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Female domination 101 is foot worship. Any slaves first task when his Mistress enters a room or clicks her fingers for him to come to her is to drop to his knees and begin kissing and worshipping her feet. The lowest part of her body and the part she uses to walk on. Luckily for slaves though, a women’s feet are far and away from the best thing ever.

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During any femdom session, feet worship is what a slave looks forward to the most. Being allowed to put your face so close to her dainty tootsies and to be permitted to kiss and lick them. Running your tongue along her smooth skin and in between her perfectly manicured and painted toe’s. Taking her tootsie in your hands and gently caressing it.

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Foot Fetish Chatroom

Lots of female dominants love to have their feet worshipped and will usually have the sub-use lotion. Pouring some on their hands, they gently take her foot and begin to rub the lotion in. Taking care to cover every inch of her skin, he gently caresses the top of it while kneeling in front of her. With one hand holding it up for support, gingerly massaging and rubbing the oil or lotion into the skin with the other, the lucky slave will be in heaven.

Being sure to also caress the under sole and getting into the curve, her entire feet worshipping should take as long as she wants but any slave who is truly submissive will perform this task for hours without even noticing the time

There are dozens of dominant, superior females online and each one absolutely loves foot worship. They love unzipping their boots and shoving their feet up close to the cam so you can practically taste and smell them. Wiggling their toes and circling their foot round and round, they will have you tell them how delicious and wonderful it is and how much you want to touch and worship it.

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Showing you their perfectly manicured toenails and running their hands along with them and in between their toes, you will be mesmerised as you watch. Watching the little traces of sweat and dirt as they lie on her perfect skin, you will be longing to lick it all off her and to worship her.

Nothing is a greater honour than to be granted the permission to worship and adore your mistresses feet and the dommes on live femdom cam are all experts in getting worshipped and adored from weak pathetic slaves who are only good enough to adore the lowest part of her body. They will take great delight in reminding you of how pathetic you are as you watch transfixed on her toes and feet and will laugh mockingly as you beg to touch your rock hard dick which will be throbbing with the desire to be wanked.Click on to our live BDSM cams
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You will be incredibly horny as she teases you with her tootsies. She knows exactly what she is doing to you and she will be loving every single minute of it!
There is an almost endless amount of Dommes online and they all use feet worship as a staple part of their femdom webcam live sessions. It is the perfect way to exert the power over men they have by getting you on your knees straight away and then having you go weak at being so close to her perfect, dainty feet.
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