucking you with it.

It will make you humble and degraded and reinforce her power over you. Not only do you not get to fuck her but she fucks you instead. She will hammer your arse till your eyes water and make sure you feel total degradation.

Verbal insults usually go hand in hand with a pegging humiliation as well. You will end up feeling like a total faggot as she fucks you in the ass. You aren’t a real man anyway so why shouldn’t you be treated like a bitch?


9 – Force you to dress in panties

You aren’t a real man so why should you wear male briefs or boxers? She’ll hand you a pair of frilly panties or skimpy knickers, and these will be yours.

It will help remind you that you’re not a real man and that you would as well being a sissy.

It is extremely humiliating for a male to be forced to dress in sissy panties by a superior female and will help focus your mind on the fact you are not important enough or good enough to wear male attire.

For added humiliation, she might also bring her real man lover in and make you wear your panties in front of him


10 – Put you in chastity

That little thing between your legs is no good to any woman, and you wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway so why should it be only using me to give you pleasure?

Your days of sitting spanking your meat like a horny teenager are over. She will put your dick in a plastic prison that denies erections and forbids relief.

As if being forced to give up your orgasms and beg to cum wasn’t bad enough, for added humiliation and torment she will also make you watch as she sucks her lover’s cock and looks at his hard dick entering her.

As you watch her get fucked, she can enjoy herself knowing that you will not be jerking off or playing with “her” property. As an added bonus, she can also make you Kinky Bdsm humiliating tasks to earn each and every orgasm you have.

cuckold chastity


11 – Get you to thank her lover for satisfying her

Since you can’t get the job done and she has to get real men to take care of her sexual needs, does it not seem only fair that you should thank him for doing what you are incapable of?

If you are using a webcam for your cam-to-cam cuckold humiliation she will bring him into the room, make you get on your knees and thank him for satisfying her needs.

Congratulating him on his cock size and commenting on how inferior yours is to his will also be required. You will thank this man for what he does. This scenario works in both a Mistress Cams or a sub-husband/ cruel wife roleplay session

12 – Roleplay of cruel wife/girlfriend

For many submissive males, they fantasise about a 24/7 lifestyle sub/Dom relationship. To date, a Mean Bitches Online or to marry a cruel, strict wife.

For many, it is only a fantasy though so what better way to live it out than in a live femdom cams fantasy roleplay session?

You can use the free cam chat facility to tell her this is what you want, the things you want her to say and do then enter the private chat to fulfil your fantasy.

Each Domme on this site plays the role perfectly and will offer all the cutting put-downs, scornful looks and spitting hatred you dream of suffering.

They will also, of course, make sure you know they fuck other men because you are not good enough. What’s more, they will make you apologise for not being good enough

sissy cuckold

13 – Make you her fluffer

As much as they like feeling a big thick cock inside them, some women don’t like sucking it first during foreplay to get it hard so that’s where you come in.

You can’t satisfy her so might as well make yourself useful. She and he can kiss and make out while you crawl between his legs, take his monster cock in your mouth and suck it till it gets hard for her to ride.

As a fluffer, it is your job to get it lubricated and ready for action, and once you have done so, she will simply cast you aside without a second thought.


14 – Make you worship her lover’s big dick

It is only right that since you have a tiny little stub (or clit as she likes to call it) you show appreciation to real men who have proper cocks so she will either bring another man into the bedroom or to your cam cuckold domination session and make you get on your knees and worship his fat cock.

Telling them how glorious it is, how magnificent, how it will fill her and how powerful it must be. You’ll show your appreciation by kissing it and fawning over it, and you better convince her you to mean it


15 – Shave her pussy before a night out and not tell you why

She won’t tell you why and you know better than to ask, but you will both know exactly why. There is only one reason a hot bitch like your Mistress/ hotwife would shave EVERYWHERE before going out on a date or with her friends.

She will enjoy the feeling of mystery as she watches you shave her, knowing that you know you are doing it for another man’s benefit. She will also have fun by not letting you know and keeping you wondering.

Of course, the added humiliation of making her cuck shave her bald for another man to enjoy is just the icing on the cake!


16 – Force you to watch from your knees as she wanks another man’s cock

Dragging you into the room or making you get on your knees and watch, she will have her lover lying on the bed and she will lie beside him and look at you with a smirk on her face as she leans over and takes his big cock in her mouth and sucks it.

