Cuckqueen Definition

What Is The Meaning Of β€œCuckqueen”?

A cuckqueen is a woman who gets off on watching her partner (male or female) having sex with another person. A female cuckold. The gender opposite of the traditional cuckold. This can either be in a simple sexual kink way or, as is more common, in a BDSM setting with either a slight or severe humiliation addition.

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Whichever type of cuckqueening session is being used, it is important to remember that it is only enjoyable if the female is a willing participant. It is only a turn-on with her knowledge and consent.

Cuckquean Explained

The pleasure the cuckqeen receives is through watching her partner enjoying intercourse with someone who is not her. If used in a normal sex session then the turn-on is seeing her partner enjoy another person. If her partner is male then it is from watching him pleasure another woman and for her to please him.

cuckqueen, cuckquean

If it is in an S&M setting then there will usually be a humiliation element featuring quite heavily. Maybe laughing at her, insulting her weight, looks, boobs, etc. A cuckquean, much like a male cuckold from where the word derives, enjoys being insulted by her partner and their lover while she is forced to watch. View our cuckold cams here

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CQ’s enjoy being humiliated and degraded by both their husband or boyfriend as well as the other woman he is having sex with. The sub-female will also have to clean both the other people after they have had sex. Not only is it humiliating to have to clean her own husband’s cum from another woman, but she will also have to clean another woman’s pussy juice from his cock.

Sometimes, however, the dominant spouse will forbid any interaction with the CQ and demand that she remain celibate while he enjoys multiple partners. Also, sometimes he and his partner are enjoying each other too much to give his wife any attention and will just make her sit (or stand) and watch them make love. This level of humiliation plays a huge role in the paraphilia

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