What Is Blue Balls

Ball Balls – What does it mean?

Blue Balls. Girls have just got to love them, and she should take advantage of them. They are the true sign that you have taken him beyond the point of normal arousal, and into the mode of where he will do virtually anything to please you with the hopes that you will let him have an orgasm.

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This is also the point where you say no, not until he waits another few hours. Not until you actually start to rub them, bump against them,  gently massage, gently or tightly squeeze, and drive them crazy with torment.


                                                                                    If it’s something you are into and it’s your thing, kneeing them, kicking them hard, slapping or pinching, spanking gently or with force, and punching them, if it fits in well when he has really blue balls and is gushing and leaking heavy pre-cum.

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When he is begging and pleading with you to *please* let me cum, now is the time to extract some promises and dispense with some punishment and torment.

blue balls


Demand that he sits naked in front of you and at this point, you should just grab a hold of his balls, squeeze them, twist at them, flick them with your fingers pull, tug and thump them with your finger, tap on them, grind them down.

Be very verbal. Tell him his pathetic little cock and balls don’t deserve to be allowed to cum. Tell him that they are so small and useless that he has no chance of getting laid. If  you are a sub reading this and it sounds like something you want to play with then check out our CBT webcams for play partners

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As the pre-cum begins dribbling out, you should tease and threaten him that he will have to start licking it from your finger. Check out kinky ideas for blue

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He will have to lick every drop of it up and then swallow every drop of his own cum if he has been allowed to orgasm and shoots it all out. Ask him if that’s what he wants. To be your cum sucking little whore.

Humiliate him. Use and abuse him, basically just drive him absolutely crazy, make him  edge his penis,

Blue Balls Meaning

 So what is it? What’s it all about? Blue balls are basically just the  need or desire & Urge to have sexual intercourse, to feel frustrated and desperate to orgasm

How strange would it be to achieve an erection in a sexually pleasant situation and then have no urge to culminate the situation with an orgasm?

Some people think that “blue balls” is an injury or a disease or something similar, or even that it is dangerous, this conception is totally wrong. It is sexual frustration, nothing more.

How to get rid of blue balls

Of course, the clearest and quickest fix is ​​to become totally unaroused or turned off. If someone experiences total arousal/blue balls, the only thing that will relieve it is if they walk away from feeling aroused.

Eventually, everything returns to normal.

Or if that doesn’t happen, they can have an orgasm, but if you wanking that cock and getting yourself off is not on the agenda, and you are feeling frustrated and impatient with waiting and want to feel unaroused,  then there is something that can make you feel relieved much faster.

Focus your brain elsewhere, anything that will immediately get you out of a fantasy or a situation that changes you will help get rid of the blue ball faster.

If you are right in the middle of sex and you hear someone behind you starting a chainsaw, or if lightning strikes or you hear your in-laws shouting, ‘We are here a day early,’ or the phone rings all of those things will cause an immediate decline in sex drive.

Any direct response like that will cause you to feel turned off and it will disappear faster.

And this method has been successful. To get rid of the blue ball,  I would take whatever bottle of alcohol we had in the fridge or freezer and put it directly on top of my stomach. This would put my body into feeling shocked as it was so cold and hence losing my hard-on

Without fail, I come home from a hot sexy date, without sex but a lot of foreplay and no making out in the end, which will always make me feel super aroused and deal with blue balls, and my roommate will be fully awake and playing video games, which makes masturbation impossible, especially because of the bathroom situation as we, unfortunately, have to share one.


So back to losing the hard-on, putting a frozen glass bottle on top of your stomach is one of the fastest ways to stop the blue orbs, and finally, another way is to just dip your penis in a bowl of cold water, or ice, or put a freezing cold wet hand towel, face cloth around it.

Here are 8 ideas on How to Cure Blue balls Without the Need of a Woman 

1- Just ignore the problem – Do something, anything to take your mind off it, yes it is possible to just move on with the rest of your day even though you feel super horny and frustrated.

2. Do a workout jump on a cross-trainer or maybe a treadmill, and just start to divert the blood flow from the testicles to other areas in the body. Do some sit-ups or press-ups and let that blood flow away from that aroused horny penis.

3. Wrap a super freezing cold cloth around it and hold it there until your penis starts to shrivel.

4. Lift something heavy, if you have any weights at home start lifting them.

5. Use your own hand, you know how to do it right? Just because a female is not providing you with that happy ending you can do it yourself.

6. Just think of something else to get you out of the mood, how about your finances? Family, Taxes, problems with a work colleague – You get the picture?

7. So what turns you off? Is it a fat hairy woman with spots? or a Female with tattoos or a spotty ass and horrible vagina? Whatever it is that turns you off, then go and look it at online. There are millions of porn sites with every category and niche you are bound to find your biggest turn-offs.

8. Leave it and just let it settle down, make a phone call to a workmate, or the bank, or even call for a pizza, any of these things distract your mind and diverts the blood flow from your penis.

These are just some ideas and ways to get rid of that hard sore cock without the need to orgasm – Perhaps you are under strict orgasm control from a Mistress or Partner and are not able to cum.

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