Orgasm Control Ideas

Orgasm Control Online With Cruel Mistresses

If you are a slave or Mistress who enjoys orgasm control then below are some of the different ways that I myself as a Mistress have carried out these types of sessions with my subs and sissies. This should help you bring new ideas to your Mistress or for you as the Dominant to use in your live online orgasm control sessions.

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Jerk off Instructions ( joi)

This is when you will tell your sub how to jerk that cock, how many strokes, how fast, stop-start, taking it to the edge, make sure to describe in detail what the sub must do when jerking that cock. You can also use visuals when doing this.

The Mistress is in charge and decides when and how often you can touch it, she is the boss she is in control and has the power, you can not cum at all throughout these instructions unless Mistress allows it.

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The Owner–Mistress may decide you have to rub lotions and cream on that useless cock, she may decide you have to spit on it or use your pre-cum to make it nice and slippery while she continues with your instructions in great detail. Verbal humiliation and CEI are included in these types of cam sessions.


Joi,  wanking encouragement, and masturbation instructions is what this part of controlling your orgasm is all about. Some females may tease you while they give you these instructions and laugh at how desperate you become but they will not allow you to cum.No happy ending just more and more frustrations until you have a redraw dick


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joi cams,jerk off instructions live
Jerk Off Instructions On Cam

Joi  Is a very popular sexual fetish and can be used in both Bdsm And Vanilla sex where it will offer a different way of submitting which in many cases is painless and focuses on the pleasure side of being dominated

Some slaves prefer the more hardcore type of jerk-off instructions which is slightly different from the erotic side mentioned above, some submissives should be told to slap their balls, twist their cocks, use items to slap that cock, the countdown to cumming then stop you when the number gets close to the end, making the subby scream in pain and frustration, she may tell you to dip your cock in a bowl of ice to get it soft again and so it continues.

You can add your own ideas to this scenario but this is a basic outline of some of the ways I myself have had jerk-off instructions in a live cam session with my slaves.

What Is Cum Control?

This is when a Mistress or partner controls your orgasm through masturbation instructions, jerk-off instructions and orgasm denial.
This is training that I have to ensure the submissive controls his need and desire to cum hard.

We can use many different ways to frustrate the subject/pet from ruined orgasm, chastity keyholding, tease and denial and jack-in-chat instructions.

This is tolerance control, the ultimate frustration for the person being denied and so much fun and control for the person controlling the situation

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It is equally frustrating for both male and female submissives.
For some males milking the prostate to release the fluid and not allow the feeling of orgasm can be really. TO deny and Milk is to of the biggest torments.

Joi Can Be Fun

Joi Can be as fun, sexual or sadistic as you want it to be, it’s the not knowing when you will be able to get that relief, being kept in suspense and handing over the power to someone to control, that can make for a very kinky and sensual cam show.

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Ruined Orgasm In A Webcam Show 

When carrying out this type of session it is always good to know what your slave or sissies’ sexual weaknesses are and then use them against them in this type of session.

If they love seeing big tits covered in oil then make sure to do this or to make them watch porn of females doing this whatever it takes to get them as worked up and as desperate as possible. Orgasm denial was always a favourite of mine because I am sadistic.

I love the facial expressions of my subs when I see just how they have become putty in my hands and will do anything and I mean ANYTHING so that they can have that happy ending!

Using the above method of jerk-off instructions and adding your own twists and turns you make sure you have done everything to the extent your sub is almost in tears begging to have that relief.

You can be as brutal as you want with this one and keep making him edge, he will never know if he will get to cum or if you will continue making him an edge or if you will indeed make him ruin it. Check out our  sexual roleplay ideas for some great sexy techniques for roleplaying live

sissy jerk off, tease and denial
Sissy receiving jerk instructions

The trick makes him so worked up that when you have had your fun you can make him count back from ten, you should be able to see when  he is getting close to cumming or you can instruct him to tell you when he is just about to cum,

This is when you make him take his hand off, just at the sweet spot and he loses that feeling, the cum dribbles out but he gets no orgasm at the end of it…  Lovely to watch the look on his face at this point when he now knows he has just had a ruined orgasm and he walks away feeling worthless and even more pathetic

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Edge Play Scenario

This is when a Dominatrix or camgirl will again give you wanking instructions and control your masturbation, she will decide how long you will jerk off, how fast you can go, what you should rub on your dick, she will tease and taunt you and use many different verbal instructions throughout this type of session.

The Mistress will tease you to the brink and continue to make you wank, for 5 strokes,2 strokes, faster, slower, start and stop, she will continue this for as long as she wants to, and when you are close to cumming she will stop you and make you take your hand off, let your cock get soft again and then start again with this scenario.

Many times I have made my slave or sissy wear a chastity device and sent them away and told them to come back into the webcam show every hour for more edgeplay. The dominant can keep this going for as long as she wants I have had this scenario going for weeks on end and always ensuring my sub puts his chastity back on and comes back the next day for more instructions

What is Orgasm Control?

Our live website will keep you up to date with all the different types of fetish ideas as well as all things BDSM-related. If you are a sub looking for information or new ways to try things with your Mistress then keep up to date with all of our blog posts written by a Mistress and her sub to give you information from both sides of the spectrum.

Tease And Denial
This scenario is when a female will dress up and tease you, slowly taking her clothes off and teasing you with her body, she may wiggle her ass in your face, she may push her big juicy boobs to the camera, she may start to finger herself, or perhaps it’s about feet if you like girls with hot feet you may find they suck their own toes or sit and rub those perfectly manicured toenails.

No matter what it is she will tease you and demand you jerk for her. She may give you masturbation guidance or she may just tell you to wank fast or slow, but the whole point of this type of session is that you must ask her permission to cum and she will deny it, this scenario can go on for ages and you can always add your own twists in or elements of surprise.

No matter how much he begs you must continue to deny, make him slap it, make him push it into a bowl of ice, make him take a cold shower. This is where the Mistress has full control and will decide when and if the submissive is allowed to cum.

I used to add Blackmail fantasy into this so I knew my sub could never cheat, or have financial domination, where every time he begged to cum he had to pay a fine.

Or id threatens to take pictures and add them to Facebook and Twitter there are many ways you can make sure you have full power over your submissive in this type of session.

If you are ready to have your orgasm put on hold until further notice then steps inside and see for yourself that our females mean business. They are ready and waiting to take control of any relief you had hoped for. Sexx the chastity cams here

Tease and Denial, sexy blonde cam girls
Tease and Denial Cams

Chastity control in A Cam Show

If your slave or sissy has chastity then use this to your own advantage, make them wear it, and do daily checks to ensure it has not been removed, your slave can buy tags and you will know if he has tried to cheat as the tag number will be different. Take note of the tag number when he first puts it on and does daily checks that the tag has not been broken


Sometimes I would make my sub freeze the 2 keys in a bowl of water and put them into the freezer and if he was granted permission to take it off he would have to wait for ages till it defrosted, I have known Mistresses who have had the slave post himself the keys or post the keys to a PO box for Mistress with the other one in a bowl of ice in the freezer with numbers on top or different scenarios so mistress would know if it was touched.

You can also write up a chastity contract that the slave must sign which stipulates how long he will be in chastity and how often Mistress will milk him to remove excess fluids building up.

Chastity is a great way to control your slave or sissies’ orgasm they no longer have any control and any urges they have to touch themselves will result in pain whilst they are in their little cage, this is the ultimate ownership and power for a Mistress and one she enjoys very much.

The chastity device is like a bondage session where your mistress locks your cock away in cock bondage like a device – Our bondage cam page explains ways this can happen

Chastity Control -Orgasm Denial