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What is A Panty Fetish?

The female panty is arguably a woman’s most interesting piece of clothing. The panty holds all the scent that makes a woman a woman.


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The pantie fetish guide for men and women (Ultimate guide)

It is the garment that is closest to a woman’s body. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that a man may be turned on by a female panty.

A panty fetish, therefore, is basically sexual arousal by a woman’s underwear.

We say a woman because it is most common among men although some women have a panty fetish as well. Sometimes, this obsession may culminate in the collection and sharing of panties.

The Genesis of Panty Fetish.
People just don’t wake up one day and realize they have panty fetishes. There are various elements that lead up to this. For some, it may start as a simple sexual fantasy. You happen to have a peek at a woman’s panties since she is in a short dress and sitting too revealingly.
 You then use that image to fuel your sexual desires. say you masturbate to that image of a woman in a panty. From then on it becomes a thing for you and you simply get turned on by ladies’ panties. Then others are attracted to the fabrics.
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These panties are made of some really soft materials and touching them reminds them of women. Others will wear the pants just to feel the fabrics on their skin. To a panty enthusiast, having the female panty rub on your erection is the ultimate high. Some men are just into the kick that comes with stealing the panties. That fear of getting caught picking or wearing a woman’s underwear. Reports of men caught stealing pants are no longer uncommon. Handling panty fetish as a woman.
Pantie Fetish
Handling panty fetish as a woman.
Not many men will come out admitting to having a thing for panties their women.

So how exactly can you know if your guy has a panty fetish?

Some classic signs you can watch out for include:

  • Is he overly excited to go lingerie shopping with you?
  • does he insist that you keep your pants on when you go to sleep?
  • Does your man like to eat you with your panties on?
  • Do your panties go missing in a suspicious manner?
  • Have you spotted him go through your dirty and clean underwear either discreetly or openly?
  • Have you caught him red-handed wearing your panties?

If your answer to these questions is yes then you have a man with a panty fetish. The next step would be to confront him. You should be able to create a safe environment to broach the topic without hurting his feelings or damaging the relationship.

You should understand that fetish Cam Chat is not a capital offence punishable by death. If you are understanding and supportive of his interest in panties he will love you more for it. It is okay to not be okay with it, just don’t bite his head off about it. Be gentle and explain why his fetish is a turn-off for you.

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