50 Humiliating Tasks For Your submissive

Humiliating Tasks to give your slave, submissive, sissy – Fun Ideas for the Domme

50 Humiliating Tasks: How to Degrade Your Submissive

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to share my top 50 most humiliating tasks that will have your submissive degraded and begging for more! As an experienced Domme, I’ve discovered the most thrilling ways to embarrass and shame my slaves in public and at home. From dressing up outdoors to eating from a dog bowl, these kinky humiliation ideas will have you laughing and inviting friends to join in the fun. Just make sure you have plenty of marker pens on hand for some naughty body writing. My sissy slaves are always eager to become my pet, no matter how degrading. I can’t wait for you to try these tasks and see your submissive transform into an obedient, whimpering plaything, ready to serve your every deviant desire! Let the humiliation begin!


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Public Humiliation Tasks That Will Degrade Your Sub

Make Them Crawl

Nothing says “you’re beneath me” quite like making your sub crawl on their hands and knees. Have them crawl on the floor in front of you, or better yet, in public! Tell them they must crawl everywhere they go, and watch as their embarrassment grows with each stare and giggle from strangers.

Dress Them Up

Forcing your sub to wear embarrassing outfits in public is a tried-and-true humiliation tactic. Make them wear frilly dresses, skimpy lingerie, diapers—the possibilities are endless! Take photos of them in their humiliating getup and threaten to share the pics online if they don’t obey your every command.

Verbal Humiliation

Your words can be just as degrading as any physical punishment. Call your sub insulting names, tell them how worthless and pathetic they are, and point out their flaws and imperfections. Laugh at them, tell jokes at their expense, and mock everything about them in an exaggerated, over-the-top way. Verbal humiliation, especially in public, can be an extremely effective way to break down their self-esteem.

With a bit of creativity, the number of degrading tasks you can subject your sub to is infinite! Find what embarrasses and humiliates them the most, and don’t hold back—after all, that’s what they want from you, isn’t it? Push their limits and make them realize how lowly and worthless they truly are compared to you, their dominant master!

50 humiliating ideas for your bdsm slave

50 Humiliating and Degrading Tasks for Indoor Domination

Public Humiliation

As your Domme, one of my favourite ways to humiliate you is to force you into public embarrassment. I may take you for a walk outdoors with a leash and collar or dress you in frilly panties and a maid’s outfit before inviting friends over. The look of shock and disgust on strangers’ faces as they see my sissy pet always brings me joy.

Following Orders

You will follow every order I give immediately and without question. Whether I tell you to kneel, fetch me a drink, or lick my boots clean, you will respond “Yes, Mistress” enthusiastically and carry out the task right away. Failure to do so will result in punishment. As my submissive, your role is to serve and obey.

Marker Pen Fun

I love using permanent marker pens to write degrading terms on your body, marking you as my property. Words like ‘slut,’ ‘whore’ and ‘sissy’ scrawled across your skin in my handwriting are a constant reminder of your place. The marks may last for days, advertising your subjugation even when I am not around to humiliate you personally.

Eating from Bowls

To reinforce your status as my pet, I may have you eat and drink from dog bowls on the floor. Crawling around and lapping up food and water like an animal is wonderfully degrading. If I’m feeling especially cruel, I may mix in some dog food or other unpleasant surprises. But as my plaything, you have no choice – you must eat whatever I give you.

Pet Play and Other Animalistic Humiliation Scenarios

I adore pet play and turning my submissives into helpless little animals! Collaring and Leashing Collaring and leashing my slave is one of my favourite ways to establish dominance. I make them crawl on all fours while I lead them around, giving gentle tugs on the leash to remind them of their place. The collar symbolizes that they are my property to do with as I please.

Eating From a Bowl

Feeding time is so much fun! I fill a dog bowl with the scraps and leftovers from my own meals and place it on the floor. My slave has to eat without using their hands, lapping up the food like the animal they are. If they spill or make a mess, they have to clean it up immediately. No wasting food!

Animal Noises and Commands

Barking, meowing or whimpering on command is deeply humiliating for my slave. I give simple commands like ‘speak’ or ‘roll over’ and punish them if they don’t respond appropriately. Over time, responding to these commands becomes second nature and helps strip away their humanity.

Crawling, Scratching and Petting

Nothing is more degrading than reducing a slave to crawling on hands and knees, scratching at the furniture and nudging my hand for attention and petting. I lavish them with praise and belly rubs when they behave, and scold them when they don’t. Eventually, they become so well-trained that they do these things without even thinking.

Turning slaves into helpless animals through pet play and other techniques is extremely fun and rewarding. The level of control and dominance I achieve over them is thrilling and intoxicating. Do you have any other ideas for animalistic humiliation I can try? I’m always looking for new ways to degrade and objectify my pets!

