Bdsm Humiliation – 50 Ways To Humiliate Your Slave,Submissive, Sissy

 BDSM Humiliation Ideas, Techniques  & Suggestions For Kinky Training Both at Home or on Cams

BDSM Humiliation all slaves and submissive males are given strict humiliation by their superior female Mistress. It keeps them in their place and maintains the power stays with the female, as it should. If you are ready for your slave humiliation training then read on.

Our lists below of humiliating tasks will give you some kinky ideas on how to humiliate a sub. We also have some excellent pictures of real sissy girls, subs and slaves


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We will continue to add new tips, guides and scenarios to make you the best online at Humiliating webcam slaves or real-time live in subs

If you are a sub who uses live femdom cams then there are no end of ways you can be humiliated by the powerful women online.


The mean bitches online at this webcam domination site have wicked imaginations and sadistic personalities and they enjoy the degradation and humiliation they inflict on you. We have some of the best BDSM humiliation instructions for you to follow.

They have thousands of ideas for humiliation tasks and if you follow our guide you will always keep them on their toes and in suspense.

So read on and learn new techniques on how to how to humiliate a sub or sissy using some of our own femdom humiliation tasks.

WE will continue to add to this article with more top  guides & pictures on slave humiliation, no more asking yourself the same question of how to humiliate a slave

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If you are a female dominant then here are 50 ways for you to humiliate your slave on cam.

(Please note all of our pictures used on this site are of real slaves and sissy girls who have had real sessions with us .)

We will also cover some of our sissy humiliation tasks & ideas and look at the whole BDSM humiliation in the bigger picture.

For us, webcam humiliation is a huge part of our slave training, ask any online femdom and they will tell you the same thing, they incorporate a huge part of Humiliation into their live sessions.

Not just because they have to but because they really do want to, after all, they do enjoy giving out the good old femdom insults to subs.


You may also want to check out  our article on kinky sex ideas – intro to BDSM

1 – Foot worship.

Shove your feet up close to the webcam, or place it on the floor for a worm’s eye view, and then make him demonstrate how he would kiss your feet, lick them and suck your toes.

If you are ready to learn more about foot fetish Cams – worship online

then check out our live section which is full of pictures, information and live video chat rooms.

This guide is full of femdom humiliation ideas that you can use both at home, dungeon or in a live webcam session with a cam slave online.

The humiliation fetish is always a popular part of Bdsm And one we want to go into detail about as it really is one of our favourite areas in Kinky BDSM Play. Check out some of the online slave tasks and adapt them to your own live cam show

foot worship ,feet fetish
Foot worship On webcam


Turn around, bend over and make him demonstrate how he would kiss your ass and worship it. One of the most powerful forms of humiliation, you should make him plant kisses on each cheek, wiggle them and slap them gently.

Grabbing your ass cheeks and jiggling them in his face with his nose buried in your backside is also a good idea.

Or perhaps you have a fetish with a sexy girls ass and want to drool all over it if this is the case be sure to check out the live fetish cam sex website and see for yourself just how kinky and how much they love humiliation, join in the humiliation chat section and see how far they take you with this.

Ass cams, ass worship, fetish cams
Ass worship Live

3 – CFNM –

Making him stay naked while you are clothed is femdom webcam 101. The clothed female, naked male is always required and being nude in front of a cruel Mistress will make him humble and more subservient.

Don’t let him cover his privates to add to his humiliation. This is just another one of our top humiliation fetish ideas. From kink to ideas on how to degrade we find CFNM a really good way to make him feel uncomfortable


4 – SPH.

The best way to hurt any man is to ridicule his dick size. All men want to have big cocks to pleasure a woman so insult him about how small it is. Really lay it on him and be as brutal as you can.

