Clitoral Orgasm VS Vaginal – What is the Difference Between the Two?

The different types of female orgasms have been a subject that has sparked much debate and speculation by experts. While many people swear up and down that they’ve witnessed distinctly different types in their partners, these “sexperts” (who probably rarely, if ever, actually have sex) in white lab coats claim that it is the same thing.

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Let these “sexperts” (so-called experts) think what they will because, let me tell you — when you see the look on a woman’s face who has her first vaginal one when she is only used to clitoral ones, the truth becomes clear.

The vaginal and the clitoral sensations, for all practical purposes, should be treated as different things because they feel completely different from a woman.

In this article, I’m going to be describing the general differences, advantages, and disadvantages of both types of female sensations.

First, we’ll start with the clitoral.

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Clitoral Overview:

The clitoris orgasm is usually the first that a woman experiences because the clitoris is easily accessible (being external). During her teenage years, a girl is very likely to “accidentally” discover the pleasure that she can experience in that area.

What happens after that is that women typically “train” themselves to be most responsive to their clitoris when it comes to receiving pleasure. When it comes to sex, habits largely influence the way that we climax. What has made a woman come in the past is likely to make her come in the future.

Women tend to become dependent on their clitoris for reaching orgasmic pleasure due to habit alone, so it is no wonder at all that the clitoris is far more common than the vaginal variety.

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Clitoral Advantages:

  • The Clit is extremely powerful, as all the pleasure is focused in a small area, the clitoris.
  • It is relatively easy to make a woman come through clit stimulation because she is already used to having one this way.
  • Almost every woman is ready to have one, so no additional “training” is necessary.

Enough said, right? However, compared to the vaginal ones, the clitoral one carries a few disadvantages.

Clitoris Disadvantages:

  • Because a woman is already used to having these types of pleasures, they become “business as usual.” By only giving a woman the clitoral ones, you will often fail to leave a lasting impact on her.
  • Clitoral orgasms tend to be very short compared to the longer vagina ones
  • After a woman has one through clitoral stimulation, the clitoris becomes hypersensitive and has to go through a recovery period before it can be brought to climax again. This recovery period also tends to reduce a woman’s arousal level after it, leaving her satisfied.

That just about wraps up the most important points dealing with them. Now, let’s take a look at the ever-elusive vaginal types.

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Vagina Climax Overview:

The vaginal one is the more mysterious of the two. While there are very few questions regarding the clitoral type, as it is something that both men and women are usually familiar with, the vaginal one has too many people shrouded in mystery.

Vaginal masturbation is an orgasm that is brought on through stimulation from inside the vagina. According to statistics, the majority of women have never experienced this. Some statistics claim that many women are incapable of having them during intercourse, but in a healthy woman, that is rarely the case; she needs to be ‘trained.’

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If a woman is too used to having the sensations through clitoral stimulation, it can be difficult to get her to have her first vaginal one. However, the thing with vaginal play is that once a woman has one, it becomes easier to have more of them.

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Vaginal Climaxing Advantages:

  • When the Vagina climaxes, it tends to be a better feeling for a woman overall. They also last much longer than a clitoral one. They are typically described as feeling good all over the body, like riding waves of pleasure.
  • After having a vagina a woman can usually have more very soon after (multiple orgasms)
  • Giving a woman an intense vagina sensation is very “special” to her because it’s not something that just any guy can give her, and it’s typically not something that she can easily give herself during masturbation.

This all sounds great, but the vagina sensations do indeed have their share of disadvantages.

Vaginal Climaxing Disadvantages:

  • They may feel better overall and last longer than the other, but they are not always quite as powerful as a strong clitoral climax
  • Many women have trained themselves to only come through clitoral stimulation. Most women will require some “breaking in” to be able to receive these, especially during intercourse. regularly
  • If you give your woman too many of them regularly, she is likely to want to have too much wild sex for you ever to keep up πŸ™‚

Now, let’s compare, shall we?


There is no wrong way to climax! Your woman (or women, as the case may be) will be grateful no matter what sort you give them. A woman having any climax whatsoever is a special thing.

Still, the advantages of a strong vaginal are undeniable. They feel better, they last longer, they can be given back to back, and they really set you apart and put you into the “King of Sex” category quickly.

If your woman has never had one, I advise you to read my other article: Vaginal Orgasm Method.

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