Female Domination Ideas

Our Top Ideas For Female Domination

Are you a Dominant looking for ideas to use in a session?

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Are you wanting to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner? Are you a submissive male who wants to be dominated but hasn’t the first clue where to start or what he actually wants?


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Then fear not, because here we have compiled a list of some of the most common activities in femdom and BDSM. Almost all acts can revolve around these core ideas and will be an excellent starting point for either a Dominant woman or a submissive male to begin their journey.

The first thing you need to know is what kind of session you wish to have. For women, what kind of Dominatrix are you?

Are you a sensual, caring Domina who is strict but kind? Or are you a mean, cold-hearted humiliatrix who enjoys abusing her male submissive? This determines how severe each of the following acts will be. For those starting, we suggest sensual, to begin with, and then work your way up to find a level that suits you both. You can also check out our fantasy roleplay ideas

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Female domination, also known as femdom, refers to BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism) relationships, practices, or scenarios in which a woman is a dominant partner and the man is the submissive partner.

This dynamic can involve a wide range of activities, from power exchange and role-playing to physical bondage and impact play.

It is important to note that all BDSM activities should be based on mutual respect, informed consent, and clear communication between all parties involved. It’s also crucial to prioritize the physical and emotional safety of everyone involved. Read on and learn more about our fem dom ideas

The List of Top Female Domination Ideas & Tips

“Femdom” is short for “female domination” and refers to a BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) relationship or dynamic in which a woman holds power over a man.

It can involve a variety of power exchange activities, such as humiliation, obedience training, corporal punishment, and other forms of domination.

In a femdom relationship, the woman is typically referred to as the “dominatrix” and the man as the “submissive”. Read our femdom ideas and suggestions below. You can also check out our mistress cams where we have strict femdoms who enjoy taking control of weak submissives in a live chat room with a webcam


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Β Here are some of our top Femdom Ideas

1 β€” Foot Worship.


One of the most fundamental acts of any femdom session. What better way to show your dominance or submission than by kissing and worshipping her feet? This can also include her shoes or boots.

Be it her shiny stilettos with the killer heels, her knee-high boots or her dirty street shoes or trainers. Also, she gets to prod him with her foot, or stamp down on him which is a huge power rush!


2 β€” Cock And Ball Torture

This sounds far worse than it actually is. A slight tap on the balls will cause mild discomfort but will still be hugely erotic and a turn-on. Using ice cubes, heat spray, tying shoelaces around them and tapping them with a wooden spoon will also cause pleasure and pain. Work your way up to using paddles, more force, electric machines such as e-stims or tens machines and things such as ball weights or rubbing chilli powder on the shaft. We love jerk off ideas and sharing them with you


3 β€” Chastity

For ultimate control over a man, a woman should consider a chastity cage that prevents even an erection never mind an orgasm. Control the cock you control the man as they say, and when you take away his sexual relief a man will be putty in your hands and will do anything you say to gain his much-needed relief.

This is incredibly effective for male submissives who fail to listen properly or who test your patience by defying you. Simply increase the length of time he needs to remain in chastity and you will find he behaves himself. Chat on the phone to domination phone sex


4 β€” Sissy Play

Many men harbour a secret desire to be dressed in women’s clothing. From just a pair of frilly sissy panties to a full garb of stockings, high heels, knickers, wigs and makeup.

Whether he wants to wear just a pair of underwear knickers, be a total slut or be a sissy maid, sissy play is an enjoyable activity.

You can use humiliation and he can dance around or strut his stuff, wiggling his ass or he can be a sissy maid and serve her dinner, massage her feet or perform the household chores. Sissification is extremely popular, but be sure to always tell him how pretty or girly he looks. If you are going for humiliation, even just adjusting your tone has the desired effect!


5 β€” Small Penis Humiliation

Many men who are submissive enjoy having their cock size mocked. This does not make a lot of sense to vanilla people but for subs and Dommes, it makes perfect sense to target the area that all men are self-conscious about.

Tell him he is too small to satisfy you, compare his cock size to other men such as famous actors or measure it against small objects as well as wiggle your pinkie finger at him, or hold your thumb and forefinger close together. Even well-endowed men have been known to enjoy some SPH. A good dose of small penis humiliation cams keeps a slave in his place

6 β€” Impact Play

What is female domination without some impact play? Be it an over-the-knee spanking, a paddling, being whipped or having a crop or belt used on his buttocks, impact play is a must to be at least tried. Great for discipline!

7 β€” Bondage

Tie him up and he is at your mercy! You can tease the living daylights out of him when he is helpless. Torment his cock by stroking and licking it, or abuse his nipples or cock.

For a truly sadistic approach, tie him up, put porn on the tv and then leave him for 15 minutes. The frustration at not being able to wank will drive him mad and ensure that when the time comes, you will get the best sex!


8 β€” Orgasm Control

One of the best femdom ideas there is! She gets to decide when, or even IF, he gets to cum. After she has teased his cock, rubbed it, stroked it, licked it, tickled his balls she can wank him to the edge of orgasm over and over till he is literally begging for relief but he can be made to wait. Take a minute till he calms down then start again. Check out the cuckold cams for more kinky webcam chats


9 β€” Oral

One of the things women love most about being dominant is the impact it has on oral sex. She can command him to go down on her for as long, and as many orgasms, as she wants. She can keep him down there for as long as she desires, and the best bit?

She is under no obligation whatsoever to put his cock anywhere near her mouth! As the Dominant, she doesn’t need to give oral sex but she can demand it whenever she wants.

10 β€” Humiliation

Not all subs like being humiliated but plenty do. From mild acts such as insulting his cock size to slightly more advanced such as his ability as a provider or the traditional gender roles in a relationship (This is especially effective if she earns more money than him).

Other acts could be having him shave his legs, write humiliating slogans on his body in lipstick, being spat on or being given a golden shower (being peed on). Check out the phone sex humiliation here

Humiliation Is objective, so you may need to experiment and talk it over about what is acceptable and what isn’t, as well as what is actually humiliating because people’s ideas are different.


These ideas should be enough to get you started and in time, you can build on them and add your own take to them with other things you both enjoy.

You can also join a femdom webcam site which has hundreds of online Dommes and they will be able to give you a workshop on how to be a dominant or a submissive and all that is expected, as well as some activities you can try and experiment with, particularly financial domination which is not for the faint-hearted! Make sure to stay up to date on everything BDSM on our BDSM cams page


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Here are some more Ideas for BDSM play

But please keep in mind that BDSM should always be practised in a safe, consensual manner between all parties involved.

1. Bondage: Using restraints, such as ropes, handcuffs, or blindfolds, to restrict a partner’s movement.

2. Spanking: Physical impact play, such as hitting a partner with a hand or a toy, to produce pleasure or pain.

3. Sensory deprivation: Removing one or more of a partner’s senses, such as by blindfolding them, to heighten their other senses.

4. Role-playing: Acting out power dynamics, such as a teacher and student or a boss and employee, in a sexual context.

5. Wax play: Using melted wax on a partner’s skin to produce sensations of heat and cold.

6. Electrostimulation: Using electrical currents to stimulate a partner’s nerves for pleasure or pain.

7. Predicament play: Placing a partner in a physically challenging situation, such as being suspended from ropes or having to balance on one foot and adding a sexual component.

8. Edge play: Having the submissive stroke their cock and start and stop when close to edging, do not let them have the orgasm and continue teasing them