Make him measure it against baby carrots or biro lids and laugh and point at it. Be sure to tell him no woman want dicks as small as his This is without a doubt up there with humiliation 101, one of the most popular requests from any slave cam chat session.

small penis humiliation, little dick losers
Little penis humiliation


Make him dress as a woman. Who cares how humiliating it is for him. Dress him in stockings, suspenders, panties, frilly dress and wig with full makeup. Make him mince around and curtsey to you. Tell him how much of a pretty girl he is and snigger at him when he curtseys to you. – Humiliating Slaves 

forced fem forced feminization
Sissy girl humiliated

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Make him insert dildos, vibrators or cucumbers up his ass. Make him stretch that fuck hole to the max for you. Train him to receive cocks for you so you can pimp him out.

anal cams, anal training strapon webcams
Anal Training


Make him go out in public dressed as a woman, or pump gas wearing just panties or make him walk to the end of his street naked.  Some femdom public humiliation ideas –

  • Go swimming but he has to wear a swimming costume or bikini
  • Must Masturbate outside ( tricky but can be done)
  • Driving naked from the waist down
  • Walking around the supermarket with a sign on their back ( you can get imaginative with this one)
  • Make them go to the checkout at the supermarket a busy one and buy a cucumber, latex gloves, ky jelly and a condom _ receipt proof needed and no other items should be on that receipt.
  • To go into a lingerie store Like Ann summers and tell the Assistant you need to buy the biggest dildo, butt plug as well as some skimpy panties. 

We will be making a dedicated list of this subject so keep checking back.

sissy public humiliation, slave humiliated in public
Public Humiliation of sissy



Become his online chastity keyholder and lock his cock away in a plastic cage and cut off all his sexual relief. Make him beg, plead and grovel to be allowed to cum. You can continue to talk sex chat with him and turn him on but he can not orgasm.

Then deny him anyway and laugh at him as his face drops in a crestfallen look. The ultimate in orgasm denial If you are looking for more ways to incorporate jerk off instructions online then check out our link and see for yourself the many different ways to have an orgasm control cam show

Read our blog post on – Female Domination Terms

orgasm control, chastity live
chastity key holder


Make him wear a diaper and maybe a baby bonnet. Have him suck on a pacifier. Make him go number 1 or number 2 in his diaper and then sit in it. Talk to him in baby speak and make him respond in kind.

We also have some amazing self humiliating ideas as well as erotic tips not forgetting the more hardcore, wild and downright degrading.


Forbid him from speaking. Don’t let him utter one word and instead make him grunt. For added humiliation, have him carry a squeaky dog toy and squeak once for yes and twice for no.

I enjoy using my techniques of verbal Humiliation at this point – I raise my voice and he can only squeak back to me as I call him every name you can imagine.


cam slaves online
bound and tied –


How to have bondage in a webcam session


Make him wank and edge over and over but don’t let him cum. Make him stop just at the edge and watch him crumble in tears and beg and plead to be allowed to orgasm.

Keep him like this for as long as you like. If you think you can handle orgasm control, denial, edge play, cock milking, ruined orgasms and Jerk off instructions then enter our humiliation cam section and begin your training – Related: 20 ideas for Jerk Off Instructions


Make him wear a leather slave collar and snap a padlock on it. Make him feel owned and be sure to point it out to him. For added humiliation, make him wear a pink one!

humiliation live
Losers needed on live video chat


Make him submit an online profile to be pimped out to horny guys like a cheap fuck or a slutty mouth to suck off random strangers.

sissy being pimped out, sissy humiliation
Sissy being pimped out



Make him show you how he would lick every inch of your leather thigh-high boots. Tell you how beautiful they are and how much he adores them.

As you will see we are really mean bitches and when it comes to the art of degradation, belittling, kinky play and all things taboo you will quickly find out that we know the best ways.

Keep an eye on this blog for more ways to degrade and humiliate your online sissies and slaves

cbt cams
cock and ball torture webcams live


15 – CBT.

Any man’s most treasured possession is his junk so making a male slave abuse them on a cock and ball torture webcam session is a humiliating experience. Slapping them, punching them or clipping clothe pegs to them.


