What Is A Cuckcake

Time to discuss the definition of a cuckcake?

Β So What is a cuckcake?
A cuckcake is the female equivalent of the male β€œbull” in a cuckolding scenario.


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It is an alternative arrangement to the traditional cuckold set up with a male Bull, dominant female and submissive male. With a cuckcake however, she is the dominant one and has sex with the submissive female’s partner, be they male or female.

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Also known as cuckqueening, the cuckcake will suck her lover’s cock, fuck him and kiss him and force his partner to watch. The humiliation of the female cuckold will usually also occur.

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From simple things such as smirking at her as she goes down on him or as he licks her pussy. She might blow a sarcastic kiss in her direction as she pleasures the cuckqueens partner.

It may also include forcing the submissive to tell the Domme how pleased she is her man is finally getting fucked properly and be forced to admit that she does not satisfy him in bed.

Her breast size will also be mocked (this is the female submissive equivalent of small cock humiliation).

Since the cuckcake will almost always have a toned, ripped and tanned body she will also mock the body of the female cuck.
Many cuckcakes will also β€œforce” (consensually of course) the sub to give them oral and may accompany this with verbal descriptions of what they will do with their partner and how much he or she will love it.

This is incredibly humiliating for a woman, and something many cuckqueens enjoy.

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Cuckcaking is an activity that lends itself perfectly to live femdom cams as there are hundreds of Dommes online who can roleplay a cuckold scenario.

As either a lone female or a hetero couple, you can utilize the services of an online Mistress who can cuck you.

If you are solo then she can tell you all the things she would do with your husband or boyfriend, how she would suck his dick till he saw god and ride his cock till he shot his load.

If you are a couple then you would be forced to sit and listen as the cuckcake and your partner engaged in sex talk or had a mutual masturbation session that you were made to watch.

Watching her man get off to another woman is a very big degradation for any woman.

Female cuckolding is a lot rarer than its male counterpart and the reason for this is generally unknown since there are plenty of female subs who enjoy cuckolding and being dominated.

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