Making groaning and slurping noises, she will enjoy the look of desperation on your face as you sit transfixed on the woman you idolise sucking a big cock like she’s mad at it.

Forced to watch every second and hear his moans of ecstasy as she slurps away till he cums inside her mouth and she swallows his full load. Very humiliating for you indeed


17 – Pay her lover’s cab fare

As if her bringing another man to fuck her isn’t bad enough, imagine how humiliating it will be if she calls you through and makes you hand over money to pay his cab fare.

Imagine paying the cab fare of the man who is about to fuck the woman you lust after. Either handing her money to give to him, giving it to him directly or paying the driver yourself will be humiliating enough but just think, for the added humiliation she might also have you tell the driver why he dropped a guy off at a house where another man paid the fare. Imagine how embarrassed you would be.


18 – Hold her panties when she is with another man

As an act of ultimate humiliation, when she strips naked for her lover when she takes her panties off, she will make you hold them while she has sex with him. She might slip them off first under her skirt.

She might take them off last after everything else but whichever way she does it, it will degrading for you to have to hold her underwear as she is with another man. Especially considering it is the closest you will ever come to her pleasure area!

Maybe as a final act of degradation, she will hang them from the end of your erection and make you keep them there till she has finished fucking? You with a hard-on are no use to any living woman so might as well make it useful for something!


19 – Hold her hand while she gets fucked

It is a humiliating act in itself, but it works even better if you are husband and wife or at least in a fantasy roleplay as such.

Holding her hand might seem harmless but showing your love and devotion while she is ploughed by another man’s cock is a huge act of submission, and it will reinforce the power she has over you.

The fact it forces you to be closer and feels her hand and arm movements as well as seeing her tits bounce when he ploughs her are just an added bonus!


20 – Make you masturbate in front of them

While you may enjoy a sneaky wank session fantasising about your Goddess, you do it in private.

Supervised masturbation is not a such fun activity. You will not enjoy it, nor will it be a satisfying session.

As they both sit and laugh or kiss or talk about you and snigger, you will kneel before them and spank your monkey. Being such a dirty little wanker will be all the worse as you do it in front of your goddess and her lover.

So there you have it. 20 ideas for cuckold humiliation that can be used for a femdom session or a real-time scenario.

Each of these will put you firmly in your place and make you understand in no uncertain terms what your place is in her world.

As her boot licking, feet kissing, inferior little cucky.

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Becoming A Cuckold

As you can see above, there are plenty of ways to treat or be treated, as a cuckold. There are lots of other ways too though, and these can be slotted into three categories. Mild, moderate and extreme.

Whichever level of cuckolding you experience will depend on your own tolerance level for the scene. This is where communication is key. Bringing cuckold BDSM into your relationship (assuming you are not using live femdom cams) is a step which needs to be taken slowly.


You both need to be fully on board with the idea. Never has a truer phrase been spoken than “What is done can not be undone”. It is always good to practice for those new to the scene to do some research into how to become a cuckold first, before diving right in.

cuck cum eating

There is a huge difference between fantasy and reality. Getting turned on by the idea of your wife fucking another man is one thing, but it is quite another to actually see her with him, and screaming his name.

Begin slowly, Start with mild cuckold ideas such as hearing her describe being with other men, of her desire to be with another man and also add in some humiliation ideas for cuckolding such as your cock just not being big enough, your sexual technique not doing it for her etc.

As you both get more comfortable with this, you can take it a stage further. Becoming a cuckold is one of the most exciting and extreme BDSM humiliation ideas there is, but it can also be a minefield so enter slowly and do not just jump right in and bring a guy home to fuck in front of your husband or tell your wife you want her to screw other men.

For cuckold fantasy ideas it is always good to talk thoroughly about everything beforehand.

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Cuckold Humiliation Ideas

As already stated, there are three stages for humiliating cuckold scenarios. Mild, moderate and extreme.

The varying levels need to be moved up slowly, so you are both comfortable with cuckolding in general.

It is always a good idea to start off first of all with just words and fantasies with no outside involvement from other parties.

Mild cuckold humiliation ideas are things such as

Telling him his dick isn’t big enough.
No man wants to hear this and while it’s true to a certain degree that size does matter, for the purposes of a cuckold fetish it needs to be played up. Men always believe that women want big cocks and they worry they don’t “measure up” so play on that insecurity.