Have him write humiliating slogans on his body in lipstick or marker pen. Things like “small cock loser” “Cum slut” or “I am a sissy faggot

degrade the sissy, public humiliation
Property of Mistress – Make him write on himself with a thick pen



Take pictures of him and then threaten to show them to the world by posting them online.


Make him give you all his money and leave him nothing to live on for himself. He will need to survive on basic foods with precious little for heat or electric.

Really popular is findom humiliation where we enjoy milking our slaves and turning them into cash-cows, pay pigs, Human Atm, rape their wallet and so it goes on. Greedy Mistresses who enjoy exploiting weak financial slaves

financial domination
financial domination webcams



19 – SING.

Make him stand and sing to you. This is even more humiliating if the song has actions. I’m a little teapot is an especially good one for this.


Make him wear a bra and then sunbathe all day. The outline of the bra will be extremely humiliating for him to have so be sure to constantly point it out during your femdom webcams session. He will also find it humiliating trying to change at the gym.


Make him wear a female blouse to the office or a pair of panties or a thong that constantly rides over his trousers. Have him take pictures of him at work to show you. All his colleagues will laugh at him. Hilarious for you!

22 – SPLOSH.

Make him pour cold custard, cream or milk over himself or have him splash pies and cakes into his body and crush them till he is covered in food. Then make him eat it all up

Sploshed slave
sploshed cams online












Force him to watch gay porn and tell you how much he wants to suck their cocks or have them fuck him. Make him be on his knees and worship their male bodies and how he wants to take their spunk down his throat.


Show him pictures of muscle-bound hunks with tans and rippling biceps and then make his comment on his own flabby, balding, sweaty pasty physique.


Make him plug his ears so he is deaf and then shout and insult him and he won’t have a clue what you are saying about him or have him wear a blindfold and then do things to leave him wondering what you are up to. It is especially humiliating if you make him listen to you masturbate and orgasm while he can’t see and/or hear you

useless loser
slave to be degraded



Make him pour dog food into a bowl and then eat it from the floor. Or custard and spit. Any disgusting combos you can think of are humiliating for your sub to consume so be creative. For added humiliation, make him beg to eat it and then thank you afterwards.


Make him attach clothes peg to his tongue and then talk to you till he is drooling all over himself. Then make him talk some more.


A good one for slaves who answer back. Make him place a bar of soap in his mouth and hold it. Within minutes the taste will make him screw his face up. Make him hold it for 20 minutes. For added effect, make him rub the soap along his tongue or against his teeth.


Have him smear peanut butter or mayonnaise all over his ass and his balls. Then make him smudge it in and then scoop it off and eat it. Laugh at him as he gags.


Have another strict dominatrix enter your session and you can both laugh at him and make him perform for you.

Give him contradicting commands that are impossible to please both of you. Having two beautiful woman laugh and humiliate him is extremely degrading. All femdom cams

Keep up to date with all of our live BDSM

female sucb humiliated licking toilete pan

Make him lick the toilet with his tongue or use his toothbrush to scrub it spotless.


Make him ask you for permission to use the bathroom. Have him a text or enter your private BDSM cams online room and beg for permission to go pee.


Make him stay on all fours and act like a dog. Make him yelp or bark but never speak. Have him throw a toy then fetch it and beg for food. Make him roll over on his back for a tummy tickle.


Make him wear a plug up his ass at all times. Make him stand up and laugh at him as he gingerly tries to sit down.


After the plug has been up his ass for a while, make him suck on it and lick it clean.


Make him kneel in front of you and jerk off. Lean in close and insult him about his cock size and how pathetic he is. Call him a wanker and how disgusting he looks. Laugh as he can’t perform or if he gets soft. related:-masturbation humiliation



Have him ejaculate and then lick up all his mess. His hand, a plate or whatever. Or make him do it over a meal and then eat it all up.


Force him to stand with his nose pressed in the corner. Make him stand there for ages and ignore him. Especially effective if he has just been spanked and his cheeks are burning.


