Impregnation Fetish

What Is impregnation fetish?

An impregnation fetish is where someone gets turned on either by getting pregnant or getting their partner pregnant through having unprotected sex. The intense thrill is from the risk of pregnancy rather than the actual act of getting pregnant. Due to its nature, it is also known as a breeding fetish.

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Much more common than people realise, there are hundreds of online communities which are full of people who all have an impregnation fetish. It is a much more common fetish than many people realise and is found in both males and females.

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Many submissive men have a PF of being a cuckold and for their wife or partner being impregnated by their lover.

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It is important to realize and understand that an impregnation fetish differs greatly from a pregnancy fetish. Whilst the latter is for those who get excited by looking at pregnant women, the former is about getting turned on by the risk and they usually do not want to deal with the consequences of their fetish. 

The two can work together but usually, do not compliment the other. Mainly because pregnancy fetish is a desire for expectant mothers and a PF won’t work since pregnant women can’t get pregnant again!

Most men have a PF for the main reason of being in control. Knowing they have the ability to impregnate the female Knowing he can change her life forever drives him mad with desire!
This is known as one of the riskiest fetishes there is to have.

Two minutes of pleasure can have a life-changing consequence. Even if she does not get pregnant, the very nature of it means you are having unprotected sex which can lead to STDs. In short, great care is required when indulging this kink.

For women especially (but both parties really) consent is an absolute must. If you have a pregnancy fetish then your partner needs to know what you are doing. You can’t just take birth control or pop holes in the condoms.

You both need to be on board. Because of the huge risk, this particular fetish has been known to end relationships. It is a real deal-breaker.
For two consenting adults, however, this fetish lends itself perfectly to roleplay and is ideal for couples who are trying to start a family.

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