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Welcome to our page which will be updated frequently on all the different types of jerk of a play,sph, cei and CBT. We love to discuss all wanking instructions and enjoy when our slaves, subs and sissies submit their own stories and scenarios so everyone can read and learn and enjoy. Here at live BDSM cams .net we keep it fresh with hundreds of pictures, stories and erotica so save this site to your bookmarks and visit us often.

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As I sat waiting on Mistress to appear in her live femdom cams, I tried to remember the last time I had orgasmed. It was so long ago it was almost a distant memory. Like one of those things, you hear people talk about but you doubt ever actually happen.

masterbation instruction

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I think it had almost a month. My god, had it really been that long? My heart was pounding as I sat in silence, on my hands as instructed. I could hear her getting dressed. The rustling of clothes. The zipping of zips. Then I heard the clicking of her heels on the hard wooden floor and my body tensed. This was it. She was coming back. My Mistress. My owner. My world. She then ad promised me that tonight, I would be allowed to cum. My need for release from reaching the desperation stage. Every single time I saw a pretty woman, my dick got hard and leaked pre-cum like a turned on the tap.

I could not even touch and stroke myself now as I was afraid the slightest touch would make it jerk and spurt. So tonight was my lucky night. But I also knew that being allowed to cum was a small part of it. I knew I would need to earn it and she would not make it easy. More sexy jerk off instructions
And I was right!

When she arrived back to her webcam, she tilted it up and stood across the room from me and she took my breath away. Standing an impressive 6 feet tall in her heels with long raven dark hair, an hourglass figure, long slender legs and a large bust, she is everyone’s, perfect woman. The sort of female that real men dream of sleeping with and dating. She wore a short black leather dress that hugged her body perfectly showing off her solid ass and was tight around her chest to properly display her bosom.

Her thigh-high black leather boots glinted in the light as she stood with her hands on her hips and stared at me. My cock was rock solid and throbbing. I was desperate to stroke and wank it but I must wait for her commands.

“Do you like my outfit slave?”
“Yes Mistress, It looks amazing”
“Does it turn you on?”
“Yes Mistress, very much so. Please, may I touch your cock Mistress?”

“Ok Slave. On the count of three, I want you to VERY SLOWLY, wank my cock for ten strokes. Do NOT cum”
Oh, thank god. Finally, I was going to be able to relieve some of the terrible pressure. But her words told me that this would not allow me relief for a long time yet. I was going to be given jerk off instructions on cam and made to suffer for my orgasm. But I would do anything to be allowed to release the pent up cum from my aching blue balls

I slowly wanked my cock and I could feel it stiffen but I fought to control my orgasm. I got to ten and stopped. I didn’t even know I wasn’t breathing till I sighed and let my breath out.
“Ok slave. Good. Now, gently stroke the shaft with your forefinger and middle finger. Keep doing it and DO NOT avert your eyes from the screen”

I did as commanded and watched as she walked over to her computer. I was almost delirious and driven mad by my aching dick. But it got worse. She turned around and shoved her perfect, tight, leather-covered ass RIGHT up to the screen for me to gaze at. I groaned with frustration but kept on stroking her cock gently. The tip was bright purple and swollen, glistening with pre-cum. I was desperate to spurt. To feel that sweet relief of release.

“Do you like my ass slave?”
“Y.y.y.y.y.yes M.M.M.M.Mistress. It’s p.p.p.p.perfect” I stammered
“Oh, you sound like your struggling slave. Ok, wank for me”
Oh, thank god. I put a hand round her dick and wanked it furiously. It felt so good. So so good.
“Faster slave. Faster” She yelled.
I pumped it and could feel it stiffen. Harder and harder. I was close. I was near orgasm. Oh, it felt good. It felt right. I was in heaven. I was finally, after all these weeks, going to CUM. My body stiffened and then……..
Arrrrrrrrrgggggh. I stopped and took my hand off ONE STROKE from release. I slumped forward, gasping for air. The sadistic laugh from my mean bitch Mistress filled the air. Female jerk off instructions has been known to drive slaves mad!
“Ok slave. Wank for me”
I began wanking again, still crestfallen of how close I had been a too sweet relief
“Faster slave. Faster” she said. “Ok slow down now. Speed up. Faster. Slower. Slower. Slow down. Speed up”
I followed each command and my mind was mush. I was lost in a mixture of euphoria and desperation. She had by now turned and her cleavage was right up close, so near I could almost touch it.
Thanks to HD female domination cam I could see every perfect inch of her breasts. My penis was screaming for relief. My blue balls ached and I think I actually started to cry.
“Please Mistress” I sobbed. “Please, may I cum?”
My heart sank.
“What you can do though is put your thumb and forefinger around my cock hear and start rolling them around and get lots and lots of precum on them”
I did as she said. I created a sensual feeling that only caused more aching and throbbing as my balls tightened.
“Ok loser. Put your fingers in your mouth and start wanking again”
I began masturbating furiously. Again the orders came. Faster, quicker, slower, stop. Start, slow, fast. She was making it up as she went along but she always stopped me RIGHT before I came.
I collapsed in a pathetic heap on the floor. My dick ached, my balls ached and I was broken. I lay on the floor sobbing and crying pathetically.
“Please Mistress. Please, I can’t take anymore. Please let me cum”
“No. Get up on your knees”
I sobbed and rose to my hands and knees. She ordered me to look at the screen and I saw she had remover her leather boots and her foot was filling the female domination webcam chat screen.
Oh no. Now it was time for feet jerk off instructions on webcam. Again she had me wank as she wiggled her toes and rubbed her feet, running fingers through each toe and stroked her beautiful arches. Faster, slower, fast, slow, alternating as her whim changed. Occasionally she would make me use my left hand just for her own sadistic Mistress pleasure of seeing me struggle to use it.
“Masturbate slave. Fast. Pump that cock”

I furiously wanked. My orgasm built. I could feel it stiffen. Throb. Like an electricity line, it pulsed. I waited on the dreaded “stop” word. It was close now. Oh so close. Endorphins released, I was light-headed. Any second now she would order me to stop. I dreaded it. I so desperately wanted an orgasm.
“Cum for me slave. NOW. Release that cum”
Oh, thank god. I let my orgasm go and I shot my load everywhere. Streams and streams of thick, gooey cum. Oh, it felt so good. I gasped and breathed heavy with pleasure. I collapsed in a heap. Satisfied.
“What do you say?”
“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you so much for allowing me to cum and for controlling my orgasm.”
“That’s better. You are dismissed.”
And with that, she turned off her HD femdom cam and I cleaned up my mess. There are hundreds of dominant females jerk off instruction experts online who can control you and your orgasms. Live JOI is a favourite of all of them.

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