Be sure to discuss this with him first. Men are incredibly sensitive about their penis size, and if you decide to introduce small penis humiliation in as a cuckold idea and he isn’t into that, then you can actually do some pretty serious phycological damage. Make sure he is on board first. You can also find plenty of femdom Mistress cams online that enjoy guiding you into the world of cuckold humiliation and domination


Flirt with other men while he watches
Openly flirting with other men is a huge cuck-husband humiliation and a great way for you both to test the boundaries.

Going to a bar with the hotwife dressed in a short skirt, high heel or knee-high fuck me boots, low cut top with plunging neckline and eying up men, flirting and letting them grope her ass, stare down her top while she does not stop them will both excite and humiliate the male.


Both go shopping for lingerie
You can both go shopping for lingerie, but the cuck knows he will never see you in it. It is all for her lovers’ benefit. Of course, to begin with, you do not actually have a lover, but the idea will be enough for you both at the beginning.

Hold up something that you know turns your partner on and say “Oh yes, Brian will really get off on seeing me wearing this”. He will not be able to avoid picturing you in it and will be depressed at knowing another man will get to enjoy you in it.

You can also take some items to the changing rooms, take a cubicle with a view from the door and close the curtain while your cuck waits outside. He can see the cubicle; knows you are naked and then wearing the lingerie he loves but can’t see you.

Then when you have dressed again, open the curtain, tell him you looked amazing in it and leave it at that. For added humiliation, make him pay for it all!


– Spank him
Not necessarily one for cuckolds as such but it can be incorporated into your scenarios. Pull him across your knee and spank his bare ass. This is humiliating enough but as you are doing so, tell him he is being punished for failing in his basic duties as a man by not being able to satisfy his wife.


– Make him beg you to cuckold him

Even being here reading this tells us that you are both already interested in cuckolding but for added effect, make him beg you to sleep with other men.

I mean really make him desperately plead with you to take on lovers. Whether he wants it or not, being down on his knees looking up at you and begging you to take another man to bed will deeply humiliate him.

Make him also admit his own shortcomings and apologise for not satisfying you in bed.


For moderate cuckold humiliation ideas, these are things such as


Lock him in chastity
Putting his dick in a cage and taking control of his orgasms is the ultimate humiliation for any cuck. He can’t even jerk off while you are getting satisfied whenever you want.

Make him go down on you and tell him he doesn’t get to cum until you have had at least 50 orgasms with his tongue.

Knowing another man has been there, but he still needs to go to town on you to earn his relief is very degrading.

Make sure you constantly remind him he is locked by wearing the padlock key on a chain around your neck, long enough to hang between your breasts, which will drive him nuts.

Or get your nipple pierced and hang the key from it. Maybe a silver belly chain and dangle it from there as well. Anything to remind him that he does not do it for you, so you’ve locked him away.

chastity slave, sissy chastity


– Do things with your lovers that you don’t with your husband

If you are at the stage of being with other men, then it will drive your husband crazy knowing you Are giving another man what he wants so badly.

For example, if you never give your hubby blowjobs despite his constant asking, make a point of telling him how much your lover loves it when you suck on his dick.

If your husband has been on at you for ages about dressing up as (for example) a nurse, but you always refuse, ensure hubby boy sees you pack a naughty nurse outfit and tell him how much your lover enjoys it and that you “just want to do nice things for him”.

If you do give your husband BJs but always make him finish himself off when he reaches the end to avoid cumming in your mouth, make sure he knows you keep going with your boyfriend till he shoots his load in your mouth.

And that you swallow (even if you don’t). This is one of the best cuckold humiliation scenarios there is as it will make him feel utterly dejected but so turned on at the same time.


– Call him when you are having sex

When you are having sex with your lover, call your husband and do one of two things. Put the phone on the nightstand and make your husband listen to the whole thing.

Your oral skills, the headboard banging against the wall, your panting, your screaming and especially your orgasm. Then hang up without saying a word. Or alternatively, talk to him while you are being fucked.

As you gasp and grunt out your words, hubby is forced to listen to it and know his wife is having sex with someone else.

Tell him how much better your lover’s cock is than his, that you feel things with him that your husband doesn’t give you.

Tell him how turned on you are getting nailed by a real man while he’s at home doing your laundry or other menial chores.

Extreme cuckold humiliation is not for newbies. These are acts which should only be undertaken after much discussion and should be built up to slowly.

They can be fantastic acts for a scenario but are a minefield for mistakes. If you decide you want to go all the way, then these acts can include


– Stop having sex with your husband

Of course, he loves getting pussy. Even if he genuinely doesn’t do it for you anymore, he will still enjoy getting his dick wet so stop him cold turkey. Denying him access to the holy grail that you give to another man is about as humiliating as it gets.

