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What Is Male Chastity

What Is A Male Chastity And Is It For Me?

So you’ve discovered your submissive side, have you?  Excellent!  If you love being dominated by a powerful woman, worshipping her, and obeying her every command, but you’re looking for something to spice up your sex games, male chastity might just be the thing for you!

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What is male chastity?

Male chastity is giving control of your sexual pleasure to your Mistress (or Keyholder, as is the popular term).  But there’s a twist.  You will be wearing a chastity device over your penis, which prevents you from becoming erect, having an orgasm, and even touching yourself! 


When you first think of the word “chastity” your mind may bring up the Victorian-era chastity belts, but we’ve entered a whole new world where chastity devices are being created for, and used, almost exclusively by men!

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Why would you like male chastity?

Because it’s a more intense, exciting level of power-play that leaves you completely at the mercy of your Keyholder.  If you’re into orgasm denial you absolutely must try male chastity!

Now, I’ll tell you a little bit more about male chastity devices.  First, there is the open-ended chastity cage.  You may want to start out with a device like this as it is easy to clean and use the facilities while wearing, which makes it very practical.

They prevent full-blown erections but do allow for oral stimulation.  There are also chastity cages with bars.  In this device, your penis will be fully enclosed, but you’ll still have good airflow and room to clean the cage (and yourself) with cotton balls and water.

It also won’t cause your genitals to overheat.

The third type of cage is a “mostly” enclosed device.  A tube will completely enclose your shaft but there are holes at the top which allow you to use the restroom.  This device allows for basically no stimulation at all.  Last, but not least, is a totally closed chastity device.

With these types of devices, the penis is entirely covered by a metal tube.  They cannot be worn long term, as you will not be able to pee.  Some good times to wear these chastity devices are at sex parties and other events where you want to show off your totally enclosed penis.


If you think this sounds like an exciting new fantasy to include in your life, you’ll want to have a contract with your Keyholder to lay out exactly what is allowed.  You may want to start out with a less restrictive contract and give more and more power over your Keyholder as you get more comfortable with your cage. View kinky chastity cams here


Some examples of things you’ll want to include in your Chastity contract are as follows:

Hygiene:  Typically, the male will be responsible for cleaning the device.  You’ll want to set a period (once a week is recommended) at which the device will be removed for the male to fully clean himself and shave his pubic hair.  You’ll want to include a clause in case of extreme discomfort/pain or a medical emergency.  Both of you will need to agree that in such a situation, the device will be removed and medical treatment will occur as necessary.

Keys:  Who controls the keys?  At first, you may want to have a spare key that the male has access to.  As you get more comfortable with the device and the situation, overall, you’ll probably end up with your Mistress as the sole Keyholder.  You should openly and honestly discuss your comfort level as you write up your contract.

Sexual Release:  Your Keyholder will typically require you to have explicit permission to have an orgasm.  You’ll need to decide how many releases you will be allowed in a certain period (example: 5 per month).

Your Keyholder will probably want to add that she has sexual needs and you will continue to please her whenever and however she wants, which in no way requires her to stimulate you or let you have an orgasm.  You may receive some pleasure in return.  Again, this does not require your Keyholder to let you have an orgasm!  You must also decide what restraints and toys you are comfortable letting your Keyholder use on you.

Attire:  You’re going to want to add something about your clothing in your contract.  Since you’ll be wearing your chastity device for long periods of time, you should add something about being able to look appropriate at work or on the street.

Other:  These are the less exciting bits, but they are important!  You should both agree that your device will only relate to your sex life and will not be used against you in other aspects of your relationship (examples: child development, household finances).

Your Keyholder will want to add in that she is free to enjoy sexual gratification while you must refrain until allowed by her.  To what extent you are both comfortable with (ie: sex outside the relationship) should be determined by both of you, together.

Penalties and Punishment:  Your Keyholder likely already has a list of punishments for you in mind.  Some things that might require punishment could include releasing yourself from your device before instructed, not following your Keyholder’s commands, not doing your chores, etc.  Discuss how harshly you’re willing to be punished and come up with an agreement that works for you both.

These are just the basics of a chastity contract.  You can get as in-depth as you want and take things as far as you want in this contract.  If you need to adjust the contract to make it more or less intense, you can do that!  Remember, this is all for fun and exploring your submissive side.  As always, we encourage you to experiment with different devices and levels of intensity until you find that perfect spot!

Humiliation and Chastity Control

This is when your online Mistress decides to use you as a cuckold and have sex in front of you while you are locked up in your little cage, all you can do is watch as a real man pleasures her and brings her to orgasm. Your cock is locked and every time it tries to get hard it hurts you and reminds you of your orgasm control, and how your self-pleasures are no longer your own.

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This is the chastity lifestyle and the way ahead for you. Your Mistress may decide to tease you and sit on your face after she has had sex, she may make you drink from her, she could also decide that you have to suck cock or any other type of humiliation tasks she decides at that particular time.

Chastity is all about control where you are no longer in charge of your own relief and where our Cruel Mistresses enjoy taking over your life. They can get you to do anything just so that you can have a wank. This can lead on to jerk off instructions, masturbation chat, ruined orgasm, self-milking, and many more ideas that your Online Mistress may come up with.

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Chastity devices are not too expensive to purchase and are a great way to see how long you can last having your cum relief taken away from you