Inviting Others for Maximum Humiliation Ideas

There’s nothing quite like inviting others to join in the humiliation of your submissive! I just love seeing the look of dread and embarrassment on my sub’s face when I tell them we’ll be having company. The possibilities for degradation are endless!

Friends and Family

Why not start with people your sub knows? Invite over some close friends or even family members and have your sub serve them while wearing their most embarrassing outfit. Make your sub give everyone foot massages, serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and cater to their every whim. The humiliation of their loved ones seeing them degraded is sure to be intensely humiliating for any sub.


If your sub has been particularly naughty, invite the neighbours over! Have your sub answer the door in their full humiliation regalia so the neighbours get an eyeful right away. Then have your subserve refreshments and give a “tour” of their living quarters. The thought of facing the neighbours again after that is sure to keep your sub on their best behaviour for a long time!


For the ultimate in humiliation, invite strangers to witness and participate in degrading your sub. Post an ad on a local message board and interview candidates to find those who would relish the opportunity to humiliate your sub in creative ways. With strangers, the humiliation has no limits – they can do and say whatever they like to your sub without fear of future awkwardness. Your sub will never forget the degradation of being used by random strangers for an evening’s entertainment!

Inviting others to join in the humiliation of your sub is a deliciously wicked way to reinforce your dominance and their submission. With each additional person, the humiliation is amplified exponentially. Best of all, the memories of these encounters will stay with your sub for a long time to come!

Setting limits: the importance of consent and communication
That being said, it is shocking and concerning that some individuals may engage in BDSM activities that could be considered humiliating or degrading to their partner. Such activities may cause emotional and psychological harm, and it is important to recognize that these types of behaviours are never okay. Unfortunately, there are lists out there that suggest possible activities to humiliate one’s BDSM partner.
Some of these lists include shockingly cruel and abusive suggestions such as forcing one’s partner to wear a diaper, making them sleep on the floor, or even spitting on them. The mere suggestion of such activities is not only disturbing but goes against the fundamental principles of BDSM. It is essential to remember that BDSM must always be safe, sane, and consensual. Any activity that violates one’s boundaries or consent must be avoided at all costs.

Understanding power dynamics in BDSM relationships

However, with control, power, and dominance comes responsibility, and it is crucial to exercise it with care. As a dominant, you must understand that your partner has entrusted you with their well-being, and this involves treating them with both respect and dignity.
You must also take responsibility for setting boundaries that are safe and respectful while holding your submissive accountable to these boundaries. When it comes to BDSM, humiliation is a common theme that comes up. Humiliation can be a powerful tool to establish dominance and submission during BDSM play. It can be enjoyable and arousing for some submissives. However, it is crucial to approach the topic with sensitivity and care.

Here are some examples of 50 humiliating ideas for your BDSM slave;

including name-calling, being forced to wear degrading attire, crawling on all fours and speaking like an animal, being treated like a pet, having their body exposed and touched in public, being continuously reminded of their inferiority and many more.
Whatever you do in your BDSM relationship, remember that communication and consent are critical. Understanding power dynamics in BDSM relationships is crucial to ensuring that both parties enjoy the experience while maintaining mutual respect and trust.

How to incorporate humiliation play safely and responsible

1. Communication: Before engaging in any form of humiliation play, it is crucial to establish clear communication about boundaries, limits, and safe words. Make sure both partners understand what is acceptable and what is not.

2. Consent: Both partners should give explicit consent to participate in humiliation play. This includes discussing and negotiating any specific activities or words that will be used.

3. Safety: Ensure that any physical harm is avoided at all costs. Always have safety tools at hand such as a safe word in case the sub loses their cool. Here are 50 humiliating ideas for your BDSM slave:

1. Forced to wear a diaper

2. Crawling on the floor like a dog

3. Being slapped

4. Forced to lick or eat food off the floor

5. Forced to drink from a dog bowl

6. Cross-dressing

7. Forced to wear a butt plug in public

8. Being humiliated in front of others

9. Spanking

10. Being locked in a cage

11. Locking him in chastity

12. Being forced to shave their body hair

13. Forced to suck on a pacifier

14. Forced to wear women’s clothes outside of the bedroom

15. Being forced to sit on a toilet while wearing clothes

16. Scolding or harsh language

17. Being forced to wear clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable

18. Being forced to wear a collar

19. Having their face slapped

20. Being forced to eat food off the ground

21. Being forced to remove their pants in public

22. Being given a punishment for not following orders or breaking rules

23. Forced to clean up after their Master/mistress

24. Forced to eat something distasteful

25. Forced to lick their Master/mistress’s boots

26. Being squirted with water 27.

Being forced to pose in humiliating positions

28. Being forced to wear a ball gag

29. Forced to watch his Master/mistress have sex with someone else

30. Being forced to sit in a corner

31. Being forced to walk on all fours

32. Being shown off like an object

33. Having to clean with a toothbrush

34. Being forced to dress up as a baby

35. Having to crawl around with a leash

36. Being made to perform embarrassing tasks in front of other people

37. Being forced to lie down in an uncomfortable position

38. Being forced to dance on command

39. Being forced to perform sexual acts in public

40. Being made to cry

41. Being forced to use a remote control vibrator in public

42. Being forced to wear a mask

43. Being forced to do a striptease

44. Being made to beg for forgiveness

45. Having a weird food-eating process

46. Being forced to wear a wig

47. Being dressed as an animal

48. Forced to call their dominant by a humiliating name

49. Being forced to wear a bra while having their images taken

50. Being forced to wear restrictive clothing.


Creative and humiliating ideas for BDSM play, with examples and precautions

When it comes to creative and humiliating ideas for BDSM play, there are endless possibilities. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that humiliation is a deeply personal and sensitive topic, so it’s important to ensure that your partner is comfortable with any ideas you propose. Some examples of potentially humiliating BDSM activities include forced nudity, verbal degradation, and public humiliation.
These activities can be incorporated into a variety of BDSM play scenarios, including role-playing, slave training, or punishment. Here are 50 humiliating ideas for BDSM slaves that could be incorporated into a Dom/Sub relationship:
– Forced to wear a collar and act like a dog –
Required to crawl on hands and knees
– Forced to wear a chastity device
– Flogged in front of a group of people
– Forced to perform sexual acts on command
– Forced to wear embarrassing clothing in public
– Made to clean Dom’s house with no clothing on
– Forced to wear a butt plug in public
– Made to eat off the floor like an animal
– Required to wear a sign indicating they are a slave
– Forced to perform foot worship on the Dom
– Made to endure verbal abuse and insults
– Forced to wear a diaper and act like a baby
– Required to sleep on the floor like an animal
– Made to be a human ashtray
– Forced to wear a mask and be referred to as “subhuman”
– Required to endure public humiliation, such as being spat on or degraded in public
– Forced to lick dirty boots clean It is important for both partners to have an open line of communication, to establish boundaries and limits, and to have a safeword in place. It’s also important to understand that BDSM activities can have psychological and emotional repercussions, so all parties should ensure they are mentally and emotionally prepared for any BDSM play they may engage in. Above all, it is essential to prioritize the safety and well-being of all parties involved in any BDSM activities.

FAQs: Answering Common Questions About Humiliating Tasks

How extreme can these tasks get?

As extreme as you and your submissive want! The possibilities are endless. I like to start with lighter tasks like having them bark like a dog or crawl around on all fours before moving on to more intense demands. But if you’re both into heavy degradation, go for it! Have them eat from the dog bowl in public or invite friends over to laugh at their predicament. The choice is yours. Spitting on them, slapping them

What if my submissive refuses a task?

Establishing clear rules and consequences is important for any power exchange relationship. Let your sub know upfront that refusing a command will result in punishment, whether that’s a spanking, corner time, or loss of privileges. Be firm in your authority while also being attentive to their limits. Their obedience and submission should be pleasurable for you both.

How do I come up with new ideas?

Get creative! Look around your home for inspiration. Kitchen tools, pet items, children’s toys – all of these can be used in deliciously devious ways. You can also assign chores and tasks that emphasise their subservient role like scrubbing floors, doing laundry, or giving you a pedicure. Verbal humiliation is easy too. Come up with nicknames, tease and taunt them about their appearance or performance. Read other guides for more suggestions. The possibilities are endless!

What about in public? Do you have any tips?

Public humiliation requires care and caution but can be thrilling when done properly. Start with simple commands like having them carry your bags or walk a few steps behind you. Gradually build up to more conspicuous shows of dominance like leading them around on a leash or having them kneel at your feet. Choose less crowded places at first and be discreet. Their embarrassment and arousal will make it worth the effort! With practice, you’ll gain the confidence to do bolder public stunts. Just remember their limits and comfort level. Their submission is a gift, so handle it with care.

Have fun with it! Degrading your submissive should be enjoyable for you both. Laugh, tease and get creative. Keep an open dialogue, set clear rules and push their limits slowly. With patience and practice, you’ll be dreaming up deliciously humiliating tasks in no time. Now go have fun, you kinky deviant you!


If you have a willing submissive partner who enjoys humiliation, these tasks are a fantastic way to explore that kink safely, sanely and consensually. Just be sure to discuss limits and use a safeword. That way you can both have an absolute blast while strengthening your connection through vulnerability and trust. I can’t wait to try some of these ideas myself! My partner is in for a wild ride. Stay kinky out there folks, and remember – it’s all about enthusiastic consent between adults. Now go have some cheeky fun!



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