The Purpose Of A Sissy Name

Sissy Name In Forced Feminization – 

One aspect of forced feminization training that is often used to aid the sissy in better identifying with their new role, is to change her name.

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Often sissies choose their own name before entering the relationship, but in a forced femme dynamic this is often decided on their behalf. Otherwise, it really would not be forced.


Some dominants do force their feminized male to choose their own name as a form of humiliation, and that can be fun too. We prefer to take away the decision-making process altogether.

We feel it is necessary to take away any thought that the sissified slave has the right to decide anything as this could lead to feelings of entitlement and result in a very confused sissy.

If you give one inch in the training process, the sissy may take this as a sign of weakness and end up taking advantage of you. Always remember where the sissy came from. Check out the sissy slut phone sex chat line

Remember where the sissy came from when selecting a Name

Before entering service, they came from a world of male privilege and entitlements. The sissy slave is much like a child, as the male ego rarely matures beyond adolescence.

It is important to strip the slave from these feelings early and set the correct expectation that there are absolutely no entitlements in this power exchange.

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The only thing a sissified male slave should expect is the absolute total authority of a despotic nature.

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This Sissy Slut does not have a name.

This emasculated male can suck cock, take it in the ass, and be humiliated all day long, but the sissy still does not fully know her place. Up until now, she has only submitted to forced feminization on video.

We think it is time to take it a bit further. She is not going to just be a video slut any longer. She is going to be the official sissy of many adult cam sites 

While we will be shooting many other models, this sissy whore will be a constant. She may go through service training to be a proper french maid, or perhaps she will be put into permanent chastity and only allowed to be penetrated as she is turned into a slut. You can also chat with our kinky trans girls over on the shemale cams  section

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It is likely she will be taken out to public events to promote our website, or forced to serve at parties.

The first step towards total emasculation is stripping her of her old identity. To fully rid her of that male ego once and for all.

It is only logical that the first step should be to change her name. Since she is going to be the public face of our site, we have decided to allow the public to participate.

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So as we start to think about her name we thought everyone could join in and leave a comment below “Name That Sissy” and it will be announced here, as well as on other sites. Just like our Sissy Jamima who has videos and pictures all over the place as she works extremely hard to please her Mistress & Master and earn her keep.

Before making the announcement, we will release a list of all the suggested names. This will be the first time this sissy slave gets to see what was entered. She can then sweat in agony as she wonders which one it will be.

The announcement will come with a very humiliating video update where the sissy is officially named.

How humiliating for her! It should be noted that this sissy does not identify as a sissy, but has mostly just experimented on video. This is truly going to be a very humiliating experience for this slave, and it will only be the first of many to come. We have the best mistress cams online with strict women who like to dominate

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