The Purpose Of A Sissy Name

Sissy Name In Forced Feminization – 

One aspect of forced feminization training that is often used to aid the sissy in better identifying with their new role, is to change her name.

The Purpose Behind a Sissy Girl’s Name

Sissy girls, the name is deeply meaningful. The femininity and submission in a sissy name reflect an inner desire to fully embrace her role. The girlie name marks her as different and owned. Rather than hiding who she is, her name shouts it proudly.

This article explores the purpose and power behind a sissy girl’s name. Why is choosing the perfect sissy name so fundamental? How does a name reinforce a sissy’s position and bring humiliation or domination?

What makes an appropriately girly and ridiculous name? I share my own story of selecting a sissy name and why this act transformed how I see sissie girls. For sissies still named as men, I hope to inspire you to take that leap and truly become the sissy girl you know you are

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Often sissies choose their name before entering the relationship, but in a forced femme dynamic this is often decided on their behalf. Otherwise, it really would not be forced.

Why Sissy Girls Have Feminine Names

To Reinforce Their Role

A sissy girl,  Will have a feminine name to constantly remind themselves of their submissive role. As a Mistress, I chose ‘Stephanie’ to represent my sissygirls persona and reinforce that SHE must embrace feminine traits. Each time I  say her sissy name, it strengthens her identity as a sissy serving her mistress. The frequent usage of a feminine name is a form of mental conditioning to accept their place as an obedient sissy.

To Feel Feminine

Having a feminine name also helps her feel more girlish which pleases me as a mistress. When she assumes the role of ‘Stephanie’, she can get into the right mindset by adopting a higher, softer voice and more delicate mannerisms. The more she gets used to responding to a feminine name, the more natural these feminine behaviours become. Over time, her sissy name has shaped how she thinks and acts in her sissy role.

For Humiliation

Perhaps the most significant reason for having a sissy name is for humiliation and domination. Mistress chose a very girly name like ‘Stephanie’ to embarrass and degrade her sissy. She delights in calling her by her sissy name, especially in front of others, to showcase my control over my sissy.

The humiliation of her being called ‘Stephanie’ and having to respond in her sissy voice reinforces her submission to me. Every time I utter her sissy name, I assert my dominance as her mistress.

In summary, a sissy’s feminine name serves essential purposes: to reinforce the role, help her feel more feminine and allow for humiliation and domination. For sissies  a girlie name is a constant reminder of their subservient place and devotion to their mistress. The sissy name ‘Stephanie’ has become her identity, shaping how she thinks and behaves as my mistress desires.


Some dominants do force their feminized male to choose their name as a form of humiliation, and that can be fun too. We prefer to take away the decision-making process altogether.

We feel it is necessary to take away any thought that the sissified slave has the right to decide anything as this could lead to feelings of entitlement and result in a very confused sissy.

If you give one inch in the training process, the sissy may take this as a sign of weakness and end up taking advantage of you. Always remember where the sissy came from. Check out the sissy slut phone sex chat line

Remember where the sissy came from when selecting a Name

Before entering service, they came from a world of male privilege and entitlements. The sissy slave is much like a child, as the male ego rarely matures beyond adolescence.

It is important to strip the slave of these feelings early and set the correct expectation that there are absolutely no entitlements in this power exchange.

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The only thing a sissified male slave should expect is the absolute total authority of a despotic nature.

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The Psychology Behind Sissy Name Transformation

A sissy girl will find that adopting a feminine name is one of the most psychologically and emotionally impactful steps in the transformation process. Embracing Your True Identity By choosing a traditionally feminine name to replace your masculine birth name, you are embracing your true sissy identity. A sissy name allows you to shed the male persona you were assigned at birth and adopt an identity that matches your feminine nature. For many sissy girls, a new name represents a rebirth into the person they were always meant to be.

Reinforcing Your Submissiveness

Selecting a sissy name at the direction of your Mistress or Master reinforces your submissiveness and desire to please. The act of renaming yourself, often to something deliberately hyper-feminine or even humiliating, shows your willingness to subject yourself to the desires and whims of your dominant. With each use of your sissy name, whether in private or in public at the command of your Mistress, you reinforce your subordinate position.

Achieving Euphoria Through Humiliation

For some sissies, the embarrassment and humiliation of a hyper-feminine or absurd name, especially when used in public, achieve a euphoric high. The more ridiculous or over-the-top the name, the more humiliating it is to adopt, thus producing a greater rush. The emotional impact of being referred to by such a name in private or public by one’s Mistress can be intensely pleasurable for these sissies.

In summary, a sissy name has significant psychological and emotional implications. It allows a sissy to embrace her true identity, reinforces her submissiveness, and for some, achieves a euphoric high through humiliation. By understanding these motivations, a Mistress can choose a name for her sissy that maximizes these impacts, thus better achieving the goal of sissy transformation.


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Examples of Common Sissy Girl Names

As a sissy girl, choosing a feminine name is an important part of your journey into submission and humiliation. The name you select will come to represent your sissy persona and reinforce your position as an object of domination.


This is a very popular sissy girl name that evokes images of frilliness, pinkness and daintiness. Calling a sissy ‘Princess’ highlights her position as a pampered but powerless plaything. The inherent implication is that she requires constant care and cosseting from her Mistress like a delicate little girl.