Get him to shave his head completely bald. Have him totally shave off ALL his head hair till it is totally bare. Then laugh at him and point out how stupid and ridiculous he looks. Make him agree with you


Have your male slave get a tattoo with your name on it or that you belong to him. Or even just something humiliating like “cock lover


Get him to burn all his male underwear and jockeys and make him only wear women’s underwear. The sluttier the better!


Make him sit down to pee at all times. Never allow him to stand up. This is a very humiliating experience for a male, to be made to pee like a woman.


The opposite of orgasm denial, when he has cum, make him keep wanking. Don’t let him stop and make him get hard again straight away and cum again. Repeat till he is crying and begging to be allowed to stop.


Don’t let him touch his dick. Instead, make him shove a dildo up his ass and massage his own prostate till he ejaculates.


Don’t let him cum properly. Make him get to the point of no return and then take his hand off as he begins to spurt. You will piss yourself laughing as his face drops while his orgasm slips away without him getting any satisfaction.


Deny him the right to touch himself and instead make him sit on his hands and watch as you enjoy a nice, long wank yourself. Make him sit the whole time till you cum loudly


The whole time he is in your private femdom cam room, don’t acknowledge him or speak to him. Make him sit in silence while you file your nails or read a magazine


48 – CUM CUBE.

Have him cum into an ice tray and then freeze it. Next session, make him take them out and then suck on them slowly till it is all gone


Change his name to something humiliating such as spud, spot, twat or cocoa. Or even a woman’s name such as Kimberly or Nikki. Have him write it down and practise signatures with it


Have him get a big rubber dildo and then show you how he sucks dick. Make him practise for hours on end till he is a good little cock sucker. Be sure to tell him how stupid he looks and what a good little cock sucking whore he is becoming.

There you have it if you are a webcam slave boy or girl we are waiting to have fun with you if you are aDom/Dominatrix please enjoy using our ideas and check back for more as we update weekly.

50 ways to humiliate your slave on webcam. You can combine them or add to them but any of the above scenarios will heap humiliation and degradation on a male slave.

You can use many different online webcam sites or even instant messenger to test out some of our theories, we have listed what we believe to be the best site, however, you can use services like, Skype, yahoo, Kik, Facetime, Instagram, snap chat and Facebook even MSN if it is still around these days.

If you are a dominant female, they are the building blocks of a live humiliation webcam session.
You can also see our blog post on 25 ways for a cock and ball torture cam show

Don’t forget to check out some of our male humiliation pics, sissy pictures and see just how extreme, sadistic and evil we can be on cam, real-life, phone chat and text chat. We have some fantastic creative ideas that can be twisted into your own, with your own edge on it.

If you are ready for your instructions if you think you can cope with the level of online humiliation that we dish out then let’s get going.

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  • BDSM Torture Ideas – Used in humiliating ways
  • Orgasm control, denial – In the most humiliating ways
  • Ideas for fags
  • Making you cum in your pants and wear them all day even to work
  • 10 kinky Cum ideas – What to do with it – Are you a cum slave?
  • Dildo training my slave and making him eat his cum off my feet.
  • We also have Dominatrixes who enjoy cei no humiliation just plain old instructions on how to
  • Humiliating orgasm Suggestions  Learn more in our humiliation chatroom

You can also learn more about how we milk you both financially and anally read our article on – related: financial domination tips


How To Humiliate A Submissive

There are so many femdom humiliation ideas that the only limit is your imagination.

When it comes to webcam humiliation then there really is nothing stopping you going as far as you want, and there is no end to ways to humiliate a sub.

As well as the top 50 above, there are other online femdom ways which can be administered on the poor, helpless sub.

For example, what about being made to drink from the toilet?

Your Mistress can drag you in by the ear or collar, pull you to your knees in front of the toilet and shove your head in, ordering you to drink the water in the bowl.

She may drop the lid on you for extra degradation or make you stay there with your head in the pan for a while.

