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Kinky Hand Domination – Fetish

If you have a hand fetish and the idea of a dominant female’s full hand pushing you down or smothering you turns you on then be sure to check out our live chat rooms which are full of females who enjoy hand domination online.

Her hand dominates your cock your ass, restricting you and so much more. Check out our pictures, chat rooms, and videos below for all things to do with erotic and sensual hand dominations online. The best and hottest handjobs with kinky, mean, sadistic females who enjoy hand domination with wanking action


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So what is Hand Domination in Bdsm?

When it comes to hand domination, not a lot of people know what it is. Even seasoned and experienced Dommes, Masters, and subs will look bamboozled when asked if they know what it is. The reality though, is that they already know what it is and will use it in all of their BDSM, femdom, and s & m sessions.

Basically, it is when the “top” use their hands to administer what eve torment they are dishing out to a slave. By that, it means actually using their hands as a tool. It does not apply if using their hand to brandish a whip or crop for example or to turn up the dial on the electric cbt apparatus. It is for any action that directly involves her hands.



Hand trampling Video

If you are still confused about the difference then read on because hand domination is a huge part of BDSM and you probably participate in many of the activities that come under the umbrella of it.

Have you ever had a cock and ball torture (CBT) session? Has she ever grabbed your balls and squeezed them hard? Or pulled your foreskin back and ran her nails all over your sensitive cock head?

hand domination, masturbation pictures

Maybe she has used her palm to slap your balls or hit your bellend. These things would come under underhand domination since she is using her hands as the implement to administer the pain.

Even something as simple as edge play when she grabs your cock and wanks you to the edge of orgasm before stopping is included. Using bondage techniques and controlling your cock is another way

What else does Hand-domination include?

It also includes acts such as nipple torture where she grabs your nipples between her fingers and twists them till they turn purple.
Probably the most common activity in hand domination would be spanking.

Either OTK (over the knee), over a chair, or bent over a table if she uses her palm to smack your cheeks till they turn red and make your eyes fill with tears then this is domination by hand.

Pulling down your boxers, yanking you over her knee, and slapping your bare ass cheeks as you wriggle and squirm. A very common scenario in femdom and if you have ever participated then you have also had hand domination.

Hand trampling

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Simple, one-off acts are also included. Things like hair pulling, thigh-slapping, face slapping, throat grabbing, pinching your cheeks as she glares at you, even just the act of pushing you or throwing you to the floor to kiss her boots would count.

What is sensual domination?
There are so many different types of scenarios it is impossible to name each and everyone but when you think about it, it is actually perfectly clear what it is and so obvious you wonder why you did not realize what it was in the first place!

handomination pictures
Think about it, if she uses her hands, then what is that? Imagine, she storms over to you as you stand to cower and uses her hand to purse your mouth as she glares in your face. more here

Or imagine she has you strapped to a table and she grabs your balls and twists them, or she holds them with one hand and whacks them hard and fast with the other.

Most CBT sessions involve using implements and props but some good use of hands is just as effective, sometimes even more so.

It does not even have to be a pain-inflicting act. This is a woman you worship and desire. A female that you devote your entire being to and suffer for her pleasure yet she will never give you anything you want.

She will never wank you, suck your cock and definitely never let you have sex with her but that does not mean she will not get a kick from tormenting you with sensual domination.

The gratification she gets from teasing and tormenting you is a powerful turn-on for strong Dommes. They enjoy the power they have over you as you desire them and lust after them so just imagine if she has you tied down either to a bed or strapped to a chair.

As she gets to you she starts by rubbing her hands all over your body, teasing your nipples, and stroking your already hard cock. As you squirm, she will continue to stroke and tease you until you are almost in tears.

Sensual domination is a perfect add-on for hand domination and the two of them work together, well hand in hand!

We have many different kinky ways to have a hand play online no matter what it is you are looking for you can be assured to find some of the best online cam contacts to have roleplay, hand slapping, domination and relief scenarios, roleplays with a twist

Handjob Domination  – What does it mean?

Grab His Dick As you own it
Use his manhood like your toy, do not do what you usually do. Treat his penis as though it’s yours, lube it up, give him some oral, and then return up and hold it again. Tease him and drive him crazy with anticipation.

When stroking his dick, change your technique up and watch and see what he reacts to, try out these different techniques and see what he enjoys:

Hard grip
focus on the suggestion
concentrate on everything – Watch how he reacts – take total control and dominate that dick.

Also, ask him to show you what he likes, when he is showing you with his penis, tell him how much you are turning him on.

Begin with light touches, rub your palms, then catch them lightly squeeze and caress, if you would like to blow his head, lick and suck while you push your hands up and down his c**k.

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Remember handjob domination is wanking the cock and dominating it, you control it, you own it, you can edge it, ruin the orgasm, milk it, tie it up and even put chastity on it. The point is you are the one who controls his member.

I wish to dominate my man, not stop wanking or jerking once he has cum, will this hurt him?
It will feel uneasy for him but you shouldn’t stop or change the speed or how fast you are going, just keep on going. Ask him ahead if it’s something he’d be ready to try to just do it.

It will not hurt so long as you use lube to prevent the dryness which causes friction and makes it very red and tender however you should always know when to really quit giving him a handjob.

Check out some of our BDSM pictures and videos for more kinky ideas on hand  instructions

If you are submissive and had no idea what hand domination was then hopefully this piece will have cleared it up for you. If you want to chat some more about it then why not try a live femdom cams session?

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