Sploshed slaves – Wet and Messy

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Sploshed Slave – Messy and Wet Humiliated

Are you into being sploshed? Messy Food was thrown all over you, like custard, cream, soups and making you as sloppy and messy as possible? Then start reading this blog post then head on over to one of our online Mistress cams and begin your journey into the world of messy games on webcam

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What is sploshing?
It is the act of putting messy foods on another person and covering them in it it is usually things like custard, cream, yoghurts, beans etc. The messier the better, some use it as a form of humiliation, other’s do it to eat it off the other person and some just like to lie in the mess and wank that cock hard in it
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For slaves in need of the ultimate humiliation, a good old-fashioned splosh session is in order. Nothing is more humiliating than being made to stand still while a superior female pours things over your head and makes you smear it all over your own body while she laughs at you and takes pictures. It is a well-known fact that while you have sadistic, male slave hating Mistresses, the vast majority of Dommes are all fun-loving and they get their kicks from humiliating subs, rather than causing physical pain.

A good caning or cock and ball torture session are all well and good when needed but for her own personal amusement, humiliating a poor unfortunate man is what they love best and nothing is more humiliating than being covered in foodstuff!

There are dozens of dominant females online and each one loves nothing more than sploshing their subordinates and making them look like complete idiots. For your session, the Mistress will require you to bring lots of β€œimplements” to use on yourself. Things like baked beans, custard, cream, apple pies, yoghurts and milk to name but a few. Use the free femdom cam chat facility to talk to your Mistress and tell her what you have and ask if there is anything else she would like you to bring.

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The imagination of the Dommes online will completely blow you away and they might, and probably will suggest things to bring that you would never have thought of.
Imagine standing naked before your own as she looks at you with a smirk on her face. Then imagine the sound of her voice as she tells you to open the cream and pour it over your head. Picture her telling you to rub it in like shampoo. Then get told to take the entire packet of custard and emptying it over yourself too.

Getting told to lay on the floor and skoosh yourself with whipped cream and smear it in, all while being made to tell your dominatrix how much you love it and how much you enjoy being sploshed. Her evil cackles and genuine joy at your degradation will be obvious for all to see.

Now think of how you will look as she orders you to open up three tins of beans, pour them on the floor and then roll around in them. Getting yourself all covered in the orange, yellow and white mixture and looking like a complete idiot for her pleasure. A bag of flour over your naked, mixture covered body would be a good addition to the mix too! Anything that is gooey, messy and slimy will work and you should bring it to your cam session as the humiliatrix’s prefer slaves who are organised and have things to hand and a stack of things to use.

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Sploshing or messy pie is one of the more popular fetishes and one which is easy for a Domme to do via female domination webcam online. The way they will have you covered in messy, horrible concoctions will blow you away and the depths of their mind will leave you stunned.

So many ways to embarrass a sub but sploshing is by far the best for the female because she does not have to raise her voice by shouting insults or tire her arm swinging a cane or whip. All she has to do is tell you what things to bring and in what order she wants you to empty them over yourself.

There are lots of mean, evil cams hosts available and each one is more than capable of giving you a messy pie session that will leave you covered in gunk and totally humiliated. Anything goes when you enter the realm of these strict Mistresses and mean bitches so be prepared.

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