Be sure to remind him constantly why you have stopped his access as well. That he isn’t big enough, isn’t good enough etc.


Have him fluff your lovers
Make your husband get your lover hard for you. Make him lick and suck his cock, wank it, stroke it, anything he has to in order to get him nice and hard.

Then either tell him to get lost and go downstairs or for added humiliation make him stand in the corner and watch your lover fuck you. Having to get the man who will fuck his wife hard for her is a very humiliating cuckold task.


Tell your friends about your inadequate husband

Not recommended for everyone but extremely degrading for him if you do decide to go ahead with it.

Basically you tell your friend or friends) that you sleep with other men because your husband just isn’t big enough downstairs for you.

For added humiliation, have your husband in the room when you tell them. Maybe even make him strip down to show them his tiny pecker.


– Have your lover shoot his load all over your husband’s face

Make him watch you suck your lover’s cock and wank it and then just as he is about to shoot his load, pull your husband over and aim that hard cock at his face, so the huge thick cumload covers his face.

Kneeling there with a face covered in the spunk of the man who just got a blowjob from his wife will definitely make your husband feel totally inadequate and humiliated.


Have him lick you out after your lover has cum inside you

Also known as cream pie eating, this one is not easy for a cuck to handle. After your lover has cum inside you, make your husband go down on you right after.

The thick gooey mess of spunk will make him gag but make it clear if he wants permission to masturbate (or if you have him in chastity, to have his cage unlocked) then he better get to work.

To add to his humiliation, kiss and cuddle your lover while he is going to town on you.


– Make him lick your ass
A cuckold rim job is about as humiliating and extreme as it gets. It can be done before, after or during sex with your lover. For maximum humiliation, make him do it when your lover is balls-deep in you.

Pull your cheeks apart, grab him by the hair and push his nose in your ass and make him lick your asshole. If you want to take things further, make him lick your lover’s asshole as well. Obviously, discuss this beforehand.


– Forced Bi
When you have your lover nice and hard, order your cuck closer, forcing him to his knees and push his head towards that big thick dick.

He might resist, he might fight you on it, but ultimately he will submit and suck his cock. For any straight male, sucking another man’s dick is a big no-no for them so it will be extremely degrading for him.

To take it up a notch, make him bend over and be fucked in the ass by your real man

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Obviously, you can go wild and be as extreme and adventurous as your imagination and limits allow.

forced bi, forced bisexual

Cuckold Rules

Despite cuckolding being a BDSM femdom-led relationship, there are still certain rules which must be followed.

For starters, the term “Cuckold has no say” is NOT valid. If anything, he has the biggest say. He must never be forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do. Of course, he can resist certain tasks, or objects, or beg you not to do them or whatever but ultimately he WANTS it to happen, and the resistance is just part of the fantasy.

The cuck gets to decide how far it goes and what is and isn’t allowed. Obviously, he and the cuckoldress can discuss taking things further and she can suggest things she wants to do, but both parties must be in agreement for all acts at all times.

Secondly, never add in new acts during a cuckold session. Obviously, this does not apply to mild things you have talked about such as letting the bull (dominant male lover of the cuckoldress) hold the cucks chastity key, having him kiss your ass as you kiss and grope your bull etc but if you are at the stage of the cuck standing in the corner is made to watch you with another man, do NOT pull him over and try to force him to suck your lover’s dick. Always stick to the agreed-upon acts.

chastity keyholding mistress

Thirdly, Whilst the cuckoldress has the right to have multiple different partners, the cuck must remain faithful at all times. Even masturbation may be off-limits. If he is allowed to sleep with other women then you aren’t in a cuckold relationship, you’re in an open relationship, and that’s nowhere near the same thing!

Fourth, if at any time either of you feels uncomfortable or does not want to go through with anything STOP. Immediately.

Never go through with something you are no longer sure about. There’s nothing to say you can’t reproach the subject at a later date and try again but forcing it when one of you isn’t ready will do unrepairable damage.

Any other cuckold rules are really your own set parameters, but these four are the main, and arguably most important.