Other add-ons can be ripping up bread or other foodstuffs and making you eat it from the toilet water (no hands of course!) or for total degradation, one of the most humiliating slave tasks there is is to be ordered to lap up the toilet water after she has urinated and not flushed. One of the most extreme, disgusting and degrading sub humiliation acts going.
If you are a slave cam then one thing you need to get used to is femdom insults.

Some of the live Mistress webcam Dommes on this site are the most acid-tongued, cruel, heartless and sadistic mean bitches online you could ever fear to be under the spell of.

They will think nothing of ripping your self-esteem to shreds by attacking your manhood, lack of sexual technique, going into detail about how much of a failure you are or even ripping into your wife and calling her names for having the idiocy to marry a tosser like you.

What Are Some Humiliating Tasks For Slaves?

What about eating food off the floor? Mistress can rip a banana, bits of bread, pieces of chocolate, crackers, cheese or anything really.

She can then order you to get your head down and eat every morsel of it. For added degradation, she may step on it with her boots and make you lick it from her boot heel or in worst case scenario she might chew the food first, then spit it on the floor for you to then eat.

Maybe she will throw it in the bin and make you eat it out of there. Or maybe she will force BDSM starvation on you, and not let you eat for days on end and then have you watch as she eats a delicious salad before she shows you her throwing what she doesn’t eat in the garbage.

Or how about having you jerk off through your trousers with no boxers on.

It won’t take long for pre-cum to leave a big damp patch and then when you are granted permission to cum (which you will be forced to beg for even though you might not want to since you know what is coming!) you will end up with a wet spot right in the crotch of your trousers or sweats.

You will then be made to keep them on all day, even if you are going out in public.

She might also forbid you from washing them and then next time you visit her for a session, have you suck on that dried in salty cum stain.

What about findom humiliation?

As if it is not bad enough that you are left penniless with not even enough money to buy food or put your heating on but these mean financial Mistress Dominas will make you beg to take your money.

They will sit haughtily and listen to you plead and beg for them to take the last of your money.

Or she may march you down to an atm and make you withdraw money and shove you out of the way when the notes are dispensed and snatch them from the machine.

For skype humiliation

How about if she calls you at 1230am and makes you stand naked, freezing and tired in front of your webcam so you can see how comfy and cosy she is in her luxurious bed.

Maybe she will let you go back to sleep, maybe she will make you stand there all night and watch her sleep.

It is up to her.
Forced exercise is good for humiliating tasks, especially for overweight slaves. As you huff and puff and gasp for air, she will bark at you to up the pace, keep going and “move your fat ass”.

They will make you go topless so your man boobs and belly flop about uncovered, as well as wear shorts at least 2 sizes too small.

Many submissive men who wish to serve a strict, dominant woman have a humiliation fetish and there are hundreds of femdom Mistresses online right now who will gladly help you achieve it.

They are on the lookout for a cam slave and a useless, no good jerk off like you is exactly the type they need. There is a BDSM camgirl waiting for you now.

loser slave, bdsm humiliation

Kinky Foot slave humiliation is always a busy section in the webcams area the idea of a girl trampling on a slave with her bare dirty or sweaty feet can be a massive weakness for some of our slaves, or when the Mistress makes you sniff and lick your own feet.

how to humiliate your slave is a question we get asked a lot especially in the webcam world where new Mistresses want to start out in the whole power exchange and domination arena.

They ask us what is the best ways to humiliate your submissive? how do you keep them guessing all the time?

Is humiliation a fetish and is part of  BDSM? We are going to answer all of these questions below so do read on by the time you have finished with this article you will have an amazing understanding on the best ways to degrade and dominate your webcam slave or sissy online in a live session or even in a cam to cam show

Sissy Humiliation Tasks

No matter what humiliating a sissy is top of most Fem doms agendas and they know what they are doing when it comes to tasks, assignments & instructions. Sissy slave training is high up amongst the favourites.