Simply naming a sissy ‘Sissy’ is a popular choice that leaves no doubt as to her status. It is a constant reminder of her effeminacy and subservience. Its diminutive form ‘Sissikins’ is even more infantilising.


For sissies focused on sexual submission, a name like ‘Slut’ or ‘Whore’ emphasises her position as a sexual plaything to be used by others. It highlights her insatiable appetite for humiliation, domination and abuse.

Other popular choices include ‘Bimbo’, ‘Barbie’, ‘Dolly’, ‘Babygirl’ or ‘Tootsie’. Cute, girlish names with a sexual twist like ‘Lollipop’ or ‘Candy’ are also common. Some Mistresses get creative by feminizing a sissy’s given male name, for example, ‘Peter’ could become ‘Petra’ or ‘Paul’ could become ‘Paula’.

The possibilities are endless. Ultimately, the perfect sissy name for you should make you feel utterly emasculated, foolish and weak – a perfect reflection of your true submissive nature. Wear your sissy name with pride, for it is a symbol of the power your Mistress wields over you.

Choosing Your Sissy Name for Domination & Humiliation

As a sissy girl, choosing a very feminine name is an important step in your journey into submission and humiliation. By adopting an overly girlish name, you are proclaiming your sissy status to your Mistress and anyone else She chooses to share it with. The name signals your desire to be dominated and your willingness to be humiliated to achieve deep surrender to your Mistress’s control.

A Name That Infantilises

A sissy name like ‘baby doll’ or ‘sugar pop’ infantilises the sissy, emphasising her subservient, childlike role. As a Mistress I chose ‘princess’ for my sissy, constantly reinforcing how helpless and dependent she is, just like a little girl. The name serves as a reminder of my place as Her plaything, to be dressed up and shown off for my amusement.

A Name That Feminises

An ultra-feminine name like ‘Daisy’ or ‘Daphne’ highlights the sissy’s effeminate nature and desire to embody exaggerated stereotypical girlishness. I have chosen names like ‘Sophie’ for my sissy, a name which marks Her primped and prettied possession. Hearing her name being called ‘Sophie’ in my soft, patronising tone never fails to make sissy blush with a mixture of humiliation and excitement.

A Name for Public Use

The sissy name may also be used outside of your dynamic with your Mistress, for example on fetish websites or at public events. This adds an extra layer of humiliation as others recognise you only as ‘Tiffany’ or ‘Chloe’, the sissy plaything. 

A sissy name serves the dual purpose of demonstrating your submission to your Mistress’s authority and highlighting your desire to be infantilised and feminised. The name She chooses for you becomes an integral part of your sissy identity and a symbol of your willing surrender to Her will. My name, ‘Sophie’, is a constant reminder of my place as my Mistress’s primped and prettied possession.

FAQs: Sissy Girl Names Explained

As an experienced dominatrix, I often receive questions from clients regarding the purpose and meaning behind choosing a sissy name. A sissy name is an important part of crafting one’s sissy persona and cementing their submissive identity.

Why must sissies have a feminine name?

Requiring a sissy to take on a feminine name is a form of forced feminization and humiliation. By stripping away a male name and replacing it with something ultra-feminine, it reinforces the sissy’s inferior and subservient status. The sissy is no longer permitted to have a masculine identity and must embrace feminine attributes.

How is a sissy name selected?

Typically, the mistress will choose a sissy’s new name to assert dominance and control over the naming process. Names are usually very frilly, girly names like ‘Prissy’, ‘Tiffany’ or ‘Barbie’. Sometimes, a mistress may combine a feminine first name with a humiliating surname e.g. ‘Sissy Slutkins’ or ‘Pansy Pantywaist’. The more ridiculous and demeaning the name, the more it highlights the sissy’s lowly position.

What is the impact of using a sissy name?

Being called by their sissy name, especially in front of others, is intensely humiliating for the sissy which pleases the mistress. It is a constant reminder of their subservient sissy status and inability to avoid feminization. Over time, the sissy name becomes deeply associated with the sissy persona, and the original male name fades into the background. The sissy starts to identify more with their feminine name which helps to transform their self-image into that of a sissy.

In summary, requiring a sissy to take on a feminine name is an important part of crafting their sissy identity and keeping them in a submissive state of mind. The name itself is a tool for humiliation, control and forced feminization. With ongoing use of the sissy name, it becomes an integral part of their sissy persona.


In conclusion, selecting an appropriately feminine name is an integral part of embracing your sissy identity. While it may seem trivial to some, the name you choose represents how you wish to present yourself to the world.

A delicate, girly name reflects your desire to fully embrace your submissive, sissy nature and signals to others how you wish to be known. The act of taking on a new name is an empowering step in your journey toward self-discovery and helps reinforce your role as an obedient, docile sissy. While the path of the sissy is not always easy, giving yourself a new name provides comfort through its implicit meanings. The sissy name should serve as a reminder of your commitment to this lifestyle and act as a source of motivation to continue your feminisation. Through this simple act of renaming yourself, Make sure to always take pride in all aspects of your sissy persona.