Rules For Cuckolds

Rules for cuckolds are not set in stone and will differ for all couples. They can be adapted and set to suit both your limitations and of course, can be altered as time progresses. Some good ones to get you started can be

– The cuck must remain 100% faithful
– The cuck will always assist the cuckoldress in finding lovers
– The cuck will wear a chastity
– Cuckold will never embarrass his wife in front of her lovers
– Cuckold must remain respectful towards his wife at all times

It is hard to set rules since all couples will be different, but they are never set in stone. Set some basic ones to start with and adjust them as you go. You will find that after a while they never get changed as you are both happy with them as they are.

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Cuckold Punishment Ideas

No matter how hard he tries, a cuckold will need discipline at some time. Obviously, all punishments are agreed upon beforehand but what these are and how severe will again vary for each couple.

It can be for infractions such as poor housekeeping, not giving you a good enough orgasm with his tongue, playing with himself without permission, failing to get your lover erect whilst fluffing, gagging whilst receiving a cream pie or anything else that you deem not becoming of him as your cuck.


How about things such as
– Touching your pussy without permission gets him locked in chastity for 30 days with no relief
– Don’t let him watch you with your lover (obviously this only works if he enjoys watching you)
– Make him watch (again, only workable if he doesn’t want to see it)
– Make him lick your lover’s balls when he is fucking you
– Make him swallow the contents of your lover’s condom
– Make him apologise to your lover if he held you up from getting dressed for him
– Make him act as the footstool for you and your lover
– Spank him in front of your bull
– Make him stand in the corner
– Put your cum covered panties in his mouth and make him keep them there for hours
– Take away his tv privileges or the right to share your bed

The limit to punishments is only stopped by yourselves, but the discussion is always key before any physical acts take place.

Our cuckold roleplay sessions online are always great to test the water and give yourself new ideas & tips. There is no shame in venturing into this fantasy and testing it out.

We like them wearing panties and butt plugs for us and making fun of them to the highest order. Our bull will always humiliate the cuck and make him feel inferior, especially when the cuck has been ordered to wear lingerie.

We have written this article to help give you a better understanding of the whole cuckold humiliation fantasy versus reality, to help make you understand what is involved in both sides of the situation.

If you want to cuckold your boyfriend or learn new methods to talk to your wife about, then we will have you covered in this article, which is jam-packed with information. From role-play to foreplay we have tested and tried them all.

The bull will always enjoy humiliating the cuck and making him emasculated and inferior; we will remind him how small and pathetic he is compared to him, he will talk about how much he enjoys having sex with his wife and how she tastes, feels and smells.

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Cuckold Roleplay Ideas

When it comes to roleplay, nothing is off-limits. You can go wild and be as extreme as you like. Even if you don’t actually do some of the things, you can still talk about them as if you will/do.

Wife back from a night out
Dress in a short skirt, fuck me boots, low cut top and wear no knickers or bra. Have him on his knees naked and come through the door. Then tell him all about the men who groped you, how many cocks you sucked and how many other men screwed you.

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– Hot Wife On Vacation
Only really works if you are both in separate locations but she can call, or video skype and roleplay being on vacation with her parents or a girlfriend and tell you about how she is sleeping with the hot pool boy or a well-hung black guy staying at the same resort

– Cheating Wife On A Business Trip
Again, video chat and pretend that you have, or are about to, sleep with a college. Either shamelessly tell him as a matter of fact or “accidentally” let it slip. If using the second scenario, don’t try to lie your way out of it. Still, insist it is going to happen.

Of course, you can try to lie about it in a “husband knows, but he doesn’t know, and that torments him” type scenario but the second scenario is the more “I’m going to fuck another man, deal with it” type meanness

Wife is sleeping with the one man her husband hates the most
Quite extreme but if your husband has shared what person he hates the most (his boss, your boss, a guy from your office, a guy from his office, your neighbour, hell even a member of his own family.

It doesn’t matter as long as he is on board with this person being brought into your cuckold fantasy roleplay) then you can tell him how much you fancy them, how you fantasise about them, how you bet they have bigger dicks than your husband, how good they must be in bed etc

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. Or you can act like you already have!

Other cuckold roleplay ideas are –

– Off to sleep with a cop to get out of a speeding ticket
– Going to blow your boss for a raise/promotion
– Going to sleep with a casting agent for an acting role
– Gave a supermarket supervisor a blowjob when your bank card was declined for groceries.
– Sleeping with your ex because you miss him (This one is VERY extreme and should be brought up very delicately, but it is highly erotic, humiliating and a huge turn-on if used)

Use your imagination, and you will be able to come up with all sorts of different roleplay cuckold ideas.


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