Let’s look at a list of some sissy tasks that can be used both online and offline.

  1. Make them dress up so slutty then parade themselves outside
  2. Give them an alpha males cock to suck
  3. Make sure they swallow cum loads every day
  4. Send them shopping dressed in their sissy outfit
  5. Draw all over their body writing insulting names about themselves
  6. Make them  pee their panties and keep them on all-day
  7. Butt plug in the ass all day even at work
  8. Send them out to scrub other people’s houses naked
  9. Teach them how to self suck so they can swallow their own loads
  10. Make them wear a tampon up their ass
  11. Make them stand  in front of your friends naked for inspection
  12. Splosh them, or make them cover themselves in gunge
  13. Tell a shop assistant they are a sissy girl and in to buy some sissy panties can she help
  14. Make them dip their cock sin yoghurt pots and cum in them then swallow it up
  15. Do a sexy dance for you and your friends.
  16. Work the streets as a prostitute or in a brothel
  17. sit down when peeing if allowed to pee in the toilet
  18. beg for enemas but be out shopping when you have just had one, if you mess then you have to walk around like that
  19. Have a time of the month  that Mistress decides and you must wear a tampon up your ass covered in red sauce for a week
  20. Be made to wear a diaper to work. home bed, life

These are just a few tips and instructions to use on how to humiliate a sissy we will add more to this list as time goes on as we have hundreds of ways to share with you.

puppy slave training, bdsm domination

online slave tasks

Having hundreds of online cam slaves who we dominate, degrade, abuse & use every day, we made this list up for the subs to take to their Mistress to use on them or for the Dominatrix to use with her own webcam slaves.

  1. He must at all times eat from the floor or dog bowl
  2. Corner time to stand in the corner facing the wall  naked with chastity on
  3. Draw all over his body writing degrading comments about himself ( like his lack of size) or how he is a loser, cocksucker etc.
  4. Dress him up force him into ladies clothes
  5. Put pegs all over his cock and balls/ or over her clit and lips
  6. Put pegs on his/her nipples
  7. Wear a bit plug coupled with anal stretching and training
  8. Edgeplay tasks where The dominant one controls the wanking and clit rubbing
  9. crawl around the floor and bark like a dog
  10. Pee sitting down
  11. Wear wet cummed in boxers, pants all-day
  12. Send pictures or videos to Mistress  of all tasks that have been completed
  13. Walk around in high heels for an hour no sitting down
  14. Shave your pubic hair
  15. cum in a condom and then swallow it
  16. Eat food that you absolutely hate
  17. Count a cup of cornflakes or rice while wearing a butt plug

That should get you started you can also do certain things for the Dominant person ie update her blogs, social media, go shopping for her, foot worship, tell her over and over again how wonderful she is.

Humiliation Sex Ideas

Sexual humiliation ideas is another great place to have kinky fun both online and offline, you could add in things like bisexual activities demanding they suck a cock, demanding they take a strapon or have sex with someone they are not attracted to, you could also involve the cuckold fantasy scenario with this.

  Ideas to Humiliate A Camgirl Sex Slave?  Female Humiliation list Below 

Don’t worry if you are a Male dom Looking to humiliate a cam girl we have some ideas & suggestions for you as well, we list below some top ideas, suggestions, tips on how to humiliate, degrade and dominate webcam girls online. Read some of our female humiliation ideas below

  1. Make her wear wet panties when serving you
  2. Make her wear nipple clamps
  3. Ensure her 2 holes are always full
  4. Tie her up or teach her self bondage
  5. Spanking – Make her spank herself with a slipper or belt
  6. DEmand she wears a ball gag
  7. Make her gag on the biggest dildo she has
  8. Orgasm control let her run herself to climax and when she is close make her stop – Denie her an orgasm
  9. Verbally abuse her tell her she is your slut, whore, bitch
  10. Tell her you want daily pictures of her with her legs spread wide and pussy open for inspection

Check out 20 ways for cam girl humiliation